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Teaser: Global Grand Prix
Global Grand Prix: Teaser
Night had fallen in the rural town of Radiator Springs, and its denizens were busy closing up shop. One of the only places where any business could be found was the V8 Café, where a few straggling customers, mostly tourists, remained. Among them sat a silver Aston Martin, a can of oil under his tire and a forlorn, tired look in his eyes.
Finn McMissile had visited the town with his partner Holley Shiftwell, the two of them having just returned from a mission. Holley had wished to visit her boyfriend Mater, a rusty old towtruck whom the two of them has once mistaken for a spy. Finn was drawn from his thoughts by a voice.
"Alright, y'all! It's time to go, so finish your drinks and have a good night!" It called. It was Flo, the owner of the café. The customers took quick heed, sipping what was left of their drinks and began to clear out of the café. Finn was the last to finish, having drank the remnants of his oil, he just sat there, staring into s
:iconbowser-the-second:Bowser-The-Second 10 9
Cars: Lightning McQueen Sketch by Bowser-The-Second Cars: Lightning McQueen Sketch :iconbowser-the-second:Bowser-The-Second 10 1