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The Angel who dared to love
In the hopeful morning of the world, when all things were new-made, the Lord looked down upon His Creation – and lo! – it teemed with life.  And He summoned one of his angels and spake to him out of the great winds of the air.
Go thou forth and teach My children so they shall know My Law and abide by it that their days in the Earth which I have given them be long.
And the angel bowed before his God and went forth among the children of men that they might learn. And he was glad, for they seemed to him fair, as having the outward form of their Creator and they were willing to hear and to learn and he had much to teach. And they prospered and their numbers grew and all the things of the Earth were theirs. But soon mankind grew proud and covetous and strife arose among them.
And the angel returned to the Presence and was greatly perplexed.
Lord, Thou hast given Thy children all the Earth – and yet it is not enough. Tell me, O Father, how I may teach them to love Thee
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