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Barbecue in Miniature :iconfairchildart:fairchildart 951 107 Southern Crossing :iconscrewbald:screwbald 1,640 141 GND73 - Garden Party Part One :iconpika-la-cynique:Pika-la-Cynique 948 359
Tickle Ward Part 5
The two boys searched for the tools they needed, some rope from their camping equipment, two belts with holsters, two plastic guns that fit snug inside them, a coin and an Indian headset. They were ready to teach this punk a lesson he wouldn't soon forget.
Noises of a car were made by the young boy who sat outside of his house on the cool grass rolling the small toy around and colliding it into a crowd of wooden people. “Alright, ace in the hole!” He shouted with a grin not fully aware of the two shadows almost looming over him.
“Hey there!” Nick smiled using all the charisma he could as he spoke, “What you doing?”
The boy seemed somewhat surprised seeing kids talking to him, especially older kids. “Uhh….” Was the only thing that slipped from his gaping mouth.
Steve squinted his eyes and laughed mockingly, “Dude, toy cars. That’s so weak.”
The younger boy clutched his car in defence, “S…So…what are you playing?&
:iconhomunculuslover:HomunculusLover 66 110
1:12 Scale BBQ Chicken :iconfairchildart:fairchildart 197 35 Kawaii Watermelon Slice :iconkawaiiuniversestudio:KawaiiUniverseStudio 808 120 Rough Crowd of the Farmyard :icondeskridge:deskridge 243 117 Bar :iconhappy-mutt:Happy-Mutt 268 25 -LoL- The Yordle Party :icondalehan:Dalehan 492 73 Toasty BBQ Shack :iconwinter-artwork:Winter-artwork 290 28 June - Kirby's Barbeque :iconivynajspyder:IvynaJSpyder 275 53
Barbeque: A Vegan's View
Barbeque: A Vegan's View
That putrid haze of searing meat and charcoal
bursts through my closed doors and windows
to siege my nostrils, relentless.  Green
with sickness, drawn by my disgust,
I go to watch again.
I glare through thick and yellow panes of glass
and watch them enact their yearly summer rite.  
On their smoking altar lay the hacked-up chunks
of cow and pig, roasting for the raucous
communal feast.
They stand in circles crudely chanting
meaningless words and wildly gesturing
to each other as they break the seals
of their chosen intoxicating brews
and take long swigs.
These animals, they might as well
be cannibals tearing charred black flesh
off their fellow man.  When Gabriel's
Horn trumpets loud they will roast, like meat,
in Hell.

I can't abide it any longer.  This year
I must confront them, inform them of their wrong.
My door clanks shut behind me and black asphalt
meets my feet. I stride forth to meet the blood
toothed thro
:iconxerrik:Xerrik 21 11
Kawaii Honeydew Melon Slice :iconkawaiiuniversestudio:KawaiiUniverseStudio 343 63 Fireproof :iconcrescentmoondemon:CrescentMoonDemon 244 50 Plants Vs Zombies - OMGWTFBBQ :iconpunkyarteest:PunkyArteest 391 46 Shark Fruit :iconxxh3lloxkimchixx:XxH3LLOxKiMCHixX 156 28 Hands off, fools :iconmemoski:Memoski 308 101 Kawaii Casaba Melon Slice :iconkawaiiuniversestudio:KawaiiUniverseStudio 322 57 Influence :iconbobthedalek:bobthedalek 428 135 Barbeque :iconzerberuz:ZerberuZ 118 38 GT-5000 Sandwich Dispenser :iconespeng:EspenG 98 6 Kawaii Cantaloupe Melon Slice :iconkawaiiuniversestudio:KawaiiUniverseStudio 472 74 The Old Swineherd :icondeskridge:deskridge 105 64 Chips :iconromidion:romidion 120 33 BBQee :iconshengdaflashpro:ShengDaFlashPRo 125 93 Pregnant renamon barbequing :icongeckoguy123456789:geckoguy123456789 218 40 Uncertainty :iconverlidaine:Verlidaine 132 16 Pigs After A Storm :icondeskridge:deskridge 99 39 Request by Fiqachu :iconice-pandora:Ice-Pandora 99 2 Woot Shirt: Patriotic Partying :iconfablefire:fablefire 114 19 Woot Shirt - Patriotic Partying :iconfablefire:fablefire 121 27 King of the Cob :iconburlapzack:BurlapZack 125 68 Pool party :iconaquaticsun:AquaticSun 296 112 Shish Kabobs :iconbirdielover:birdielover 75 5 SPN: Ever get the feeling...? :iconblackbirdrose:blackbirdrose 529 334 A Snow White Barbecue :iconmarzipanapple:Marzipanapple 71 19 The Rainy Skies of Tallon :iconscreamingpineapple:ScreamingPineapple 85 33 Saturday lounging :iconlila-me:lila-me 80 12 Who let the Quarian near the BBQ?! :iconjesterdk:JesterDK 48 20 Ol' Bills BBQ Pork p3 -com- :iconstevan29:Stevan29 80 0 Barbeque :iconlarolaro:larolaro 74 28 Chinese Cutes -- Cook :iconchinese-cutes:chinese-cutes 353 87 GINGER'S HAPPY SMILE! :iconnocturnejewel:NocturneJewel 71 48 Dolcett Dinner 30 :icondevil61:Devil61 36 6 Vakur is not amused :iconstarlightsmarti:StarlightsMarti 82 9 Sketch dump - Adventure Holiday :iconsleyf:Sleyf 39 64 Birthday BBQ :iconfel1x:Fel1x 47 24