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an ace of spades burning in the sand
a fistful of lies
burning in my hand
I squeezed
every drop I could
tried to
drink that lovely venom from the cobras hood
couldn't hold on
couldn't hold it still
found it hard,
couldn't drink my fill.
Tried to pull an apple from the sky,
but the cloud turned black
and so instead,
I learned how to cry
while flat on my back.
The pavement was hard
but so was my heart
I couldn't
feel all the screaming,
'cause I was staring at the dark.
and the shadows they came
and they
begged for spare change
but I had none,
and so they went away
but Lachesis knew
'cause she had already spun
that thread of black and grey
and Clothos
had wrapped it around the sun
the end of the beginning
is the beginning of the end
and the insides gone outside
and the straight line is trying to bend
but I stayed on the pavement
lying on my back
they've got my shirt
and I don't think they'll give it back
they're using it for a blanket
'cause their angel's full of cracks
:iconmtmtmt:mtmtmt 14 15
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