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APH - Canada Jack o'lantern by emgee-chan APH - Canada Jack o'lantern :iconemgee-chan:emgee-chan 1,448 588 Fella ASCII Art by Charleston-and-Itchy Fella ASCII Art :iconcharleston-and-itchy:Charleston-and-Itchy 876 111 ASCII Art by Shadow2143 ASCII Art :iconshadow2143:Shadow2143 91 40
Why live in Canada?
1. You don't have to worry if it is going to rain - it's already raining
2. Vancouver: 1.5 million people and two bridges to the 'burbs
3. The local hero is a pot-smoking snowboarder
4. The local wine doesn't taste like malt vinegar
5. Your $400,000 Vancouver home is 5 hours from downtown
6. You have a university with a nude beach
7. You can throw a rock and hit three Starbucks locations
8. You have a fleet of old rusted ships that you got for free from China
9. There's always some sort of forest protest going on somewhere
10. People here never get a tan - they rust
1. The Rockies are between you and B.C.
2. Preston Manning goes to Ottawa a lot, so he isn't here
3. Tax on goods is 7 percent instead of approx. 20 percent
4. The Premier is a beer drinker with about grade 4 education
5. Flames vs. Oilers
6. Stamps vs. Eskies
7. You can exploit almost any natural resourc
:iconemgee-chan:emgee-chan 55 84
Only Look at Me - Spamano
He wasn't usually a selfish person; a little bit rude, maybe, but never selfish. Lovino sat on his bed, checking the time warily. Soon, the meeting would be over, and the selected countries would be let out.
Perhaps he would ask him to lunch today; although, that happy-go-lucky bastard would just smile that same smile and reply with a redundant, "Really? With me? Alright then, let's go!"
He sighed; he might as well call him up now, before he changed his mind.
Lovino stretched over to pick up his cell phone from his bedside table. Hesitantly, he tapped the seven digit number and hit "call".
The sound of ringing filled his ears, seemingly growing louder and louder, then stopped suddenly when he heard Antonio pick up at the end of the line, "Hello?"
He felt his breath hitch in his throat, but quickly shook it off and replied, "H-hey."
Well, this was awkward. What the hell was he supposed to do now?!
Before Antonio could say another word, Lovino interjected, "…y-you want to go out for
:iconemgee-chan:emgee-chan 64 3
Deidara in ASCII by Lithium-deviant Deidara in ASCII :iconlithium-deviant:Lithium-deviant 281 94 Mandelbrot Ascii Art by skylined Mandelbrot Ascii Art :iconskylined:skylined 208 65 Serial Experiments Lain ASCII by PsyBear Serial Experiments Lain ASCII :iconpsybear:PsyBear 175 51 WORDS_ by JeanFan WORDS_ :iconjeanfan:JeanFan 143 12 NeGe by zephyris NeGe :iconzephyris:zephyris 67 13 Eye of ASCII by FOERVRAENGD Eye of ASCII :iconfoervraengd:FOERVRAENGD 36 9 SkyLined Shark Ascii Art by skylined SkyLined Shark Ascii Art :iconskylined:skylined 29 19
045nTnnwsz6wIIC£C$Czw£u9CIrcr£CTnJ£62ruf32£zzu$y6y9Cuuwy9I" ;,.)h*h*GQQPFFFXXXK#
V55L4969ao3r2cc3£23I$IuurrJccu$5&cJ%)+IIvruC£uuIC$6zoaa0k~,.. u8OLxD*ddFSQXXX##
anaTT5£fuuu322rr$$3rJ3r2r3r3u3JCs$Ii^:!ir2r6z£Cw95soan6C1; ,.,|5wO4LheeQFDFXW###
o9z69w$rf2fcc2$IJ2J2fc3cvv3£rfJC4I2C7".'`-(?+I5ayz9I$I23^`.. "3&5nVkAAGpUgQQK###
IIuy9$$222Jr33Jc[]2cf2fr[cI£J%J$&zJIzt^ : 
:iconphlll:Phlll 8 17
APH - Textalicious Canada by emgee-chan APH - Textalicious Canada :iconemgee-chan:emgee-chan 231 84 Fella ASCII Pop Art by sensum Fella ASCII Pop Art :iconsensum:sensum 38 11 Solid ASCII Art Tutorial by jSepia Solid ASCII Art Tutorial :iconjsepia:jSepia 48 37
Innenwelt :iconrawimage:rawimage 22 28
Rei Ayanami ASCII 3 by PsyBear Rei Ayanami ASCII 3 :iconpsybear:PsyBear 22 6
Howdy! (Undertale ascii)
Howdy!  It's me, Flowey!  Flowey the flower!
___        ___
                          It's ALL over!             (         ) (         )             Isn't that wonderful?!                
  __   ♥___\_/___♥    __  
/     -\/   \         /   \/-     \
                                Don't you GET it!?          (       ♥   |+|   |+|   ♥ 
:iconizzymarrie:IzzyMarrie 7 6
ASCII Art Attempt: Hitler by todellisus ASCII Art Attempt: Hitler :icontodellisus:todellisus 13 4 Julia at Awakenings by skylined Julia at Awakenings :iconskylined:skylined 9 2 AA - Hengen-Sennin Asuka by TakahashiMasaki AA - Hengen-Sennin Asuka :icontakahashimasaki:TakahashiMasaki 7 13 ASCII Game Boy Pocket by BLUEamnesiac ASCII Game Boy Pocket :iconblueamnesiac:BLUEamnesiac 21 3 Dr. House ascii by ibx93 Dr. House ascii :iconibx93:ibx93 16 5 ASCII Findomestic by Alboh ASCII Findomestic :iconalboh:Alboh 16 6 Adriana Lima fantasy bra ASCII by magXlander Adriana Lima fantasy bra ASCII :iconmagxlander:magXlander 39 8 ASCII NES by BLUEamnesiac ASCII NES :iconblueamnesiac:BLUEamnesiac 15 1 ROFLCOPTER by Yoshio-the-Hedgehog ROFLCOPTER :iconyoshio-the-hedgehog:Yoshio-the-Hedgehog 24 15 unix / guy ritchie ansii banner by siliconSwordz unix / guy ritchie ansii banner :iconsiliconswordz:siliconSwordz 13 5 ASCII Game Boy Color by BLUEamnesiac ASCII Game Boy Color :iconblueamnesiac:BLUEamnesiac 14 1 Sonic the Hedgehog ASCII by robinyu96 Sonic the Hedgehog ASCII :iconrobinyu96:robinyu96 15 4 Ascii Art Generator by veclock Ascii Art Generator :iconveclock:veclock 32 41 Master Sword 09112011 by BLUEamnesiac Master Sword 09112011 :iconblueamnesiac:BLUEamnesiac 12 6 MINI NINJA ASCII ART by fujihayabusa MINI NINJA ASCII ART :iconfujihayabusa:fujihayabusa 12 21 Squidward Tentacles by Anamansis Squidward Tentacles :iconanamansis:Anamansis 12 1 My budha by razr310 My budha :iconrazr310:razr310 12 6 Rei Ayanami ASCII 2 by PsyBear Rei Ayanami ASCII 2 :iconpsybear:PsyBear 12 0 APH - Alfred Camera Shot by emgee-chan APH - Alfred Camera Shot :iconemgee-chan:emgee-chan 90 41 Domo-kun_ascii_art by norwid Domo-kun_ascii_art :iconnorwid:norwid 12 4 APH - France + England by emgee-chan APH - France + England :iconemgee-chan:emgee-chan 105 7 ASCII Art Fox by GaussianCat ASCII Art Fox :icongaussiancat:GaussianCat 10 6 Gettin' Tired by Py-Bun Gettin' Tired :iconpy-bun:Py-Bun 67 12 good old days by s-bis good old days :icons-bis:s-bis 23 2 ASCII Game Boy by BLUEamnesiac ASCII Game Boy :iconblueamnesiac:BLUEamnesiac 29 21 APH - SuFin Chibis by emgee-chan APH - SuFin Chibis :iconemgee-chan:emgee-chan 39 12 My Devil Text Bunneh by Uthanasia My Devil Text Bunneh :iconuthanasia:Uthanasia 6 3 ASCII Art Animated Screensaver by 91maan90 ASCII Art Animated Screensaver :icon91maan90:91maan90 10 7 The Fall by ecto-plazm The Fall :iconecto-plazm:ecto-plazm 10 12