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Turning Inward - Asperger Syndrome and discovery
Vignette One - Floating
He floated near the ceiling, up in the front right corner of the classroom. Looking down, the six year old boy could see the top of his teacher's head and the faces of his classmates. Further down the row closest to the door he saw himself watching and listening to the teacher. The boy felt like Superman since he could now fly.
He would often imagine leaving his body during times of increased stress, caused in part by the teacher herself. She wasn't exactly a mean woman, but had a harsh manner that frightened him. At home in the mornings he would sometimes become nauseous from the dread at the thought of going to school. This was made worse by the apprehension he felt with the anticipation of trying to interact with his classmates. He would continue to have a knot in his stomach every morning before school for the next twelve years.
Vignette Two - Focus
The monster was attacking him again. Its hairy paws came out of the igloo through holes on either sid
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Living With Aspergers
I was diagnosed with Aspergers
"Hey that is not an excuse!"
Hey man I hate to say it
but Aspies can drive you crazy
Want to tear your hair out
and pound your head against the wall
But I am here to say
You know nothing about me at all.  
You say I am rude, stubborn, and naive
and that is G rated terms you said about me.  
But I tell you you got it all opposite.  
The people closest to me describe me friendly and passionate
and not to mention intelligent.  
I might not stand out and be invisible to most
but those blind people don't matter
all they say is "She's retarded" "and a loser"
and assume i wanna start an arguement
but when the yelling and the accusations start i can't stand it.  
All I can do is pray for help,  
I don't dare say anything.  
So before you get into an arguement
you will stop to think about the other person,
won't you?
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In the shoes of an Aspie
In the Shoes of an Aspie
Note: This is my experiences and thoughts on what it is like to be an Aspie. I understand others have their own experiences and opinions and I respect them for that. The reason I wrote this was a hope that those who read this gain some understanding as to how people with Asperger's live their lives. However each person is unique so their behaviour and way of life may be different to mine.
I wake to the sound of my alarm going off. I groan Ugh not again... I grope for my mobile and switch it off; the alarm is rather noisy. Here I go again; having to put on that masquerade; going undercover yet again. If only people would just understand what it is like to live the way I and many others like me have to live each and every day…..
Just imagine yourself living in a world where you see and deal with everything differently. Put yourself in the shoes of an Aspie; a person with Asperger's Syndrome. It's a high-functioning form of Autism. It's hard to
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What is that?
A disease,
A mental condition,
Is there something wrong
with you?
They ask curiously,
They couldn't have known,
So please try not to blame them
What is the closest definition?
Your mind is wired differently,
The man in the nice suit said,
Taking my mother's money
In return for a "diagnosis"
I did not look into his eyes
Did not like the
Calculating look he gave me
I say "Aspie"
It's almost pretty
In a way
For something with
Ugly connotations
You're faking,
It's not a real thing,
The faces say,
Stop making excuses for
Being anti-social
If I had the choice
To act like the others
To feel natural
In someone else's skin
Long ago, I would have
Taken it
But my oddly shaped glases
With lenses of thinly sliced opals
And the wire of dreams
are hard to give up
Indeed, I reach for them
No stranger to this skin of mine
Once, I walked with my head turned
To the ground
And didn't know the colors
Of peoples' eyes
I don't know about
The others
The Aspies
I can't speak
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I'm not naughty I'm autistic
I'm NOT naughty, I'm autistic
Asking me to look you in the eye when you talk
Is like asking the child in the wheelchair to walk
You wouldn't do it so don't tell me
To brush my hair or go play PE
You get mad when I don't turn in my homework on time
But time at home isn't yours it's mine
I pay attention in class
I pass every exam
So what persay am I doing wrong?
Why do I get shouted at for staring at walls
In lessons if I'm already ahead of them all
I don't sleep at night and I play with the lights
There are codes on my desk and ladders in my tights
I really don't care but you seem to
You seem to have issues with everything I do
Yesterday was yellow and today is blue
So forgive me today if I can't talk to you
Difficult is as difficult does
Ask me to perform on stage and I could
But ask me to walk down a crowded street
And you'll find I'm way out of my league
Sometimes I'm late because I miss the bus
I did it on purpose the first was too full
I might throw a hissy fit in the middle
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Basic Guide to Autistic Rights
Autistic rights is about combating the idea that Autism is an entirely negative thing that must be cured, and preventing human rights abuses of Autistic people.
It is widely believed that the person that kickstarted the Autistic rights movement is a man named Jim Sinclair, after a presentation entitled "Don't mourn for us". As someone who was non-verbal until the age of 12, Jim's ability to articulate the desires of Autistic people started many people thinking. This presentation outlined some of the basic tenets:
- That autism is not something separate from an Autistic person, but is part of who that person is.
- That there's not a normal child "hiding behind" Autism.
- That a cure for Autism would mean that the child with Autism would cease to exist, and an entirely different "non-autistic" child would take it's place.
- That the ways autistic people relate to others is different, not nonexistent, and that Autistic people are not unreachable.
Here's the final words from the presentati
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Aspergers Syndrome
The mind is an interesting thing.
producing pains from social failure, cutting off the sensors in the body telling you there
is something wrong, even enabling you temporary superhuman abilities.
Yet we know so little.
It can sacrifice some abilities to enable astounding feats never seen before.
Without counting, a cup of pencils falls to the floor. The man only listens, he calls out the number
fourty six, puzzled the people around him start to collect the pencils and one stops........
she stares in awe at the man........
"Fourty six exactly"
.... he had never been there before, was not paying attention to the pencils prior to the spill.
So how did he know? There wasnt enough time for him to have counted them individually.
The sacrifice, the man was Autistic.
Another man now owns a massive company, he makes billions every year.
His name. Bill Gates, diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome.
A minor form of Autism, also called "High functioning Autism".
It seems to impair certain social and neu
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I have Asperger's Syndrome.
Even saying it makes me feel relief.
I'm not weird.
I'm not strange.
I'm not different.
Well, I am different.
But I'm different for a reason.
My brain is wired up differently.
My brain is square when everybody else's is round.
My brain has three layers and everybody else has eight.
I get worried when I don't know what I'm doing.
I get worried around lots of people.
I get worried if things change.
I'm bad at telling how people feel.
I'm bad at reading people's faces.
I'm bad at a lot of social things.
But I'm good at things too.
I'm good at Maths.
I'm good at Music.
I'm good at knowing right from wrong.
I was unhappy before I knew about my Asperger's.
I'm not happy now. But I am relieved.
I'm an Aspie.
And I'm sure about things that I wasn't sure about before.
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Aspergers: Behind the eyes
People with Aspergers tend to have great difficulties with making and keeping friends.
Through out our early lives we tend to talk and try to understand others.
We assume everyone else thinks and works the same way.
We often ask the wrong things unaware of the social taboo factor, this in turn pushes others away.
Wondering why we try to ask and they try harder to avoid us without an actual answer. From this we feel a deep sense of rejection, and rejection for us cuts deeper than it does for most average people. It makes us question "whats wrong with me!? Why cant I figure it out? What did I do wrong?!".
Go through it enough times and you start to develop a phobia about saying the wrong thing to someone you deeply care about. By not saying it we tend to hurt ourselves and create a deep sense of regret.
The more rejection happens the less we begin to believe in people.
For some it simply becomes a black and white world, to you people are simply those who have hurt you and those who will
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Aspergians in love :iconphantastes:phantastes 251 129 And the pain stays the same .... :iconmarjol3in1977:marjol3in1977 240 25 Little Stories :iconmisslunarose:MissLunaRose 17 8
Do you ever wonder..?
Do you ever wonder
why you had to be you?
Why they get to be them
but you're stuck with yourself?
Why they are perfect
While you're left behind
to be ugly
and alone?
Why they have people who love them,
and big sisters,
and boyfriends,
While you're left in the dark?
Why they never seem to be bothered
By the voice who comes
In the middle of the night,
Who tells you just how
you are,that you are awful,
And that if you ever think you are anything more than nothing,
You are conceited,
and that makes you even worse?
Why they can feel good about things,
While you sit there numb?
Why for you,it comes to a simple choice:
You can hate the world.
Or you can hate yourself?
And why, if it's true what some say,
That on the inside,
Everyone feels like that,
Wonders those same things,
Then why
do we work so hard
To hide it?
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Welcome to Aspergia,
Enclosed by heavy mountains.
A far away Utopia,
Beyond the ocean and its fountains.
The path leads over peak and crest,
Like giant walls they tower.
It may be cursed here, may be blessed,
But on the inside grows a flower.
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My quote xD
when people say
'I wish my life was as easy as pie/cake'
and then i just wanna say
'well if your life was as easy as pie/cake then it would be short since a lot of people like pie/cake so they would eat it, just saying'
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The Limericks of a Disgruntled Aspie
1.)Experiences with neurotypicals left a bad taste
they always judged her posthaste
Loser and geek
psychopath and freak
just because she couldn't look them in the face.
2.) Once there was an Aspergian youth
whom everyone thought was quite uncouth
blunt and 'crass'
they thought him an ass
just because he told them the truth.
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PowerPLUMP Girls in EZ as Pie
And no nutritonal value at least...
These were the ingredients of making the perfect junk food, but Frycook Axel accidently added on ingredient to the concoction...CHEMICAL X!
Thus the Powerplump girls are born, as Blimp, Bloated, and Butterball dedicated their obese lives against the forces of healthy food!
(They flew as in the original but only few inches above the ground, then the screen pans showing fat and healthy food versions of the villians)
(The PPG and the villians tried to charge at each other like from the show, but slowed down only catching their breath. They all eventually collapsed from exahaustion)
PowerPLUMP Girls in EZ as Pie
The city of Snacksville where our plump heroines begin with breakfast...
"Hey Blimp, quit hogging the maple syrup!" Butterball barked as the three girls sat in the breakfast table. The table was so small, the girls' stomaches are stuck into it. and their chairs eventually collasped.
"Well, pass me the french toast!" Bl
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Life as an Aspie
What does a Midwestern coach, a little, orange head-only creature, a curry-loving alien frog, and a charro rooster have in common? Nothing, if separate, but if together, you’ve only got a tiny bit of the obsessions of myself. I have a disability that no one can see, and very few people even know that I have, or even exists. If you look at me, you’d only see a teenager with long hair, glasses, and a shirt that exploded with color, had a cartoon character on it, or maybe even both. But, if you could look inside me, or at least inside my mind, you’d see a brain packed full of thoughts of pop culture. If you’d look very closely, many of the things you would see wouldn’t seem familiar to you. If you think of it, do you know any teenagers (besides me, of course) that are fans of Homestar Runner, Mr. Men and Little Miss, Sgt. Frog, and Classic Disney? These are just some of the many obsessions of a teenager. A teenager with a condition known as Asperger’s Syndrom
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