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Batgirl and the Loop
Dream of 1•14•10 written on 1•16•10
"But –"
"I said no."
"But –"
I squeaked when the Dark Knight whirled around, his cape cutting through the air, and faced me with the white slits on his mask narrowed. "No, Barbra," he stated sternly. "It's too dangerous for you; I've got to handle this ALONE."
I clenched my fists and glared at him angrily. "Look, Bruce, I don't care!" I told him. "You always say it's too dangerous and leave it at that, but this time you're just over-exaggerating that! What's different this time?"
"What's different is that this is REALLY dangerous and under no circumstances are you to come with me!" Batman responded.
I scowled, but after a moment I decided that it would be better to stop arguing with him. I sighed and folded my arms. It was no use right now.
"Fine," I grumbled. "You win. I'll stay out of this one… if that's what you really want." I wasn't surprised when he gave me a look of suspicion. He had a right to be, but
:iconvampiricyoshi:VampiricYoshi 3 0