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Imperial army Auxiliary by Igor-Zhovtovsky Imperial army Auxiliary :iconigor-zhovtovsky:Igor-Zhovtovsky 514 43 Endurance Class Auxiliary Ship by General-Nickinburg Endurance Class Auxiliary Ship :icongeneral-nickinburg:General-Nickinburg 71 7 Auxiliary Magazine by Vinyl-Disco Auxiliary Magazine :iconvinyl-disco:Vinyl-Disco 154 2 Roman Auxilia by DaBrandonSphere Roman Auxilia :icondabrandonsphere:DaBrandonSphere 34 6 Landing Shuttle by Euderion Landing Shuttle :iconeuderion:Euderion 54 4 Reptilian Auxiliary by LieutenantHawk Reptilian Auxiliary :iconlieutenanthawk:LieutenantHawk 83 23 Roman Cavalry 3 by fuguestock Roman Cavalry 3 :iconfuguestock:fuguestock 32 2 auxiliary  organs by supersmilehappy auxiliary organs :iconsupersmilehappy:supersmilehappy 11 8 Dassault Mirage 2000-5EI - Taiwan by darthpandanl Dassault Mirage 2000-5EI - Taiwan :icondarthpandanl:darthpandanl 20 0 Roman Auxiliary Cavalry by DaBrandonSphere Roman Auxiliary Cavalry :icondabrandonsphere:DaBrandonSphere 17 3 roman archers by Calisius roman archers :iconcalisius:Calisius 46 4 Roman Cavalry 5 by fuguestock Roman Cavalry 5 :iconfuguestock:fuguestock 24 2 Auxiliary Mag IV by Vinyl-Disco Auxiliary Mag IV :iconvinyl-disco:Vinyl-Disco 69 2 Auxiliary Power by FramedByNature Auxiliary Power :iconframedbynature:FramedByNature 75 68 Roman Cavalry 6 by fuguestock Roman Cavalry 6 :iconfuguestock:fuguestock 41 2 Auxiliary by Blade-Of-Mako Auxiliary :iconblade-of-mako:Blade-Of-Mako 85 20 type 6 shuttlecraft  Galileo by bagera3005 type 6 shuttlecraft Galileo :iconbagera3005:bagera3005 45 14 Roman Cavalry 11 by fuguestock Roman Cavalry 11 :iconfuguestock:fuguestock 14 2 Shuttle Galileo Type 7 by bagera3005 Shuttle Galileo Type 7 :iconbagera3005:bagera3005 30 4 Aux Power - animated by Keiichi-K1 Aux Power - animated :iconkeiichi-k1:Keiichi-K1 21 19
Yo, Listen Up America!
Yo, it's Alfred from the good, ole US of A!
Check it out now-
Addressing all American citizens,
Words don't speak louder than actions.
And the United States needs your cooperation
To provide for your soldiers, sailors, and airmen.
Led by the WPB to control US industries,
Your contribution can supply the armies.
High demand items will be your rationing,
Which provides the troops with morale, which needs boosting.
As you bring materials, the women bring hard work;
Through the WAAC they perform with a smirk.
Because they have proven their capabilities,
They are no longer liabilities.
As each citizen does their part to execute,
The government and troops, to you-we solute.
As you do your part, we'll do ours,
To defend the nation's stripes and stars.
But shh…it's a secret object,
Code name: the Manhattan Project.
Now that that announcement is through,
I want to thank all those whose lives we will loose.
Although the sacrifice is great, buy a war bond,
and provide funds for those men acr
:iconashleyjordan:ashleyjordan 15 3
Sikorsky S-70A Black Hawk - Hong Kong by darthpandanl Sikorsky S-70A Black Hawk - Hong Kong :icondarthpandanl:darthpandanl 14 1 Kherlen-class Auxiliary Cruiser by Zibblsnrt Kherlen-class Auxiliary Cruiser :iconzibblsnrt:Zibblsnrt 13 2 Auxiliary Magazine by Utopia-Armoury Auxiliary Magazine :iconutopia-armoury:Utopia-Armoury 20 6 Auxiliary Contact by KateStehr Auxiliary Contact :iconkatestehr:KateStehr 25 17 Auxiliary June - July 2010 by Meluxine Auxiliary June - July 2010 :iconmeluxine:Meluxine 159 15 Ranks Of The Imperial Chozoan Auxiliary Legions by tylero79 Ranks Of The Imperial Chozoan Auxiliary Legions :icontylero79:tylero79 13 2 Roman Cavalry 10 by fuguestock Roman Cavalry 10 :iconfuguestock:fuguestock 24 5 Roman Cavalry 7 by fuguestock Roman Cavalry 7 :iconfuguestock:fuguestock 13 1 Auxiliary Nearchus by ManusExtraordinarii Auxiliary Nearchus :iconmanusextraordinarii:ManusExtraordinarii 20 17 Synapse Syndicate by storag Synapse Syndicate :iconstorag:storag 17 16 Chozoan Auxiliary Legion Badges by tylero79 Chozoan Auxiliary Legion Badges :icontylero79:tylero79 13 5 There's a Song thats Inside of my Soul by PaxAeternum There's a Song thats Inside of my Soul :iconpaxaeternum:PaxAeternum 29 23 Auxiliary_Arm 3c by tg-0 Auxiliary_Arm 3c :icontg-0:tg-0 268 57 Roman Cavalry 4 by fuguestock Roman Cavalry 4 :iconfuguestock:fuguestock 11 0 Auxiliary_Arm 2 by tg-0 Auxiliary_Arm 2 :icontg-0:tg-0 63 6 Chozoan Auxiliary Legion Sleeve Insignia by tylero79 Chozoan Auxiliary Legion Sleeve Insignia :icontylero79:tylero79 12 7 Daily Doodle Challenge by Laoness Daily Doodle Challenge :iconlaoness:Laoness 8 15 Roman Cavalry 9 by fuguestock Roman Cavalry 9 :iconfuguestock:fuguestock 14 0 Sikorsky S-76 - Hong Kong by darthpandanl Sikorsky S-76 - Hong Kong :icondarthpandanl:darthpandanl 12 0 Auxiliary Rangers for asrockrpg by rangeranime Auxiliary Rangers for asrockrpg :iconrangeranime:rangeranime 21 11 It's a Sony by shenanigan87 It's a Sony :iconshenanigan87:shenanigan87 15 20 Auxiliary Constable, R.I.C. by linseed Auxiliary Constable, R.I.C. :iconlinseed:linseed 19 2 Britten-Norman Islander - Hong Kong by darthpandanl Britten-Norman Islander - Hong Kong :icondarthpandanl:darthpandanl 11 0 Auxillary Shoot by beatblack Auxillary Shoot :iconbeatblack:beatblack 23 18 Auxiliary by Chickenwhite Auxiliary :iconchickenwhite:Chickenwhite 12 3 Folleri-De-Dom, Dumma Daerai Dithero by PaxAeternum Folleri-De-Dom, Dumma Daerai Dithero :iconpaxaeternum:PaxAeternum 14 32 Stamp - Civil Air Patrol by MauserGirl Stamp - Civil Air Patrol :iconmausergirl:MauserGirl 18 7