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Snow Leopard for Win7 FINAL :iconsagorpirbd:sagorpirbd 1,220 1,984 Death Note: Girlfriend. :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 17,090 3,168 Eclipse :iconbayanghitam:bayanghitam 726 12 :H O T: :iconangelstorm-82:Angelstorm-82 2,020 485
Punk!EnglandxPunk!Reader: Girlfriend
“Give it up __________,” Eliza said taking a slurp from her drink, “he’s with that girl (least favorite name)…”
You squeezed your cup so hard it started to crinkle. The ‘happy couple’ was sitting in the corner booth having milkshakes. Running your tongue over you’re your lip rings your growled. Arthur Kirkland was a well-known punk rocker.
So why on earth was he dating that priss (least favorite name)?
“___________, we’re up,” Lili said. The five of you girls were in a band called ‘Heart Breakers’. You, Eliza, Lili, Kat, and Nat.
Light bulb.
“Hey, Lili let’s try the song?”
“Thee song?”
You nodded.
She smiled and nodded, “You’re on.”
Once all five of you were on stage; Eliza on bass, Lili on keys, Kat on guitar, and Nat on drums. You stepped up to the mic.
“Hey! Hey! You! You!
I don’t like your girlfriend!
No way! No way!
I think you need a new
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Untitled :iconalexsvartengel:AlexSvartengel 5,859 220 Avril Lavigne 2008 :iconzindy:Zindy 2,707 681 :AVRIL LAVIGNE HD PORTRAIT: :iconangelstorm-82:Angelstorm-82 1,716 433 Fall to Pieces :iconmoiscen:Moiscen 2,682 251 Thank you! :iconladowska:Ladowska 896 40 If Disney girls lived today 1 :iconlarocka84:Larocka84 3,891 522 avril april kwiecien :iconm0nobody:m0nobody 948 123 CFAS Fighter : April Levi :iconbayanghitam:bayanghitam 1,774 45 Avril Lavigne :iconangelpunk22:angelpunk22 953 240 MH Customs 2010-2011 :iconkittren:KittRen 1,188 350 + My Wonderland + :iconsarafabrizi:SaraFabrizi 6,500 369 Perfect enemy :icontsvetka:Tsvetka 1,137 87 In My Skin :iconorangeish:orangeish 356 76 Fox girl :iconladowska:Ladowska 538 19 Mother Fucking PRINCESS :iconmediaviolence:MediaViolence 5,077 459 Alice by Avril Lavigne :iconaliceinwonderland:AliceInWonderland 353 10 semi-happy avril... :iconcweeks:cweeks 326 177 Avril Lavigne :iconper-svanstrom:Per-Svanstrom 1,251 428 Avril Lavigne Wallpaper :iconrenatavianna:renatavianna 696 66 Shining Star - Avril Lavigne :iconzindy:Zindy 762 151 Commission Avril and Hilda :iconeinom:Einom 773 10 Avril Lavigne :iconamanda-xx:amanda-xx 291 38 Avril Lavigne :iconsilhouette-blade:Silhouette-Blade 978 178 :AVRIL LAVIGNE II: :iconangelstorm-82:Angelstorm-82 1,002 247 Texture Set :iconanamcr:anamcr 715 56
Punk!EnglandXRockerChick!Reader: Rock'n Roll/GF
Punk!England X Rocker Chick!Reader:Rock 'n Roll Girlfriend (Songfic)
~~~~(Name)'s POV~~~~
I was a full blown rocker chick and proud of it. I had a gig at the local cafe, which is where Arthur and *sigh* Candi will be having their date tonight. Candi was a wannabe rocker chick. And I wanna show Arthur a real one. This is going to be fun...
I walked on stage with Prussia and took the mic in my hands and started to sing...
"Hey, Hey, Hey
If your ready to rage
Raise your hands up
This what Rock 'n Roll looks like

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah wearing leather and lace
Raise your hands up,
This what Rock 'n Roll looks like"
Prussia sang
"Um, microphone check, One, Two
Yeah Yeah it's (Name) baby
And this is what Rock 'n Roll looks like"
I sang again
"The dark days falling down on my stand
I feel the thirst to get it in
Trouble, trouble, drink it down
Like a king, I take the crown

Flush a
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The Best Damn Thing :iconafrikika:afrikika 1,510 156 Look, my son.... :iconladowska:Ladowska 1,477 332 Draculogan Sweet 1600 :iconkittren:KittRen 372 161
Punk!PrussiaxPunk!Reader: Sk8er Boi
Unlike some people your days started sometime in the afternoon. And they ended sometime around three or four in the morning.
This was because you and your fiancé Gil lived almost every teenager’s dream of making their living in a rock band.
“Hey, babe, wake up,” your boyfriend whispered in your ear.
“Too early,” you whined pulling the covers over your face.
Hands under the covers squeezed your sides. Half from shock at his cold hands and half from his tickling you jumped. “Ah!”
He laughed and pulled the covers down off your face. “Kensesese~.”
“Gilbert Beillschmidt! That wasn’t funny,” you pouted.
He got on top of you, holding his body up by his knees and hands, “Yes it was.” He leaned down and kissed up and down your neck.
“Fine…” you groaned trying to push him off of you, “it was…just…ahhh…stop.”
He mumbled a soft, “Nein,” into you
:iconbanshee-scream:Banshee-Scream 472 86
Aero 7 Themes for Win10 Final :iconsagorpirbd:sagorpirbd 286 1,120 when you're gone... :iconsaturdayx:saturdayx 3,987 1,545 Stay :iconvika01:Vika01 1,247 85 Alice in Wonderland :iconssgirlo:SsGirlo 574 50 ...La Douleur... :iconmorbidiamorthel:MorbidiaMorthel 749 81 Into the Wilderness :iconl-dawolf:L-DAWOLF 521 80 Astarl :iconbayanghitam:bayanghitam 1,135 36 Avril Lavigne :iconpushiecat:pushiecat 381 49 Forbidden rose :iconleejun35:leejun35 528 95 lavigne :iconsickbynature:sickbynature 727 92 The blue girl - Avril Lavigne :iconzindy:Zindy 663 107 Big enough... :icongiantessiscool:GiantessIsCool 129 12 PT SxS: You You :icondyemelikeasunset:Dyemelikeasunset 1,195 167 Avril Lavigne :iconsim83:sim83 778 151 Avril Lavigne - Pretty in Pink :iconphoenixcrash:phoenixcrash 910 25