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Kim/Bebe Conversion 3 (DMFO) :iconmacguffin78:macguffin78 129 7 Kim/Bebe Conversion 4 (DMFO) :iconmacguffin78:macguffin78 136 22 Kim will serve Bebe Queen Bonnie (Kyo) :iconmacguffin78:macguffin78 207 55 Plush-O-Matic 5000 (Kyo) :iconmacguffin78:macguffin78 273 42 Gorgon and Victim :iconveloxiraptor:veloxiraptor 1,422 181 Sexy Invasion - Roboslave Girls (Kyo) :iconmacguffin78:macguffin78 233 16 All Dolled Up by Gildsoul :icongildsoul:Gildsoul 450 12 Sexy Invasion - Mind Control Devices (Kyo) :iconmacguffin78:macguffin78 139 10 New Employee Orientation (Kyo) :iconmacguffin78:macguffin78 110 11
Dorm Room Dolls (animate inanimate tf)
Jessie liked watching the world from her dorm window, drab as it was. She faced the dorm's inner courtyard. The concrete was broken with blades of grass poking through the cracks. The benches were worn and a little splintery. The courtyard was normally the hub of activity. It was empty now, as most of the students of the Wilson Grant Dorm had fled for warmer weather this spring break. Nonetheless, Jessie kept watching and doodling on her pad when she got inspiration. She had a project due at the end of spring break, and she had not yet come up with an idea of how to start it. Just waking up, she didn't bother to change out of her blue and yellow pinstripe pajamas.
But movement caught her eye before she could get far in her drawing. A wild Billie appeared! A creature not known for leaving her room, Billie took care moving through the courtyard. The girl wore a big hoodie and covered half her face with thick black glasses to defend herself from predators. She took a seat on the best, lea
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Superman III Alternate Robotization :iconmacguffin78:macguffin78 107 10 O RYLLI? :iconveloxiraptor:veloxiraptor 693 81 CYBORG :iconjoe-roberts:Joe-Roberts 658 52 Trespassers Will Be Puppetized :iconmacguffin78:macguffin78 226 13 Yoko Frozen Carbonite :iconmaster-geass:Master-Geass 83 6 Flobotized Comic Page (Kyo) :iconmacguffin78:macguffin78 82 4 Gorgon Tug-o'-War :iconveloxiraptor:veloxiraptor 932 100 Golden Girl Statues on Display :icongildsoul:Gildsoul 239 14
Mannequinization 101 for Beginners
Creating a high-quality mannequin isn't exactly as easy as you'd normally imagine. Sure, you have factories and the fancy machines that can manufacture them dime a dozen in six seconds flat... unless they have a good mold and perfected an actual system that does create nice mannequins on the fly, you'd usually notice that their products are outright cheap and ugly. This author sincerely believes that every boutique shop in the world must be outfitted with top-line, long-lasting and realistic mannequins that can reliably draw in customers and help boost sales for them. After all, who'd want to look at an unattractive knockoff when they know they can feast their eyes on a lifelike replica of a former living person?
So if you're reading this far, I assume you're doing that out of two reason - one is that you're curious, two is that you're genuinely interested in making one of the high-quality mannequins using your own hands and the resources you have at your disposal. If you're in the for
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Maidbot Conversion Stations (Kyo) :iconmacguffin78:macguffin78 73 12 Shantae and the Petrification Curse :iconl-exander909:L-exander909 127 25
So Be It
There may or may not have been a list of things either of the two had been expecting atop the cliff. The mystery woman was squarely not on it, and she may or may not have been waiting for them.
She stood – a rather generous choice of verb, considering her hunched posture – in a singular robe of earthen darks, face concealed under a hood, hidden nearly as well as her seemingly enfeebled body. Not what anyone would consider appropriate attire for much of anything, especially not hiking.
Yet there she was. Jessica and Kyle exchanged looks in tandem, as if distrusting their own eyesight, checking their findings with one another. Nevertheless, the woman continued to mill around in the grass. An uneasiness seeped from her very presence, between the concealment of her figure - they hadn't even been convinced it was a she - and the erratic actions.
Innumerable scenarios played out in both their heads; assorted campfire-tier tales of horror, of random undesirables simply wait
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And Suddenly, Elise is a Statue!
At last, the wondrous artistic device from Solid Labs has finally arrived! Having seen the online advertisement for the ‘Suddenly Statue’ product, Elise didn’t hesitate to order one immediately to finally achieve her impossible fantasy of becoming a statue that is placed on top of a pedestal for everyone to see.
Of course, this ‘Suddenly Statue’ gig by Solid Labs could have been a scam for all she knew – she couldn’t find any reliable info about the developer of this invention… but now that the actual product has been delivered here, the mere sight of the crate containing this seemingly alien machine dissolved almost all of the girl’s doubts.
After Elise wheeled the crate to a suitable spot, she opened the crate and found a stone pedestal inside it just as described. To her, it is clear that this is of no ordinary pedestal; inside the package delivered along with the pedestal is a power plug that can be connected to a hidden socket
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French Maid turned into Glass :icongildsoul:Gildsoul 167 14 M 038 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 160 8 M 049 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 202 9 M 023 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 234 8 M 031 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 208 5 M 019 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 254 27 M 085 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 145 30 M 039 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 198 4 M 056 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 155 27 M 024 Caption :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 149 2 M 011 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 184 6 M 029 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 200 6 Vanity Shoot :iconshadedsun2k2:shadedsun2k2 394 18 M 036 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 197 42 M 052 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 131 15 A different kind of modelling - Mikie :iconshadedsun2k2:shadedsun2k2 216 2 Agent Joscelin Meeks Page 3 :iconstickyscribbles:StickyScribbles 243 3 Kallen - Chocolate Bunny Deluxe :iconadi1625:adi1625 178 53 M 027 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 144 5 M 037 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 139 5 Asuna Mannequinized :iconadi1625:adi1625 150 95 Becoming a Doll :icondavisprebot:davisprebot 260 13 Suechan's Twisted Tales :icondoctor-robo:Doctor-Robo 157 6 Shirley and Kallen - Deluxe Chocolate Bunnies :iconadi1625:adi1625 117 37 M 053 :iconsgtsabre:SgtSabre 114 19