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We Are Made of Stars :iconrobrey:robrey 679 23
It's not hatred, it's incredulity.
when i was ten years old my
teacher asked the class,
"if you were god, what would
you change?"
and i remember
biting my lip so hard
that it bled. carefully,
i wrote about
how i would teach
kids from an early age on how to
love yourself and no one
else and that there is no such thing as
an almighty power that will pity
you and answer your desperate prayers
at three a.m. because you're the only one
who has that kind of control.
when i handed it in she just looked
at me like i was the
monsters under
her child's bed. the next day i
was sitting in her office wondering
why it was so wrong to
talk about what's in your heart at a catholic
school when that's what the priest tells
you to do at every sunday mass and
the teacher asked me
another question, "do you
hate god?" and i
wanted to scream "yes, yes!" because
how can a god let the world
slip through their fingers like this one has?
but instead i answered,
"no. i just don't think there is one."
and sat in the chair,
staring at the cross on t
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Made of Nothing
Fast Foreword: A Brief Introduction
Why are people so eager to tell me when they find God, but they never mention where he was hiding?  Sorry, that's just been bugging me.  Now about my essay…I made it educational and concise, but I also tried to include some humor so it wouldn't read like an obituary column for any beliefs you may have had.  To put it bluntly, this article's as likely to erase your faith in God as the Tanya Harding sex tape.
Okay, maybe that's a bit ambitious.  Some people couldn't be convinced that God doesn't exist if God himself descended from the heavens just to announce that he doesn't exist.  Even among otherwise critical thinkers, religion seems to be more or an emotional appendage than anything else.  Trying to use reason to talk someone out of their religion seems as futile and incendiary as trying to logically convince someone they've married the wrong person.  But I
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10 Facts That Disprove Evolution
1. We share half our DNA with bananas.
2. The fossil record has holes in it. Dinosaur and humans footprints were found side-by-side in Arizona and Turkmenistan. In Uzbekistan, 86 consecutive hoof prints of horses were found in rocks dating back to the dinosaurs. Petrified trees in Arizona's petrified forest have fossilized nests of bees and cocoons of wasps. Those forests are reputedly 220 million years old, while bees (and flowering plants which bees require) supposedly evolved almost 100 million years later.
3. No macro variations (speciation) in evolution have ever been observed. Micro evolution is species adaptations, and it's not the same as macro. Adjusting to the climate is very, very different than changing from species to another.
4. Humans have the most neurons in their brains but primates don't have even close to that amount. They aren't even in the top ten.
5. Radiometric dating does not take into account the way heat and water affect the aging of bones (it makes them appea
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Meat Tray :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 409 116 Epiphany: complete collection of characters :iconflorian-k:Florian-K 1,526 265
Proof of God
To start off, I'd like you to take a moment to consider why it is you don't
believe our God exists.
You cannot stay in a state of lacking belief in God. After all, my dog doesn't believe in God, either, but she's not an atheist. To state that you simply don't believe is not sufficient. There must be a reason. On a similar note, I don't believe "blind faith" is sufficient either. I don't just "believe" in God, I have reasons for my beliefs. Either you have accepted the idea of God, or you have rejected it.
So what is the cause for your rejection? What is the basis that you found this view on? When put under speculation, is it adequate? Is it flawed? Is it subjective? This first section of my "essay" deals with reasons you might have for rejecting that our God exists, and refuting them.
I believe there is no God because . . .
1. There's no proof.
That statement is subjective. I'm probably going to use this word a lot, so here's a quick definition: subjective means biased or one-s
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Putting the win in Darwin :iconsethness:sethness 404 457
Atheism: An essay
 I am an atheist.
Atheism is not a religion. There is no assigned moral code each atheist has their own personal morals. There are no written texts giving guidelines to life for atheists. Some self-proclaimed atheists might just be lazy and want to escape from the responsibility that comes with believing in a god and feeling guilty for blasphemy committed. In those cases, I would say these people are not atheists, but instead are pathetic human beings who don't like to take responsibility for their actions. Sure, atheists don't believe in the existence of a god or gods, but does this mean that they lack morals because they don't follow teachings of a religious nature?
Of course not. Let's be serious.
It's simply unfair for anyone to judge anyone else for... well, anything, and atheism is one of my favorite examples. I wish I could give viewpoints from many religions, but my personal experiences don't extend past the conflict between Chr
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The Obligatory Intake of Corrosive Bigotry :icontylerreitan:TylerReitan 467 72
Essay: Why God CAN'T create meaning
Many religious apologetics claim that without God, nihilism necessarily follows.  The counterpoint has been made many times that even if the universe is meaningless or unpalatable without God, that doesn't make God any more likely to exist.  If you decide that a world in which you're no seven feet tall is unacceptable to you, that won't make you any taller.  However, nobody seems to have questioned the assumption that God's existence would impart meaning.
After listening to lectures from religious believers and talking to them online, I've noticed that they tend to view their God the same way a toddler views a father figure.  Daddy is infinitely strong.  Daddy knows everything, and he is always right.  If Daddy says it's good, it's good.  Pointing out flaws and inefficiencies in God's alleged work, and the moral and logical errors in God's alleged plan, seldom phases a believer, just like a toddler can never b
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How I Became an Atheist
How I became and Atheist
In my life I've been asked many questions on how I became an Atheist. They were more or less the same.  They asked "are you angry at God", "did something happen","have you read the Bible","how is it possible not to believe" and other similar to these. If you're an Atheist you know what I'm talking about. These are pretty common. Also, these questions remind me the same questions asked to the gay people when the gay rights movement first started. The people behind these questions? More or less the same. These questions will be asked by your average theist person that has no idea what an Atheist is and most possibly is scared to ask questions and doubt his own faith.
I was brought up in a Christian Greek Orthodox household but my parents didn't have strict control over my beliefs. That was step one. We were a family that liked to travel abroad a lot, specialy in Europe and because one of my aunts is married to a Turkish person (surprise!), I
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Biological machine :iconakreon:akreon 1,018 63
An Atheist Prayer
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The Martyr :iconballistyc:Ballistyc 295 177 Atheism :icondailyatheist:DailyAtheist 612 795
Atheism Revisited
               The Atheist Ten Commandments
I.   Thou shalt breathe to send oxygen to thy lungs, and thou shalt breathe repetitively for  all of thy existence, except if thou beist underwater, or if thou beist in the presence of toxic gases, during which time thou shalt not breathe.
II.   Thou shalt consume thy nutrition, doing so in the correct ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids, and thou shalt not consume too many saturated fats, for lo, those who do shall be called obese.
III.   When thou hast processed thy nutrition, thou shalt excrete the waste, be it of a solid or of a liquid nature, and thou shalt not do so in a way that is disgusting.
IV.   Thou shalt sleep at the end of the day, and continue until the next day, excepting if thou hast work to be done of if thou hast a test tomorrow.
V.   Thou shalt blink thine
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The Tale and the Twisted Tale :iconnayzak:Nayzak 2,442 812
18 Questions Asked by Atheist
Top 18 Questions Asked by Atheists
-- These are taken from my own personal experience discussing with atheists. You can find them also in my "How I Know God Exists" journal, but I thought I'd spread them to the public more. Hopefully both atheists and Christians will read these and learn more.
--Note that I try to keep these concise and to the point. I could probably write a small book on each individual one, haha. But for space and time's sake, I won't. That's why I've also supplied plenty of links for you to learn more. If you think I don't fully answer something, read the links I give you. If you have more questions concerning something, read the links I give you. Anyone who comes to me asking about something that the links could have answered will be ignored.
1. Why would God allow evil?
Two words: free will.
We have free will to commit evil, and free will to choose not to.
Evil is the absence of God. The same way cold is the absence of heat, and darkness is the abs
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The Best Case for God: Refuted
Pay it "Foreword"
I recently came across an ingenious website written to argue in favor of the existence of Yahweh, the Christian God.  The argument presented is impressive, if only for its crafty misdirection and intellectual sleight-of-hand.  The website is the work of Rich Deem, who seems very intelligent and well-educated.  In this way he provides evidence for Michael Shermer's quote, "smart people believe weird things because they are skilled at defending beliefs they arrived at for non-smart reasons."
As I wrote this book, I began by focusing on the linked article about whether atheists have disproven God, and then branched out to other parts of the website later.  I then found even more interesting arguments from William Lane Craig and addressed them as well.  I've also included a fe
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Three Tough Questions :iconnayzak:Nayzak 815 476
Fantasy Religion Questionaire
Name of Religion:
Name of Followers:
(Sometimes the name of the follower is different than the religion. i.e. Islam vs. Muslim)
Number of Deities:
(monotheistic, polytheistic, some religions don’t even have a set ‘god’)
Major god(s)/goddess(es):
Level of Anthropomorphization of Deit(ies):
(Are they very human like and have ‘human’ wants and desires or is their god simply a supernatural force?)
Is there a set founder of this religion?
(Some religions don’t have a set founder {i.e. Hinduism, Ancient Greek religion, etc.})
What is their origin story of the universe?
(Celestial egg? Were humans created out of clay? Is the earth on the back of an enormous turtle?)
Major Holidays:
(Are they permitted to marry or must they remain chaste?
Is this position limited to only certain groups?
{Men, upper class people, certain racial groups, etc.}
What are their responsibilities?)
Are their any past followers/prophets who have attained the level of be
:iconthemusessong:TheMusesSong 68 21
Sunday in the Kitchen
dear mother,
i ask you how far we are from heaven.
hunched over the sunday paper like a patient gargoyle.
your eyes blinking too often, and tongue snaking
around in your mouth, as if the answer is hidden between your teeth.
dear mother,
you hum holy bars in the kitchenette.
say "hallelujah means praise yahweh, praise the lord"
say "angels must rest on the tongue of that word"
say "angels, oh angels hallelujah, hallelujah, rest in me"
but you haven't slept in weeks.
i hear you sob sigh into the night like a prayer.
like your table lamp is the closest thing to heaven-gates.
dear mother,
sometimes i still wish i could pray with you.
pluck off our sorrow feathers and
watch the angels carry them through the ceiling.
hold your hand like a steady branch
and breathe free.
but i know i'd either start laughing, or crying.
and both are told to be inappropriate during prayer.
dear mother,
what rests upon your tongue, but the paste of morning?
the old words, of dead men. the wet remains of one thou
:iconhornlessunicorn:HornlessUnicorn 262 101
Afterlife Astronaut
“There is no God.”
“Well, you don’t know that for sure-“
“Bernard, as an AI connected to every philo-science document, every parabyte of knowledge in the Human Empire, every logic string going back to the days of the Past Colonists... I can assure you, there is no God. It has been proven.”
Bernard sighed. His helmet visor fogged up then disappeared.
“I’m not going to bother arguing with you. Soon that golden gate is going to open, and I will walk into the Kingdom of Heaven. That should be enough proof.”
The gate in question was a smooth sphere of gold, slowly rotating on an equally dull pedestal. Crystal red spires pointed at specific points on the globe.
“You just don’t want to argue with me because you are in fear of how wrong you are. And how right a computer can be.”
Jude deserved to be muted, but sass like that always kept her voice a ubiquitous presence in Bernard’s helmet. A blue flash in the top
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The Religous Debate :icondidj:Didj 999 360 Teaching religion :iconquilesart:QuilesART 1,404 501 Portrait of a Fat Feminist Couchbuster :iconmissmuffintop:MissMuffinTop 508 79
An Atheist may
An Atheist may seem like they've simply given up on life.
But in truth, they are the ones who are living life to the fullest.
They do not think that there is an after life
where we can frolic and dance for eternity.
They believe that the life they live right now, is the only
life they have, and the only life they will ever have.
They treasure life more then anyone.
They care about others not because they were
told that it is the right thing to do, but because
they feel that it is the right thing to do.
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Flag Of The British Chancellorate :icongeneralhelghast:GeneralHelghast 105 34 Been hitting the Krispy Kreme, Pen-Pen? :iconmissmuffintop:MissMuffinTop 475 61 A typical atheist :iconavaruus-apina:avaruus-apina 238 895
Church of Thought
I want to build a library
And shelve it with every book ever burned.
I want to build a library
And invite in all the pastors and preachers and woebegone popes-
Send them wandering through the breathing books,
Willingly lost in the dust motes and the cinnamon paper and the quiet conversation of
Dry Twain-
Dark Poe-
Wilde and Shakespeare and Darwin and Plato.
I want to build a library
For all the puppets and their strings.
And there, in that long-awaited Church of Thought
Let them decide
Who the real gods are.
:iconravenatawritingdesk:Ravenatawritingdesk 61 66
Finding Faith Through Science
Rocket scientist Jim Bradford says that science has always affirmed his faith.
Jim sees science as the study of what God made. And he defines science in this way: Science is an endeavor to explore and understand. Scientism is a philosophy that starts by saying that nothing supernatural exists. Jim points out that this viewpoint is unable to answer the question of where the matter and energy came from that supposedly started the Big Bang, according to the theory.
With a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering, among Jim’s many accomplishments is working with Boeing on space shuttles. Up until college he was too shy to do any sort of Christian leadership. But he overcame this during college by inadvertently leading a Christian student group each week. Now, along with his rocket science career he also talks to people about the relationship between science and religion.
According to Jim, this viewpoint that we were not Created is one of despair. It’s saying that you are an
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This deviation may or may not contain material that offends you or your beliefs. Read the whole thing first and then comment if you want.
Okay, so I will now write about religion. The religion I am most familiar with (and the one everyone shoves down my throat) is Christianity. I am NOT against Christianity, actually. I am completely okay with talking and being friends with people who are Christians. However, it seems that once you tell them you are an atheist, some of them think you are a horrible Satan-worshipper and they try to 'fix' you. I realize that not all Christians are like that. I have some Christian friends that are fine with people not believing in a deity. These are things that Christians have said (the ones that push religion down your throat). I am writing this from an atheist's point of view.
1.) You don't believe in God? You're going to Hell.
     First off, telling someone who is an atheist that they are going to Hell is rea
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Atheist Quotes II :iconunikraken:Unikraken 293 76 Atheist Quotes :iconunikraken:Unikraken 395 141
The Hypocrisy of Atheism
I speak purely from my own experiences.
I have atheists complain about my "How I Know God Exists" journal. They tell me they are offended by it. Yet when I do my own research on their profiles, they have journals talking about atheism being the only correct belief.
I have atheists complain about Christian signatures, stamps, and deviations. Yet they have faved or created their own in support of atheism.
I have atheists complain to me, saying they don't like me talking about God and telling them about Him. They don't want to be converted. Yet they also spend their time trying to convince me that atheism is right and I see them talking to others and trying to convert them to atheism.
I have atheists tell me that Christians are rude and mean. Yet I've only had atheists cuss me out, personally insult me, give me condescension, quite literally stalk me around DA, give me links to pornography, and bombard me with vulgar sexual comments.
I cannot count the times atheists complain that Christi
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Flying Spaghetti Monster :iconbeautifullychaotic:BeautifullyChaotic 485 417 SMILE :iconlight-schizophrenia:Light-Schizophrenia 121 78
And If There Is a God
If He is there,
The self-elected Savior with his fistful of broken puppet strings
His beautiful, ancient hate
And all-too-modern smile-
If He is there,
Curled, recovering, in the dark belly of the world,
Waiting and planning and growing in dead water and stewed ignorance-
If He is there,
Spewing self-righteous hatred from the mouths of children
And drain gates
And smiling politicians-
If He is there,
Then my pity is not for Him,
But for His.
:iconravenatawritingdesk:Ravenatawritingdesk 53 78
The atheist
The atheist
I am an atheist
That doesn't mean I believe in evolution
But I do
It doesn't mean I trust evidence
But I do
It doesnt mean I am rational
But I am
It doesn't mean I lack morals
But I... Hah, you thought I really did, didn't you
Written by Bo
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Islamophobia :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 118 209 Science vs religion :icondailyatheist:DailyAtheist 558 599 Mythology :iconlimbaugh-is2liberal:Limbaugh-Is2Liberal 206 27 Isaac Asimov on Humanism.. :iconrationalhub:rationalhub 76 50
A Sermon and a Plea
If you ask this atheist nicely,
she will say that she can't remember the last time that she prayed.
That's a lie.
The last time that I prayed,
I prayed not to Jesus,
but to Joan,
Joan of Arc, Joan the Maid of Orléans—
Joan whose real name was Jehanne.
Joan the pious, who could not possibly approve of me.
Apologetic but unrepentant, I begged heathen favors.
Understand this—
I do not hate men.
I hate men who tell me stories as I pour their coffee
of single mothers they have stalked and threatened,
men who are deaf to their own proudly spoken revelations
and blind to the horror on my face.
I hate men in uniforms who tell me,
in exceedingly simple sentences,
that what I have reported is not a crime.
I know that to hate
is always a personal failure
but to pour hot coffee into laps is not.
Help me, Jehanne.
I have no sword,
only a pen which runs dry as my throat
when faced with the threats this world offers
like candy to small girls.
Do not misunderstand.
I do not hate men
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You Are Here :iconunikraken:Unikraken 154 48 Do Dragon Girls Ever Stop Eating? :iconmissmuffintop:MissMuffinTop 215 26 Atheism :iconwick3dsentinel:wick3dsentinel 62 16