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Underwater Garden [for Autodesk Tutorial] by LuluSeason Underwater Garden [for Autodesk Tutorial] :iconluluseason:LuluSeason 3,921 123
July Hero Challenge : Loish
This Month's Challenge
The Deep Blue

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The world under the surface is vast, deep and mysterious. It speaks to our imaginations - sometimes it's presented as calm and tranquil, sometimes nightmarish and terrifying, sometimes vibrant and colorful, sometimes surreal and dream-like. What is your interpretation of the deep blue?
For this challenge, explore the idea of a world under water. What kind of creatures live there? Is it beautiful, dangerous, or both?
The Hero Challenge is a monthly creation prompt wher
:iconreneedicherri:reneedicherri 555 628
The Boogey Man In Our Shadow by 4and4 The Boogey Man In Our Shadow :icon4and4:4and4 229 33 Mech by shinypants Mech :iconshinypants:shinypants 67 5 Swimsuit D.Va by Frenxir Swimsuit D.Va :iconfrenxir:Frenxir 185 4 Somewhere on Tatooine by anniesworld Somewhere on Tatooine :iconanniesworld:anniesworld 82 21 Waterfall by domicreate Waterfall :icondomicreate:domicreate 191 19 Groot Baby out of his pot for the first time. by cartoonstudy Groot Baby out of his pot for the first time. :iconcartoonstudy:cartoonstudy 118 43 extravagant eye pack. by Everlasting-R extravagant eye pack. :iconeverlasting-r:Everlasting-R 159 31 Wip Llywelyn by Rhyn-Art Wip Llywelyn :iconrhyn-art:Rhyn-Art 90 6 Pearl by StevenQuartzUniverse Pearl :iconstevenquartzuniverse:StevenQuartzUniverse 115 3 Grovyle PMD (January Drawing) by SushiOverAura Grovyle PMD (January Drawing) :iconsushioveraura:SushiOverAura 146 29 Marceline Valentine 3 by Beccadex Marceline Valentine 3 :iconbeccadex:Beccadex 103 12 SBP 1 by javvie SBP 1 :iconjavvie:javvie 86 8 Metroid Prime Rises by Unialien Metroid Prime Rises :iconunialien:Unialien 59 21 OC Narr: Native Alien Reptile Female -Color Test by cartoonstudy OC Narr: Native Alien Reptile Female -Color Test :iconcartoonstudy:cartoonstudy 99 43 Undertale - Stay Determined by BubblesRRJ Undertale - Stay Determined :iconbubblesrrj:BubblesRRJ 54 11 Harry and Hedwig by basschel Harry and Hedwig :iconbasschel:basschel 198 17 Illusionary Master Zoroark (February Drawing) by SushiOverAura Illusionary Master Zoroark (February Drawing) :iconsushioveraura:SushiOverAura 127 14 Drawtober Day - 30 by Huffnstuff Drawtober Day - 30 :iconhuffnstuff:Huffnstuff 75 8 Doodlin: Mister Dragon by Pythosblaze Doodlin: Mister Dragon :iconpythosblaze:Pythosblaze 125 9 Linework Mech by shinypants Linework Mech :iconshinypants:shinypants 42 1 Rain Is Coming by tonton-jojo Rain Is Coming :icontonton-jojo:tonton-jojo 36 4 Mountain by wabea Mountain :iconwabea:wabea 39 8 50 Matieral Challenge #3 Desert Rocks by cartoonstudy 50 Matieral Challenge #3 Desert Rocks :iconcartoonstudy:cartoonstudy 30 2 Oh bugger! by vastarantakettu Oh bugger! :iconvastarantakettu:vastarantakettu 81 111 Mr. Slime by SirCassie Mr. Slime :iconsircassie:SirCassie 72 29 Dreaming emotions DestinyBlue Challenge by Lailamon Dreaming emotions DestinyBlue Challenge :iconlailamon:Lailamon 95 31 Sci-fi Plant concept sheet by DeviousSqurl Sci-fi Plant concept sheet :icondevioussqurl:DeviousSqurl 30 2 Swimsuit Mercy by Frenxir Swimsuit Mercy :iconfrenxir:Frenxir 112 1 CONCEPT - Sci-Fi Female Officer by VR-Robotica CONCEPT - Sci-Fi Female Officer :iconvr-robotica:VR-Robotica 39 4 I fight for the users! by reneedicherri I fight for the users! :iconreneedicherri:reneedicherri 25 19 Jangmo-o by SushiOverAura Jangmo-o :iconsushioveraura:SushiOverAura 107 16 cry = punk by LittleHaurukka cry = punk :iconlittlehaurukka:LittleHaurukka 51 5 Hakamo-o by SushiOverAura Hakamo-o :iconsushioveraura:SushiOverAura 108 12 Standing around by shinypants Standing around :iconshinypants:shinypants 37 13 Giant Woman by Ellioranthe Giant Woman :iconellioranthe:Ellioranthe 93 2 Barrel home of a tiny troll by vastarantakettu Barrel home of a tiny troll :iconvastarantakettu:vastarantakettu 81 106 Vargo-Sock-Monster by DavidVargo Vargo-Sock-Monster :icondavidvargo:DavidVargo 44 12 Drawtober Day 02 - Friday Feels by danwilldraw Drawtober Day 02 - Friday Feels :icondanwilldraw:danwilldraw 31 9 She swim by mykaladragon She swim :iconmykaladragon:mykaladragon 38 9 MerMay Day 12 (Quick Paint) by cartoonstudy MerMay Day 12 (Quick Paint) :iconcartoonstudy:cartoonstudy 43 6 Sweet Stitch by alexisH2O Sweet Stitch :iconalexish2o:alexisH2O 121 12 Drawtober Day 13 - Tuesday Twos by danwilldraw Drawtober Day 13 - Tuesday Twos :icondanwilldraw:danwilldraw 33 6
Join us for Drawtober 2015

What's Drawtober?
Drawtober is a 31 day drawing challenge started by the SketchBook team in 2013. It's back and better than ever for our third year! Improve your skills, challenge yourself, and get to know everyone in the SketchBook Community!
How do you join in?
- Be a member of the SketchBook group on deviantART.
What- you aren't already? Go to that front page, and click JOIN!
- Watch the account ~Drawtober
Each day in October, a blank canvas will appear with a creative prompt, 
:iconreneedicherri:reneedicherri 70 80
Young Jedi (THE CHASE IS ON Challenge) by cartoonstudy Young Jedi (THE CHASE IS ON Challenge) :iconcartoonstudy:cartoonstudy 22 9 sketchdump.png by gnarsly sketchdump.png :icongnarsly:gnarsly 14 17 Marceline Valentine 1 by Beccadex Marceline Valentine 1 :iconbeccadex:Beccadex 42 7