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Kurisu Makise - Steins Gate by MadeleineInk Kurisu Makise - Steins Gate :iconmadeleineink:MadeleineInk 1,157 92 low MP by sigeel low MP :iconsigeel:sigeel 2,674 412 Assistant shaman by Tyami Assistant shaman :icontyami:Tyami 655 51 Sleepover with Doctor and Derpy by JoeyWaggoner Sleepover with Doctor and Derpy :iconjoeywaggoner:JoeyWaggoner 1,303 832 1 year anniversery by sigeel 1 year anniversery :iconsigeel:sigeel 679 189
APH- Switzerland and Austria
  Austria bolted upward, small hands tightly grasping his blanket as another clap of thunder interrupted his sleep. It had been the third time in one night and Roderich was getting fed up. He hated thunder storms, he could never sleep through them. If a nightmare didn't wake him up the loud booming thunder outside did.
  The young Austrian hopped off his bed and toddled out the door and down the hallway. Tired as he was, there was no way he was going to get to sleep tonight at this rate...
  He slowly pushed the door open and tip-toed over to his friend's bed. Switzerland was sleeping peacefully, his normal irritated demeanor replaced with a calm, relaxed expression.
  "...Vash?" Roderich whispered, after hesitating for a moment. The Swiss boy stirred slightly but quickly fell back into his steady breathing pattern. Austria, not wanting to spend yet another sleepless night alone, tried again.
  "Vash, please wake up..." Roderich whisper
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not sure if creepy, or sweet by sigeel not sure if creepy, or sweet :iconsigeel:sigeel 1,392 306 One Sip of Cider by WaggonerCartoons One Sip of Cider :iconwaggonercartoons:WaggonerCartoons 1,362 407 Coco Pommel Custom Plush by Nazegoreng Coco Pommel Custom Plush :iconnazegoreng:Nazegoreng 627 109 the new assistant by blackshirtboy the new assistant :iconblackshirtboy:blackshirtboy 924 37
TG Caption This: The Little Catgirl After Story
"NYaaaaaaaaaaaannnn." I said. I felt something wooden on my tongue. I was at the doctors with Onee chan. She told me I needed a check up when we got home yesterday after I changed, but I feel fine, oh well, she's older than me so she knyows more.
"Hmm, nothing wrong here." The doctor told us, taking the stick out of my mouth. "I'll need to check your heartbeat now, do you mind putting your shirt up?" I nodded with a large grin. I lifted my shirt and he put his ste... stetho...stethoscope on my chest. I giggled, the metal was cold and it tickled. "ok." the doctor turned to my sister. "She looks alright, not sure about he ears and tail, but the human parts of her are how they're supposed to be a this age..." I stopped hearing what was being said at this point,  I was looking at the posters in the clinic room.
"Chris..." I heard Onee chan call out to someone, nyot sure who, oh wait, that was me. I turned to face her. "We have to go now."
"Ok." I jumped up and down, indi
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Bianca's dearest by Aomori Bianca's dearest :iconaomori:Aomori 1,095 152 Back to Basics (Zootopia spoiler warning) by Kitchiki Back to Basics (Zootopia spoiler warning) :iconkitchiki:Kitchiki 1,167 82 Nap time for baby ponies by JoeyWaggoner Nap time for baby ponies :iconjoeywaggoner:JoeyWaggoner 1,232 1,960
Magician assistant tg
Shadow and a group of friends decided to go to a magician’s show. Since Shadow had such great connections, he managed to get in cheaply, and get great seats. The room lights dim and the stage lights up. The curtains pull back, revealing a tall man with short black hair, wearing a tuxedo and a top hat. He even wore a cape. Around him were the typical magician objects, including a box for sawing, a three part box, and two tables. “Welcome,” said the magician to the crowd, “this shall be a wonderful night, tonight. I shall show to the world a few tricks, hope you enjoy the show.” With this said, he turns around, looks at his stuff, and turns back to the crowd. He shouts, “Well, well, what do we have here… We don’t have an assistant, and we have a special guest in the house tonight.” A worker in a maid’s outfit walked up to where Shadow and friends were. “Excuse me,” said the girl, but before she could continue, Shadow said,
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TARDIS Doctor Who Purselet for Phone/Nintendo DS by Monostache TARDIS Doctor Who Purselet for Phone/Nintendo DS :iconmonostache:Monostache 459 66 MLP FiM: Coco Pommel by sugarstitch MLP FiM: Coco Pommel :iconsugarstitch:sugarstitch 298 138 Conductor and Assistant Custom Plushes by Nazegoreng Conductor and Assistant Custom Plushes :iconnazegoreng:Nazegoreng 283 81 58- too long by sigeel 58- too long :iconsigeel:sigeel 931 271 Penelope-lab-assistant by TovioRogers Penelope-lab-assistant :icontoviorogers:TovioRogers 495 13 Magician s assistant by AngelaBermudez Magician s assistant :iconangelabermudez:AngelaBermudez 326 47 Introducing Rose by joebenitez Introducing Rose :iconjoebenitez:joebenitez 1,168 46 Renji - Fire Within by keelerleah Renji - Fire Within :iconkeelerleah:keelerleah 1,386 76 elly's logic by sigeel elly's logic :iconsigeel:sigeel 835 115
TG Caption This Cat Hairbands Are For Little Girls
"Now then, this goes... here." I say to myself as I put the toy car back into it's proper drawer. I can hear the soft giggle of Mrs Shay behind me, no doubt at my habit of thinking out loud. Now I should probably go back and explain a bit, My name is Mr Chris. Well, that's what the kids call me anyway; I work as a teachers aid to the Reception class of my old primary school. Mrs Shay was actually my teacher back when I used to come here as a student, and time has faired nicely to her. At around 46 at this point I believe, she has thick brown hair cut into a bob style, vivid green eyes that still had a twinkle of childish mischief in them, one or two wrinkles on her face that are barely noticeable unless you knew her about 17 years ago like me (for those of you that failed maths that makes me 21), a figure on the more beautiful side of modest and attire to compliment it; button up shirt that looked a little tight, probably shrunk in the wash, a flowing red ankle length skirt, black 2 in
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The Summoning Goes Wrong by Creativore The Summoning Goes Wrong :iconcreativore:Creativore 593 22 Ms.Assistant by magion02 Ms.Assistant :iconmagion02:magion02 2,310 65 Ms.Assistant Sayako [Old Version] by magion02 Ms.Assistant Sayako [Old Version] :iconmagion02:magion02 2,246 82 Executive Assassins: Lily -pencils- by SquirrelShaver Executive Assassins: Lily -pencils- :iconsquirrelshaver:SquirrelShaver 1,796 116 Executive Assassins: Lily -Colors- by SquirrelShaver Executive Assassins: Lily -Colors- :iconsquirrelshaver:SquirrelShaver 1,766 51 A lab assistant by Elias-Chatzoudis A lab assistant :iconelias-chatzoudis:Elias-Chatzoudis 1,973 76 The Summoning by Creativore The Summoning :iconcreativore:Creativore 280 22 Giada Robin's backstage photo session by Ganassa Giada Robin's backstage photo session :iconganassa:Ganassa 473 130 One Night in the Lab: Part 2 by Creativore One Night in the Lab: Part 2 :iconcreativore:Creativore 235 26 Brande's Vacboxed Assistants by ARNie00 Brande's Vacboxed Assistants :iconarnie00:ARNie00 434 7 One Night in the Lab: Part 1 by Creativore One Night in the Lab: Part 1 :iconcreativore:Creativore 219 27 Houdini-Chan's Assistants by ARNie00 Houdini-Chan's Assistants :iconarnie00:ARNie00 456 25 Chibi Drarry - Office Romance by Cremebunny Chibi Drarry - Office Romance :iconcremebunny:Cremebunny 560 92 The Magicians Assistant by PixiePoxPhotography The Magicians Assistant :iconpixiepoxphotography:PixiePoxPhotography 916 128 iPA-Siri by AzureBladeXIII iPA-Siri :iconazurebladexiii:AzureBladeXIII 1,259 73 summer is over by sigeel summer is over :iconsigeel:sigeel 610 178 Executive Assistant: Assasins 3A by ToolKitten Executive Assistant: Assasins 3A :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 591 19 Shall We Dance? by Fortranica Shall We Dance? :iconfortranica:Fortranica 2,074 122 Numbah 1 Assistant by Earthsong9405 Numbah 1 Assistant :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 1,100 147 One Night in the Lab: Part 3 by Creativore One Night in the Lab: Part 3 :iconcreativore:Creativore 202 36 Rocket by Fallen-Sun Rocket :iconfallen-sun:Fallen-Sun 189 8 Fairy Tail - Lazy Afternoon. by BakaXero Fairy Tail - Lazy Afternoon. :iconbakaxero:BakaXero 1,707 119