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11thDoctorXreader: Cool and Hot
You were rudely awoken from your sleep when a hand vigorously shook you.
"(Y/N)!" They sounded like a child on Christmas day. You moaned, allowing yourself to be pulled upright.
Oh. It was the Doctor. Of course it was the Doctor. You were on the TARDIS.
"What?" You said sleepily, pulling your eyes open to see the spaceboy grinning at you.
"Come on, I need to show you something really cool!" He pulled you along by the wrist before you could protest, and you made a point of sighing.
"Doctor, I was asleep!" You growled, holding back a yawn as you attempted to keep your balance whilst being pulled along.
"This is so cool, seriously!" He wouldn't stop grinning, and it was starting to annoy you, however adorable it was.
"What is is?" You lifted your eyebrows. Your muscles were still asleep.
"I have to show you! Can't describe, too amazing, gotta rush!" He pulled you along faster until you were in the control room, dragging you to the doors.
"I swear, if this is another solar tsunami-" You be
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Silent Symphony :iconbosslogix:Bosslogix 201 78
Lyrics: Awoken | H8_Seed
Performed by H8_Seed and WoodenToaster
What cause have I to feel glad?
I've built my life on judgement and causing pain.
I don't know those eyes I see in the bloodstained chrome.
Now everything that I've had and everything
I've known have been thrown away and
With time, I've come to find this isn't my home.
I-I-I've stoked the fire, seen more pain that you can know.
The tears of the broken have washed away my soul.
Pushed by desire to change the way my stream will flow.
Now I'm awoken, and I'm taking back control.
[WoodenToaster / Glaze]
I tried my best to block out the screams, but
They're haunting me in my dreams.
Please break my shackles, I want it to stop.
{Instrumental Break # 1}
I man these wretched machines.
Day in, day out, the grinding wears on my brain.
Undermining my sanity, making me question my reality;
But life is not as it seems.
{H8_Seed whispering}
Should I take a chance of freedom and throw it all down the drain?
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Midnight Scream
I hear Song For the Broken.  
Inside, my heart's awoken.
Even as the lonely ones are spurned,
Many victims end up burned.  
Forced to watch as loved ones die.
They leave not with a shriek, but with a sigh.  
My poetry may not make sense,
But insanity is my penance.
Sometimes life's so dark I want to scream.  
Is it all really just a dream?
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    Rythian had thought that he’d hit his lowest point when he and Zoey had been separated after he had yelled at her. The enderborn had paced the marble floors like a caged animal, slowly becoming more ghostlike with every passing day. He had been a plant without the sun, and the darkness had been made more sinister by the fact that he had known warmth and light. He had thought that it could never be worse than it had been back then.
    He was wrong, this was so much worse.
    “ZOEY!!!!!!” his voice was breaking as he screamed out for her, his violet eyes searching frantically among the ruins of what had been their home. Heat washed off of the crater in waves, making the air thick and difficult to breathe in; ash and debris were falling like poison rain.
    Tee was scouring the ground for any sign of the girl they both loved, though in different ways. The dinosaur’s thick scaly skin protected him from the worst of the
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