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England x Reader- The Arrangement
The skirts of your blue ball gown brushed against the marble floor as you descended the steps. At the bottom your father was talking to a young man you had never met. He had blond hair that was slightly slicked back, a few strands escaping.
Below his hair line he had the largest eyebrows you had ever seen, but they seemed to fit his face quite nicely. His eyes were the same green as the grass growing outside and when they met yours you smiled politely.
All in all the man was quite handsome. Your father's voice brought you out of your inspection of the man, "Awww _____. This is Duke Arthur Kirkland." The blond man bowed and you curtsied in response.
"It is a pleasure to meet you my Lady."
"And mine to meet you good sir." You had to keep everything formal as society dictated. You would have liked to greet him in a more personal manner but that would have been frowned upon.
"Arthur and myself were talking, and you have come of age to be Wed. Arthur's family is quite high up in society, he
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Crayon Soulmates
Dear Stars,
I have a bone to pick with you. You see, when I was six, I called myself the nowhere girl... and I coloured myself a soulmate. I made him on crumpled sheets, with broken pieces of crayon, on a playground that was too busy wondering whether growing up entailed stealing their mother's cigarettes and their father's dirty magazines (I suppose I was already wise enough to know that growing up meant choosing one of the many ways of breaking yourself in two.)
I hope you remember him, stars...he was important to me (My best friend threw that drawing away on my seventh birthday and told me that someone like me was not supposed to have such dreams.).
He had hair as ebony as deep onyx and a smile that never grew up (Peter Pan would have been proud).  He was magic in soul form, and smelled like cinnamon and the earth after it has rained. His eyes rivaled a lions on the best of his youth, his words were story shaped. His skin was an ink coloured canvas of wonder and even in crayon
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Love Me. Break Me. Destroy me.
Love me.
Class starts and ends and the bells rings with a shrill.
Maybe it won’t come today
And maybe it will
I grab my books and flee from the classroom
Our teacher calls and I run faster
I hear the footsteps growing loud
I hear the words leave your mouths
Faggot, Douche, Whore, Freak
Leave me alone and let me be.
Forget who I am and whoever once was
To you I’m not human now and I never was
Just because
I’m homosexual
A lesbian, a slut
In yours eyes I should go to hell and rot
I am not allowed to just be me
Whether I’m at home, school, or at the beach
I exit the doors of my high school, freedom at my wake
Only to realize the world is exactly the same
So I shall flee to the only place I will be safe
To the only arms that can negate the pain
In this world that hates us so
What have we done wrong
Other than let our love grow strong?
I Love Her
And She Loves me.
Hold me.
The skies are dark in the brush of the forest as we flee
Are we so willing to sacrifice our lives t
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Prince!Hong KongxPoor!Reader
“Um, excuse me…” you say as you push your way through the crowd of people, “I’m trying to get through…”
You tried your best to get through the busy crowd of people lining the streets; sadly most of the people seemed to pay you no heed.  Either that or they outright shoved you out of their way.  It wasn’t your fault your family had to live on the streets.  Your family was once one of the highest estates.  However, several years ago the kingdom fell on hard times, and your family suffered harshly for it.  You had lost your home and were living off of scraps on the streets.  Your clothes were mostly made of rags, and you had hardly a cent to your name. Needless to say, you weren’t well liked in the community, and people hardly noticed you.
Still, you held onto the fleeting hope that one day life would get better.  You weren’t sure how, but it should get better… somehow.  Of course,
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An Adventurous Type of Love. :iconuntamedunwanted:UntamedUnwanted 385 23
It's All Been Arranged
    The place is pretty rundown. One small, dirty fan light—an insect graveyard—provides the only source of light in the room. It casts a dim light on the piles of hoarded junk that line the bare concrete walls; they've been pushed to the side just for us. But junk or no junk, there's a surprising amount of space in here, even with the king-sized bed that stands in the room's center. It's almost an inviting sight after today's events, despite its broken springs and mystery stains. Sure it's not the honeymoon suite I'd been hoping for, but considering our honeymoon funds were "borrowed" for today's wedding, it's a miracle my husband and I have a bed tonight at all.
    How does the saying go? Beggars can't be choosers?
    Hands clasped, I start to rock back and forth on the balls of my feet like a giddy four-year-old, desperate to lighten the atmosphere. "Well, here we are!" I chirp.
    "Yes," my new husband replies, "yes, here we are.
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Constructive Criticism
"Tell me what you think."
"Of the poem?"
"No, of my face. Yes, the poem."
"I was going to say, because your face is just stupid."
"Very funny. Read."
"What did you think?"
"Why did you write this?"
"I wrote it for you."
"For me?"
"You make me self conscious when you say things like that."
"I know."
"I'm not worth this you know."
"What does that mean?"
"I am half a girl, and I deserve half a poem."
"That is not true, and you still haven't told me what you really thought about it."
"It's as broken and complex and half hearted as a sad song about the way you feel ink trail between your fingers like it's blood. There is no reason for it, it's the kind of beautiful that is there just for being there. It happened, it's a moment in time forever frozen and to be remembered in a way that candles that burn in holy places should be. It's a forever, all by itself- Why are you looking at me like that?"
"Because you believe you deserve half a poem."
"I do. I am too damaged and broken an
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Mangekyou-ItaSaku Ch 1
                                                               Chapter I
                                                                      He knew
Eighteen years prior, Konoha hospital

Uchiha Itachi sat in the hospital with his parents, waiting for something which he did not know what it was. It disturbed him, but the reas
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Red Rose :iconuntamedunwanted:UntamedUnwanted 208 20 Kaleidoscope :icontuesdaysangel:Tuesdaysangel 160 50 Catch the Light :iconuntamedunwanted:UntamedUnwanted 159 19 Sheik :iconroukiz:Roukiz 354 33 Prayer :icontavenerscholar:TavenerScholar 58 8
Once Upon a London Night
Harvey Taylor was no man for fancy parties. In fact, he didn't belong anywhere near the ballroom, nor in the kitchen below. He belonged in a stable with the horses that pulled his carriage around.  Yet, there he was, in the middle of a ceremony to honor an Earl he'd never known, for deeds he hadn't heard of. 
He sipped on expensive champagne, and pretended to know the difference between it and the ale he savored in the slums, ate those little snacks they served, and complimented the cook. Although, if it was up to him, he'd punch the man in the face and spit the food out, but not tonight. Tonight was all about appearances.  
"Will, William? Is that you?"  
The soft feminine voice snapped him out of his thought and a small grin crossed his lips once his gaze met the young woman who curiously eyed him.  
"Ahh, yes, hello, who are you?" 
"Oh Will, you little jester." She chuckled
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Banshee meets Latro
     “If you think you’re gunna get close enough to pump my womb full’o your genes, think again!” The mare screeched.
      Hm. She was a feisty one, no doubt about that. She lashed her tail. The thin strands cut through the air like a whip. She bared her teeth and laid her ears back. The stallion stayed still, observing her with bored but perceptive eyes. Her snarling face softened, and her near-white eyes sparked with curiosity.
      “Why are you not afraid of me?” She had never encountered a stallion of his kind. Most horses were frightened by her looks alone. IF she bared her teeth or screamed, most all turned tail. But she didn’t seem to bother this one at all, and those strange colors…
     He shrugged.
     “Why should I be?” He asked nonchalantly. “Your markings aren’t anymore frighten
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Trying not to hate you- EnglandxReader
"Do you, _______take this man, Arthur Kirkland as your husband, to love him and to honor him, to nurture, serve and support him, in times of joy and in times of difficulty? Do you promise to remain by his side regardless of what trouble befalls you, and in the presence of temptation to forsake this love, do you promise to remain steadfast and true? Do you promise with all your heart and soul to honor this vow till death do you part?"
_______ wanted to say "I don't". This was wrong, so wrong! She didn't want this! She didn't love this man, she didn't even like him! She was in love with another man, for Christ's sake! She looked back at said person, Alfred, smiling happily in the crowd. Oh, if he only he knew…
No, him knowing wouldn't do any good. It would cause trouble. She had been forcefully engaged by her parents, and now she was getting married, and that was that. So ______ had no choice but to let her feelings remain secret…
This didn't mean she accepted Arthur t
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Here Lies Your Groom
This is about eight pages long, double spaced. Please notify me to any mistakes I might have made (typos, the way I worded something, misspellings, ect) by posting it as a comment, even if you think it sounds stupid. Thank you, and enjoy this horror story with the lights turned low...(Well, not really. It's bad to stare at a computer screen in the dark. But you know what I mean, right?)
Daylight broke through Lena’s window and forced open her sleepy eyes. The maid had already come and gone while she was asleep, and a stack of clean clothes awaited her in her drawers. Lena gathered herself and got dressed, as she did every morning, and began to walk downstairs to greet her mother, father, and older sister. It wasn’t until she crossed the balcony that she remembered what today was going to bring: The matchmaker was going to give her sister Tanya to a bridegroom.
Lena had mixed feelings about Tanya’s marriage. It was tradition in Russia that young girls be wed to
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Marriage Rose - Chapter 2
The car ride was silent between Jerome and I, only because I had my headphones in and stared out the window at the passing scenery.
I didn’t want to talk to him, or anybody, so it was a relief that I brought my Ipod in my bag instead of packed it away with my boom box.
I didn’t know how long we were sitting in the car, but it seemed like forever as I watched the scenery slowly change from my usual winter area, which was only dead with no snow, to the mountainous area with snow covered hills, with homes and their chimneys just chain smoking as it rose up into the sky.
The mountains were always beautiful covered in fluffy white snow, but in my predicament, I wasn’t too happy with the cold that I was being pushed into.
I wasn’t too interested in being in the cold some more, considering I was definitely a summer person, or from Hawaii anyway. Summer in Charlotte North Carolina was blistering, and so humid you could swim your way down the street.
The winters were freezin
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Marriage Rose - Chapter 1
People say that during your senior year, it's probably one of the easiest years in high school, if you don’t count the stress of college and scholarships and such.
I definitely beg to differ. Any one would trade their life for someone else's if they had my parents.
My names Alice Beauty, and everything was going well for me; I had a wonderful boyfriend named David, and my grades were flawless for a senior, and lastly, I had gained the Valedictorian award at school.
Everything really was perfect, until my parents dropped the note this morning that I was to be wed to a guy I didn’t even know! This is like some sick and twisted arranged marriage story some teenager wrote for the sheer fun of it!
So here I am, sitting in my room, which is now empty except for the boxes in which all of my things were packed in and my mattress and frame. Why does this have to happen to me? I didn’t want to marry some guy I don’t even know, and I'm sure he's a complete waste of my time.
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Lazy Days :iconshadowelve:Shadowelve 64 6 Arranged Marriage :icondreamlandcody:dreamlandcody 166 49 : Princess Atherial : :icontheophilia:Theophilia 96 68 Arranged :iconcreativemikey:creativemikey 50 22 Royal Crush :iconartoveli:Artoveli 67 49
Romano X Reader Arranged Marriage Part 1
Romano X Reader Arranged Marrige
"I HATE YOU YOU DAMN TOMATO-BASTARDO!!" Lovino screamed in rage as he furiously stomped up-stairs and practically threw his door shut. He was so angry,apparently, since his older brother, Antonio's job wasn't making enough money, he was now being forced into an arranged marriage with Antonio's, boss's daughter! He didn't even know the stupid Ragazza!! He flopped down on his bed, face down,  not wanting to think of his up-coming future with some chick.
"I told you, It's not my fault!! My Boss knows how tough times are for us and this is a great opportunity Lovi!!" Antonio snapped back trying to prove his point. He knew
his younger brother wouldn't take this news so lightly. But, It was their only escape from poverty, and He had somehow managed to convince his boss, to marry off his
daughter (Your Name) to Lovino so that Antonio would then have half ownership of his boss' company and wouldn't be poor anymore.
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9x39mm wallpaper1 :iconmatejmo:MatejMo 24 7 Arranged Marriage :iconshabazik:Shabazik 82 92 20160910-Art-Rage-Garden-Burst-v006-sig-v01 :iconquasihedron:quasihedron 25 27
Trying not to hate you EnglandxReader part 2
________ woke up first the next day. Gazing at the clock, she saw it was only 7:09, so she shut eyes once more.
They shot open immediately when she felt arms around her waist.
"A-arthur?" She whispered, not really trying to wake him.
Arthur merely grumbled in response and pulled _______ closer to him, his warm breath on her neck. She shuddered at the feeling.
Oh, and the fact that he had morning wood wasn't really helping either.
Why are you conspiring against me, universe? She wondered as she felt her resolve to slip out of his grasp slowly slipping away. Just as she was about to give in, she heard a gasp from behind her and the warmth left her.
"What the hell?!"
His screaming was enough to break her out of her whatever trance she was in.
"T-that's what I should be asking you!"
"I don't know how that happened!"
"Surrrre  you don't!"
"I- I don't!  I swear!"
"Whatever." She got of bed and made her way to the couch.
"What are you doing?"
"Sleeping on the couch so what
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Trying not to hate you EnglandxReader part 8
One year later...
"Come on…"
"Absolutely not."
"Won't you at least consider it?"
"Damn it Arthur, no means no!"
"Well why the bloody hell not?!"
This was the basic formula for the conversations __________ and Arthur had been having recently. What exactly were they arguing about?
"A baby's a lot of responsibility. It's not like a pet, we have to pay for diapers, food, 18 years of school later on… I just think we should make sure we're taken care of first before we take such a big step forward."
Yep, they were arguing about having a baby. The experience was something Arthur was really looking forward to, but ________ was a little less than eager.
Arthur sighed. "How long do you think that's going to take?"
"I don't know. A few years maybe?"
__________ shrugged. "Sorry."
He frowned. "Alright, cut the crap _________. What's the real reason you don't want to have a baby?"
She turned her head, confused. "What are you talking about? Those all were the real rea
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Romano X Reader Arranged Marriage Part 2
Romano X Reader Arranged Marriage Part 2
Meanwhile, this same news was being told to (Your Name).
She was taking the news better than Lovino, the man she just found out existed and was now
engaged to him, but still she wasn't as "excited" or "happy" as her parents wanted her to be.
(Your Name) was in the kitchen, sitting at their dining room table. You were previously called out of your bedroom to come and hear some "Life changing news".
You stared at your mom and dad, eyes widening with shock, witch your parents mistook for surprise.
"M-mom? Dad? Are you serious?" you faintly said, looking at the wide grin form on your mothers face.
"Yes Sweetie!! We know how much you love to keep to yourself, since you don't date much and figured that this was a wonderful opportunity from god! So we took it!!" your mom excitedly babbled, while your father stood with his hands on your moms shoulders, while nodding happily.
"N-no." You stated blankly, your blank stare shifted towards their tiled kitche
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Trying not to hate you EnglandxReader part 6
Arthur clutched his chest. She… she was in love with someone else? He ran back to the house, trying to hold back tears of his own.
"Damn it," He cursed. "Just when I thought we could get along, she has to go and do something stupid like this!"
His heart continued to sink. But then something occurred to him…
Why was he so bothered by this? Just because she liked someone else didn't mean they couldn't be friends, right? And since he was with someone now, it wasn't like she could cheat on him. So why did it upset him that she had feelings for another man?
It was then that he realized he had fallen for ___________.  God knows why, but he had. He loved that crazy, irritating, rude, wonderful, beautiful, incredible girl.
And she didn't love him.
His heart hurt even more as thought back on the earlier events of today, how she had lead him on.  How dare she play with his emotions with that?! He punched a wall in anger.
"Damn her… damn her for making me feel this way…"
Back on her spot on the r
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