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What Are All These Dwarves Doing In My House?! by ramida-r What Are All These Dwarves Doing In My House?! :iconramida-r:ramida-r 5,703 291 Disturber of the Peace by BenWootten Disturber of the Peace :iconbenwootten:BenWootten 7,241 637 Bilbo Baggins in bagend by breath-art Bilbo Baggins in bagend :iconbreath-art:breath-art 1,842 49 Tiny Hobbit Hole by Flocature Tiny Hobbit Hole :iconflocature:Flocature 2,713 506 Hobbit-Hole (Nail Art) by KayleighOC Hobbit-Hole (Nail Art) :iconkayleighoc:KayleighOC 2,374 238 An Unexpected Party by fresco-child An Unexpected Party :iconfresco-child:fresco-child 952 68 The world is ahead... by Kinko-White The world is ahead... :iconkinko-white:Kinko-White 1,765 118 Uncertain by Amouranth Uncertain :iconamouranth:Amouranth 1,752 136 The Hobbit 75th Anniversary Edition by WesTalbott The Hobbit 75th Anniversary Edition :iconwestalbott:WesTalbott 1,067 120 New Frodo Makeup by Amouranth New Frodo Makeup :iconamouranth:Amouranth 201 40 Hand Made Mini Hobbit Hole by maddsrocks Hand Made Mini Hobbit Hole :iconmaddsrocks:maddsrocks 773 86 Tara6 by faestock Tara6 :iconfaestock:faestock 107 29 Tara12 by faestock Tara12 :iconfaestock:faestock 139 27 The Shire by CearaFinn The Shire :iconcearafinn:CearaFinn 1,515 332 Bag end by s-u-w-i Bag end :icons-u-w-i:s-u-w-i 401 14 my notebook-bag end by aryundomiel my notebook-bag end :iconaryundomiel:aryundomiel 431 61 One Ring to Rule Them All by Amouranth One Ring to Rule Them All :iconamouranth:Amouranth 401 25
I want a Hobbit Hole
My friends were discussing the other day
What houses they will own
Some said they’d like a mansion
Some said a cottage for a home
One said she’d opt for a canal boat
In which to rest her stressed-out soul
But they looked at me kinda funny...
Because I want a hobbit hole.
One that’s buried in a grassy hill -
Well mown, with lots of flowers,
A separate place to grow the vegetables
And while away the hours -
One with a big round door
Painted green, like Bilbo’s at Bag End
And little porthole windows  
And a flower bed to tend
A hobbit hole would suit me very well
‘Cuz I’m as wide as I am tall
The kitchen is always very big
And the pantry never small.
The walls are clad in wooden panelling
And the ceilings are kept low -
Which would really help my self-esteem
Since I never seem to grow
:iconsmallandmighty:SmallAndMighty 82 68
Gandalf and Bilbo by DanielPillaArt Gandalf and Bilbo :icondanielpillaart:DanielPillaArt 322 22 The hobbit-promo by Belegilgalad The hobbit-promo :iconbelegilgalad:Belegilgalad 197 71 They're Coming by Amouranth They're Coming :iconamouranth:Amouranth 270 18 Bag End by Norloth Bag End :iconnorloth:Norloth 194 145 Rest Stop by Amouranth Rest Stop :iconamouranth:Amouranth 199 6 Bag End by s-u-w-i Bag End :icons-u-w-i:s-u-w-i 373 104 The Precious by Amouranth The Precious :iconamouranth:Amouranth 343 24 Unexpected Journey by Madspeitersen Unexpected Journey :iconmadspeitersen:Madspeitersen 854 176 Bag End by Feyjane Bag End :iconfeyjane:Feyjane 505 121 -Bag End- LOTR by pixi996 -Bag End- LOTR :iconpixi996:pixi996 1,552 199 Hobbit Hole by Sherlockian Hobbit Hole :iconsherlockian:Sherlockian 446 72 Thirst by Amouranth Thirst :iconamouranth:Amouranth 179 15 Frodo and Gandalf by BohemianWeasel Frodo and Gandalf :iconbohemianweasel:BohemianWeasel 346 16 Muppets Tolkien Mashup by andyjhunter Muppets Tolkien Mashup :iconandyjhunter:andyjhunter 390 46 The Shire: Bag End by shadowdark3 The Shire: Bag End :iconshadowdark3:shadowdark3 511 49 The River by Amouranth The River :iconamouranth:Amouranth 211 18 Thorin and Bilbo in the bag end... by innocence777 Thorin and Bilbo in the bag end... :iconinnocence777:innocence777 687 37 LOTR - A Long-expected Party by NicolasRGiacondino LOTR - A Long-expected Party :iconnicolasrgiacondino:NicolasRGiacondino 339 21 An Unexpected Party by Lamorien An Unexpected Party :iconlamorien:Lamorien 168 36 You Haven't Aged A Day by shadowdark3 You Haven't Aged A Day :iconshadowdark3:shadowdark3 970 157 Bag End by Everild-Wolfden Bag End :iconeverild-wolfden:Everild-Wolfden 150 15 Tara11 by faestock Tara11 :iconfaestock:faestock 91 20 Put That Back by Tenshi-Inverse Put That Back :icontenshi-inverse:Tenshi-Inverse 420 28 Approaching The Hill by peet Approaching The Hill :iconpeet:peet 223 31 023 by Russmodelman 023 :iconrussmodelman:Russmodelman 116 14 Thorin Oakenshield by fresco-child Thorin Oakenshield :iconfresco-child:fresco-child 205 12 Tiny Hobbit Hole by KayleighOC Tiny Hobbit Hole :iconkayleighoc:KayleighOC 282 27 Bag End Miniature by MermaidsTreasury Bag End Miniature :iconmermaidstreasury:MermaidsTreasury 154 20 'Stained-glass' Shire miniature by BohemianWeasel 'Stained-glass' Shire miniature :iconbohemianweasel:BohemianWeasel 123 7 Tricks of the Darkness by Amouranth Tricks of the Darkness :iconamouranth:Amouranth 154 9 Bag End by Aroha-Photography Bag End :iconaroha-photography:Aroha-Photography 154 22