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Dragon Army by Inna-Vjuzhanina Dragon Army :iconinna-vjuzhanina:Inna-Vjuzhanina 702 87 ASBA by Shimmering-Sword ASBA :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 1,222 172 M15 Wolf by Ergrassa M15 Wolf :iconergrassa:Ergrassa 350 16 IDW - Main Battle Tank by Hideyoshi IDW - Main Battle Tank :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 1,137 98
AmericaxReader - Soldier's Daughter
October 15th  
I sat on the floor against the wall, my legs drawn to my chest. I hadn't slept that night; my mind was just too full of thoughts to rest. I spent most of the night tossing and turning in bed, but I gave up on trying to sleep at around four.
It was a little after seven when I heard footsteps outside my door. They were heavy, as if weighed down by some force, but they made an effort to suppress their noise. I crawled away from the wall and reached for the door, opening it as quietly as I could. I had only opened it enough to fit my head through, but I could still hear—not that there was anything to hear.
The footsteps traveled downstairs and headed toward the kitchen. The fridge opened, and a few seconds later I heard someone taking a bite out of an apple.
I sighed, suddenly finding myself shaking. This was it. Today was the day.
I opened the door a little wider and slipped out. I walked silently down the hallway and stairs. When I reached the bott
:iconravens-of-rome:Ravens-of-Rome 446 166
Heavy Armor Float - TANK Rev2 by eRe4s3r Heavy Armor Float - TANK Rev2 :iconere4s3r:eRe4s3r 604 63 Darkness Is Best Discerned.. by Shimmering-Sword Darkness Is Best Discerned.. :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 1,479 231 M15a Wolf-2 Modified by Ergrassa M15a Wolf-2 Modified :iconergrassa:Ergrassa 296 18 SCAR variant 09 clr by triatholisk SCAR variant 09 clr :icontriatholisk:triatholisk 428 23 'Panzer Halten' by DarkCloak 'Panzer Halten' :icondarkcloak:DarkCloak 1,185 352 Contact - Infantry bot by Shimmering-Sword Contact - Infantry bot :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 451 121 Hover Tank - 'Float' by eRe4s3r Hover Tank - 'Float' :iconere4s3r:eRe4s3r 321 36 school uniforms 3rd edition by NeonGenesisEVARei school uniforms 3rd edition :iconneongenesisevarei:NeonGenesisEVARei 1,633 92 Chopper by TheUncannyKen Chopper :icontheuncannyken:TheUncannyKen 458 31 futuristic soldier by triatholisk futuristic soldier :icontriatholisk:triatholisk 404 23 Army Vehicle by TheUncannyKen Army Vehicle :icontheuncannyken:TheUncannyKen 599 27 Veronika Winters by sbalac Veronika Winters :iconsbalac:sbalac 1,628 82 Flippy's New Look by WarGreymon43 Flippy's New Look :iconwargreymon43:WarGreymon43 1,287 234 Low Light by NDTwoFives Low Light :iconndtwofives:NDTwoFives 263 46 rest by triatholisk rest :icontriatholisk:triatholisk 283 19 FLAK Assault Suit by Shimmering-Sword FLAK Assault Suit :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 899 109 Lillian PC-8302 by sbalac Lillian PC-8302 :iconsbalac:sbalac 828 21 Inspiring STOCK Example XX by PhelanDavion Inspiring STOCK Example XX :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 845 13 Night Raid by NDTwoFives Night Raid :iconndtwofives:NDTwoFives 247 97 Gas Mask with Respirator Stock by XerStock Gas Mask with Respirator Stock :iconxerstock:XerStock 162 70 Heavy Battle Mech by Shimmering-Sword Heavy Battle Mech :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 293 48 Training Day II by R3ality66 Training Day II :iconr3ality66:R3ality66 991 134 UNPD Battle Suits by BrittanyWillows UNPD Battle Suits :iconbrittanywillows:BrittanyWillows 170 21 Hyper G One - Confrontation by Hideyoshi Hyper G One - Confrontation :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 732 91 Specialist Soldier by Shimmering-Sword Specialist Soldier :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 526 85 Lelu the Starship Mechanic by sbalac Lelu the Starship Mechanic :iconsbalac:sbalac 291 12 This is war by la-esmeralda This is war :iconla-esmeralda:la-esmeralda 587 87 Grey Knight Chaplain by Khantian Grey Knight Chaplain :iconkhantian:Khantian 848 146 Ares Cerberus trooper by LasloLF Ares Cerberus trooper :iconlaslolf:LasloLF 364 33 USUK - fireside by TechnoRanma USUK - fireside :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 1,842 129 Frag League: Backdrop by AdamBurn Frag League: Backdrop :iconadamburn:AdamBurn 871 49 ARES by LasloLF ARES :iconlaslolf:LasloLF 1,556 46 Sonya Blade - Mortal Kombat by FireLilyCosplay Sonya Blade - Mortal Kombat :iconfirelilycosplay:FireLilyCosplay 220 62 God amongst men by LasloLF God amongst men :iconlaslolf:LasloLF 1,388 30 BioMecha Redraw by Shimmering-Sword BioMecha Redraw :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 293 30 United by triatholisk United :icontriatholisk:triatholisk 241 19 Transformer 4 - Unofficial Art by aiiven Transformer 4 - Unofficial Art :iconaiiven:aiiven 374 79 Mechattack by TheUncannyKen Mechattack :icontheuncannyken:TheUncannyKen 385 15 Light Is Best Seen.. by Shimmering-Sword Light Is Best Seen.. :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 511 120 Urban Attack by wiredgear Urban Attack :iconwiredgear:wiredgear 581 62 Enai Nomardih troopers by LasloLF Enai Nomardih troopers :iconlaslolf:LasloLF 1,123 112 BreadBaker Sorceress and her many Doughboys by HEARTZMD BreadBaker Sorceress and her many Doughboys :iconheartzmd:HEARTZMD 818 48 army by Loopydave army :iconloopydave:Loopydave 708 50 US Army Tanks 1917-2012 Poster by sfreeman421 US Army Tanks 1917-2012 Poster :iconsfreeman421:sfreeman421 161 37