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     Through the twinkling stars
:iconbluelioneyes:BlueLionEyes 37 11
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sunshine streaming
waking up begins with
i. counting the freckles
   along your shoulders
   like an astronomer maps
   constellations; then get
   distracted and
ii. make love between the
   sheets and perhaps
   roll off the bed and land
   on the cold floor laughing
   with sparkling teeth,
iii. brush them in the
    bathroom sink and
    exchange small smirks in
    the mirror because your
    tousled bedhead is just so
iv. gorgeous, you whisper as you
    close the clasp of my
    diamond necklace and touch
    my bare, unfreckled shoulders.
    the heat of your eyes may
    just undo the zipper of my
    new red
v. dress pooling on the floor, we
    just can't contain ourselves.
    don't make me late for work.
:iconforestmeetwildfire:forestmeetwildfire 23 27
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The Wayward Astronomer: Ch1
Halcyon Adhil stared up at the nighttime sky and marveled at the sheer explosion of color pouring down from the heavens. He could see the gamma ray bursts from supernovas, the fiery ultraviolet from a young main sequence, the smoldering infrared from an ancient red giant in the final stages of its existence. He was looking into the past as he looked up at the heavens, a silent witness to events that had transpired eons ago.
Hal blinked his orange reptilian eyes and squinted as a fierce gust of wind pelted his body with stinging glittering flecks of snow and rock. His tail turned away from the wind, coiling up tightly to conserve body heat. Among the DreamKeepers of Anduruna he certainly had not met any that looked much like him, a body with origins as ancient as the heavens themselves. Halcyon was a feathered reptile; a raptor. Neither dinosaur nor bird, he found himself on the terminus between two eras of evolution. His dark green scaly skin was almost entirely covered by jet black pl
:iconkafelnikov:Kafelnikov 34 23
You Will Not Find Another by AmericanDreaming You Will Not Find Another :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 62 6 The Arcanist (Flight Rising) by Amagire The Arcanist (Flight Rising) :iconamagire:Amagire 79 2 The Astronomer's Daughter by shimoyo The Astronomer's Daughter :iconshimoyo:shimoyo 149 15
falling time
falling time
to all the dreamers and to all the thinkers:
you are a bunch of fools.
tomorrow crashdived into yesterday
and the world's going to die soon.
trust me, i was there once,
and your mouth is not
a good place to have your heart;
it's better left out on your long sleeve.
take a pinch of sky from your desk
and just hold it for a while
then blow it away, all you little
dreamers and thinkers.
to all you scientists and astronomers,
stop playing the stars like a harp,
and stop harping on and on
because there's a new problem --
and all you little people, listen:
it's gaining on us fast.
so stop looking ahead
and start looking behind.
but there is no way out of this mess.
chaos, disaster, screams on the street;
rivers of mud tumble down Highway 21.
there is no explanation. don't try.
don't try to describe the pain and the way
your heart shattered beneath your ribcage.
you're dying. don't stare into the distance mumbling
it's too early for the apocalypse. five years too ear
:iconsepulchral-roses:Sepulchral-Roses 17 17
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