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You are a three-day lightning storm
that leaves only plastic bags and stray dogs
flitting through the river runway streets.
You are dark purple and blue cacophonies,
searing-white and shredded muscle tendrils,
and seams bursting from blistering electricity—
I am not afraid of you.
My father has whirling weatherveins too,
but my mother coaxed it to his irises and fingernails;
typhoon boy, you too will find your stormchaser.
She will have a flagpole straight spine and sunshine
clenched in her fists like crumpled dollar bills, and
more importantly, she will make you feel okay.
You deserve okay.
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+Seven Minutes - BL+
Trigger warning for multiple uses of a homophobic/derogatory slur.
“Come on,” Aubrey's breathy voice whispered in the dark, “it’s no big deal.” What little space between them was then taken away when Aubrey closed the distance between the two of them; body against body, the only physical barrier between them the flimsy material of their clothes.
"Of course it's no big deal," Gabriel muttered back, echoing the other boy's sentiments, although his pounding heart said otherwise. He felt silly being the only one freaking out about the little game, while Aubrey, "as cool as a cucumber," didn't seem to care at all.
Nothing ever seemed like a big deal to Aubrey. His cool, calculating sky blue eyes always caught everything that went on around him without any sort of reaction. In a crowd, his gaze might pass over you, maybe even look at you if you were lucky, but he never really looked directly into your eyes. And when he wasn’t looking at anything in partic
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+Seven Words - BL+
It is almost too easy to mistake hate for love, and love for hate. Both run down the same passionate line, and it is a very thin line. Both intense emotions teeter shakily, between one or the other—but never actually deciding where to fall until the very last moment.
And it was for this reason that Gabriel was more than happy that for them it had for the most part fallen on the side of love.
But just as love and hate often do, whatever emotion that had tugged at the both of them had teetered between the two extremes. There was never a calm, almost indifferent moment. It was always passionate hatred or all-consuming love. There never seemed to be any middle ground between them, and it drove Gabriel crazy. He, better than many he knew personally, knew that there was never any good without the bad, a yin without its yang.
But this was just madness!
Aubrey was a definetly a strange fellow. He couldn’t just feel indifferent to something. He had to either hate or love it. Ac
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Here Comes Treble (Donald Walsh X Reader) P1
As I stepped out of the cab, I tucked my Ipod into my pocket, slightly wishing I didn't have to turn my music off at all. As I got my luggage out of the trunk, being extra careful of the one with my computer and tablet in it; a peppy blonde girl came up to me.
“Hi! Welcome to Barden University! What dorm?” she asked quickly.
“Umm..Baker Hall.” I replied quietly, looking down slightly. I got slightly nervous when I didn't know whoever I was talking to.
“Okay, what you're going to do is go down this hallway and take a left--” I toned her out, even though I should have probably been listening. My eye was drawn to a guy sitting in a car while singing loudly to a girl standing nearby. I chuckled. Wow. That was embarrassing.
“Here is your BU rape whistle; don't blow it unless it's actually happening!” the blonde said as I snapped my attention back to her.
“Thanks.” I told her, taking the whistle and putting it in my pocket. I picked
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+Seven Hours - BL+
Café Mal’Chick Lyubov: the most popular café on the east side of the fair and wondrous city that its employee’s called their home. A Café that filled daily with plenty of young, female customers hungry for much more than just their famous tea and delectable cakes.
To the average woman, this was paradise.
…To the average man, it was a horrendous nightmare!
An average person would walk by this Café and see nothing out of the ordinary, nothing but a pleasant building with fancy draperies hanging in the large windows. The public would walk by and see the employees, all smiles as they carried around plates of succulent cakes and pastries and nicely brewed tea in fine china for their happy customers.
To the average person, this was simply a Café and nothing more.
But as the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover, for appearances can and often are deceiving.
“You’re shitting me! This has to be a typo or something. Tw
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+Seven's Heaven - BL+
Aubrey sighed blissfully in Gabriel’s arms.
How soothing, the feel of Gabriel’s heart beat. The feel of it against his body, the only barrier being their bare bodies. It’s gentle sound. It calmed Aubrey to hear it thump quietly when he rested his head on Gabriel’s chest.
This was how he wanted things to be. This was how he wanted things to feel. Happiness was always less than a second away in Gabriel’s arms. It was a safe haven, one that only Aubrey knew the secret entrance to. Just as Gabriel was the only one who knew the secret entrance to his.
Aubrey closed his eyes. He felt the most tranquil that he’d felt in a long time. When he opened them again, he gazed up lovingly at his sleeping lover, who looked as serene as Aubrey felt at that exact moment. He slowly pushed himself up a little and brushed tender kiss on Gabriel’s cheek. How he had ever thought that Gabriel had honestly been caught up in some
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