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Fairy Queen Titania by AlexandraVBach Fairy Queen Titania :iconalexandravbach:AlexandraVBach 766 73 Bleach - Tatakae! by IFrAgMenTIx Bleach - Tatakae! :iconifragmentix:IFrAgMenTIx 1,477 80 The  Wall by AlexandraVBach The Wall :iconalexandravbach:AlexandraVBach 1,244 119 Bleach - Resolve[colored] by IFrAgMenTIx Bleach - Resolve[colored] :iconifragmentix:IFrAgMenTIx 1,791 75 Bach In Heaven by jeighdeigh Bach In Heaven :iconjeighdeigh:jeighdeigh 4,314 704 Requiem Art by AlexandraVBach Requiem Art :iconalexandravbach:AlexandraVBach 770 115 Ice Pattern by enaruna Ice Pattern :iconenaruna:enaruna 287 19 The Ritual by AlexandraVBach The Ritual :iconalexandravbach:AlexandraVBach 661 72 League of Legends -- Baroque Sona Concept by Nyanfood League of Legends -- Baroque Sona Concept :iconnyanfood:Nyanfood 517 74 Despair by AlexandraVBach Despair :iconalexandravbach:AlexandraVBach 246 32 Bleach - BORN in the DARK by IFrAgMenTIx Bleach - BORN in the DARK :iconifragmentix:IFrAgMenTIx 1,749 114 colonial by SuzyTheButcher colonial :iconsuzythebutcher:SuzyTheButcher 437 36 ...listening to eternity... by Kontrapunk ...listening to eternity... :iconkontrapunk:Kontrapunk 236 141 Long time ago by SvenMueller Long time ago :iconsvenmueller:SvenMueller 301 42
As the Sun Walks
I will rise and walk the sidewalks as the sun walks them.
With careful steps I will do my best to stay up and awake,  
         Though the sun has no problems with this,
I do— we are far apart, Sol and I, fire and earth.
I will rise and walk the sidewalks as the sun walks them,
  To the best of my ability, be the tip of the invading spear as it
       Mirthfully chases away the night, calling that day has come,
Let Night retire to their mutual couch!
I will rise and walk the sidewalks as the sun walks them.
  For the morning is a sort of table, a place of parley between
Light and Dark, and between silence and noise.
          You, walker, with me walk the sidewalks of Clinton where
     The faithful scholars walk, and the two of us will be quiet.
Perhaps we will speak, but it will be a calm speech,
:iconjuliusscipio:JuliusScipio 111 35
misty creek by pollux101 misty creek :iconpollux101:pollux101 177 9 Ludwig van Beethoven by NickyBarkla Ludwig van Beethoven :iconnickybarkla:NickyBarkla 338 21 Leipzig by mrotsten Leipzig :iconmrotsten:mrotsten 201 39 Music by Shiranui Music :iconshiranui:Shiranui 745 120
Le Cri
Le cri
Entends-tu le cri, la foule solitaire
Qui en masse se presse vers sa propre fin
Utopie inaudible, on la voudrait taire
Vie morne et futile, qui ne mène à rien.
Entends-tu le sinistre cri de ton âme
Bercé de mensonges, amères illusions
Ton cœur innocent, percé par tant de lames
Saigne à blanc ses repères, et perds la raison
Entends-tu les cris vains de tes rêves d'enfant
Petite poupée au visage de cire
Conjugue au désespoir tes amours déchirants
Dans la mélancolie des poèmes d'Empires
Entends-tu mes cris d'ombres, assassins muets,
Roi d'un champ de ruines, je veux hurler ton nom
Pour mieux te détruire, enfin se libérer
Mais l'air vient à manquer : sans souffle, pas de sons...
:iconthe-underwriter:The-Underwriter 23 47
Seelenquell by Grabeskuehle Seelenquell :icongrabeskuehle:Grabeskuehle 597 11 elements by CaveCanem42 elements :iconcavecanem42:CaveCanem42 291 65 Sebastian Bach II by HenriKack Sebastian Bach II :iconhenrikack:HenriKack 248 41 Where the Wild Roses Grow I by CarolineKiessling Where the Wild Roses Grow I :iconcarolinekiessling:CarolineKiessling 357 23 Dress Me Up v2.0 by BlueUndine Dress Me Up v2.0 :iconblueundine:BlueUndine 1,167 411 Fall In The Enchanted Forest by IngoSchobert Fall In The Enchanted Forest :iconingoschobert:IngoSchobert 414 127 .: God Has A Plan For Us All :. by NatiatVII .: God Has A Plan For Us All :. :iconnatiatvii:NatiatVII 148 35 im Mondlicht by CaveCanem42 im Mondlicht :iconcavecanem42:CaveCanem42 410 115 Unknown Germany pt. CLXXXVI by TheChosenPesssimist Unknown Germany pt. CLXXXVI :iconthechosenpesssimist:TheChosenPesssimist 172 14 Ichigo and Juha Bach by aConst Ichigo and Juha Bach :iconaconst:aConst 362 36 Art of the Fugue by EricForFriends Art of the Fugue :iconericforfriends:EricForFriends 247 155 Bleach - Resolve by i-azu Bleach - Resolve :iconi-azu:i-azu 761 52 Bleach 570 - Bankai by i-azu Bleach 570 - Bankai :iconi-azu:i-azu 565 80 A perfect Day ... by hellfirediva A perfect Day ... :iconhellfirediva:hellfirediva 251 187 Ichigo Zangetsus [Bleach 542] by MrAali Ichigo Zangetsus [Bleach 542] :iconmraali:MrAali 474 80 Higher Plane of Existence by MinasTirith Higher Plane of Existence :iconminastirith:MinasTirith 298 154
SwitzerlandxReader: The Boyfriend
Smiling you started to tear of lettuce leaves for the salad.  This would have been a picture perfect moment if it weren’t for the gunshots that could be heard from the backyard. “Lili, would you please get the tomatoes out of the fridge?” You asked your sister-in-law.
Lili got up from the table, where she had been doing her homework, to help you.
“Big brother is going to shoot him, isn’t he?”
“No,” you said, “I locked up all the bullets in my jewelry box. Once Vash is done in the backyard he’ll be all out.”
Lili sighed handing you the tomatoes, “He could still strangle him.”
You patted her on the back, “Don’t worry, I won’t let him. So tell me about this boy.” Taking out a knife you stared to slice the tomatoes
Her face brightened. “He’s really nice and smart and sweet. His name’s-.”
The door opened with a bang as Vash came back in, “_____________, I
:iconbanshee-scream:Banshee-Scream 374 29
bleach 542 - The Blade is Me by i-azu bleach 542 - The Blade is Me :iconi-azu:i-azu 699 83 Bleach - Get ya Ass back here by IFrAgMenTIx Bleach - Get ya Ass back here :iconifragmentix:IFrAgMenTIx 693 56 The Blade Is Hollow (Color) by MrAali The Blade Is Hollow (Color) :iconmraali:MrAali 343 39 Chatoyant by CaveCanem42 Chatoyant :iconcavecanem42:CaveCanem42 185 33 Unknown Germany pt. CLXXIII by TheChosenPesssimist Unknown Germany pt. CLXXIII :iconthechosenpesssimist:TheChosenPesssimist 150 23 bleach 548 - Growl Haineko ! by i-azu bleach 548 - Growl Haineko ! :iconi-azu:i-azu 511 80 bach night by KalbiCamdan bach night :iconkalbicamdan:KalbiCamdan 134 11 Hooked on Bach by MattiasA Hooked on Bach :iconmattiasa:MattiasA 442 24 BlackCasper Font by asianpride7625 BlackCasper Font :iconasianpride7625:asianpride7625 396 33 Humanity, Bach by SkipDesign Humanity, Bach :iconskipdesign:SkipDesign 80 12