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The Straw Man Argument by kevinbolk The Straw Man Argument :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 1,577 699 Dash Academy 3- Crash Course 6 by SorcerusHorserus Dash Academy 3- Crash Course 6 :iconsorcerushorserus:SorcerusHorserus 1,575 615
This deviation may or may not contain material that offends you or your beliefs. Read the whole thing first and then comment if you want.
Okay, so I will now write about religion. The religion I am most familiar with (and the one everyone shoves down my throat) is Christianity. I am NOT against Christianity, actually. I am completely okay with talking and being friends with people who are Christians. However, it seems that once you tell them you are an atheist, some of them think you are a horrible Satan-worshipper and they try to 'fix' you. I realize that not all Christians are like that. I have some Christian friends that are fine with people not believing in a deity. These are things that Christians have said (the ones that push religion down your throat). I am writing this from an atheist's point of view.
1.) You don't believe in God? You're going to Hell.
     First off, telling someone who is an atheist that they are going to Hell is rea
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Forgive and Forget by Zombiesmile Forgive and Forget :iconzombiesmile:Zombiesmile 9,895 561 anthro and furry by reaper-neko anthro and furry :iconreaper-neko:reaper-neko 709 373 GND82 -  Miscommunications by Pika-la-Cynique GND82 - Miscommunications :iconpika-la-cynique:Pika-la-Cynique 1,529 527
St. Valentine's Day
He left today.
The fourteenth of February.
A celebration of love turned sour
The roses wilting on the path
Around your numb bare feet
As you sit, trembling, disbelieving
Clutching at your heart.
How did it end like this?
Disagreement, anger and tears
And an indigo bruise upon your arm
Mind flicking through the memories
That he just stole away.
Your paper dreams in tatters
Torn butterflies on the breeze
Sodden with the sky's cold tears
Beating out their harsh melody
Upon your fragile roof.
   Drip, drop.
               Time stops.
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NorwayxReader: Onii-chan
"Come on Ice, call me onii-chan," said Norway with his usual poker face. "Repeat after me, o-nii-chan."
You groaned, this was the usual argument between the two brothers. "Ice please, you know he'll never stop until you do it."
Iceland shook his head, "Stop it, you're annoying our guest."
"__________ doesn't mind it, do you ____________?"
Not knowing how to respond without being rude, you opened your mouth then shut it and groaned letting your forehead hit the table.
"She does," said Iceland bluntly.
Norway frowned and poked you gently. You looked up revealing the red mark on your forehead from hitting the table. "Do you ____________?"
You sighed searching for the most diplomatic answer, "I don't like it when you guys argue. It's just not worth it."
"Don't you think that Iceland should call me onii-chan?"
You groaned and let your face fall to the table again. After about a half hour of arguing with Iceland, things got quiet. You could hear faint whispers then Iceland left you and Norwa
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The Prejudice + Power Irony by brentcherry The Prejudice + Power Irony :iconbrentcherry:brentcherry 385 302
Jak: The Beast Revealed
The Beast Revealed
”You want what?”
Keira crossed her arms and stuck her lip out defiantly.
“I want to see your dark side.” she repeated, her voice and gaze even as she stared at Jak, who stood in the doorway of his room, struck speechless.
The hero blinked and shook his head, as if testing if he was awake, before focusing on her face again. After another moment of staring, Jak turned away, busying his hands with shucking his racing jacket.
“Keira, it’s… It’s not a good idea.” he said over his shoulder, avoiding her eyes.  “You got no idea what it’s like.”
“That’s why I have to see it!”
Her sudden vehemence caused his head to snap up and his eyes to lock on hers.
“Jak, that’s exactly it, I don’t understand.” she explained in a softer tone as she stepped towards him, suddenly feeling like she was trying to gentle some skittish beast that might bolt at any wrong movement.
Or sp
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Missed details by STelari Missed details :iconstelari:STelari 850 123 Gamera for Legrandzilla by sarcophagus6 Gamera for Legrandzilla :iconsarcophagus6:sarcophagus6 538 120 Feminism - Equality? Or Hypocrisy? by brentcherry Feminism - Equality? Or Hypocrisy? :iconbrentcherry:brentcherry 141 202 GND30 - Hangover, 3 and final by Pika-la-Cynique GND30 - Hangover, 3 and final :iconpika-la-cynique:Pika-la-Cynique 1,030 216 Couple Argument 02 by Null-Entity Couple Argument 02 :iconnull-entity:Null-Entity 516 120 Mexican Wolf Stock 17: Snarling by HOTNStock Mexican Wolf Stock 17: Snarling :iconhotnstock:HOTNStock 441 40 No Parking! by HeliacWolf No Parking! :iconheliacwolf:HeliacWolf 849 94 Disputes by BrokenTeapot Disputes :iconbrokenteapot:BrokenTeapot 938 271
How to Win an Argument
Everyone gets into arguments at some point in their life. Electronic communication receptacles are no exception. If anything, one is more -likely- to find that it is easier to become embroiled in an online argument than anything else.
1. CAP THAT If there's one sure-fire way to make a point stronger, it's typing in ALL CAPS. Considering that there are many instances when sound can't travel over the net, one must find the next best available way to be heard. This "next best" way is through "shouting," which just happens to be done online through typing in CAPS. Just like screaming, shouting, and general tantrum-throwing in real life, this method is a highly efficient method of making sure that your point gets across and makes you seem ten thousand times more valid and understandable. Additionally, it makes your argument come on more forcefully and shows the opposition you mean "serious fucking shit" with your side of things.
After all, loud noises work with dogs and small
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I dance in clown shoes.
You compose your conversations.
Fitfully gesturing with whatever you hold,
ending arguments with a flourish.
Make a point, now whirl, quickly.
Make it impossible to counter with your unpunctuation.
You duck and weave, spin, sidestep, pirouette:
One, two, one, two, faster, harder, stronger.
You leave me confused and two steps back,
just far enough behind to appear lost and unsure.
And if I catch up, if I make a point,
you spin again, a trail of words falling like pixie dust
as you make your escape.
And as you storm out, you slam the period behind you,
Ending your sentence with a door.
And I must follow you, my thuds down the stairs preceding my statement,
trying to catch up before the page break.
Now I capitalize a W, and follow with an a, i, t.
And you pause, spin, speak, gesture, spin, continue.
A waltz to counter my four-four.
You don't dance your words-
you speak a dance.
You speak a dance Baryshnikov couldn't follow.
You rapidly reverse the rhythm,
changing tempo in a blur of sound
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Fragile moment by gonedreamer Fragile moment :icongonedreamer:gonedreamer 2,023 408 The Six Animorphs by shoomlah The Six Animorphs :iconshoomlah:shoomlah 1,297 200 Reminder by kevinbolk Reminder :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 943 141
the way you talk - KakuHidan
WARNING: Extremely pointless KakuHidan fluff. Yaoi, but lacking limes and lemons. ^^
The way you talk
I wonder what he’s doing again. He’s sitting at his desk, eyes glued to some papers in front of him.
“Kuzu?”, I ask quietly, but loud enough for him to hear me.
I’d love to glomp him from behind, but I know how much he hates being touched when he’s working. So I sit down onto the bed and stare at his back instead.
He seems to be so busy he hasn’t even heard his name.
“Kuuuzu”, I start another try, louder this time.
He lifts his head and stares out of the window, obviously thinking about something.
Damn, I can’t stand him being like this. He heard me, I know he did.
“Kuuuzuuu”, I drawl again.
He sighs and bends his head down again, scribbling something on his papers. Now I’d love to throw something at him, but I can’t find anything.
“Kakuuuzuuu”, I address him by his full name now, and to my su
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Political Discourse [Pose Ref for Drawing] by SenshiStock Political Discourse [Pose Ref for Drawing] :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 256 23 Push Pull 2 - Pose Reference by SenshiStock Push Pull 2 - Pose Reference :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 713 16 Antithesis by Wildweasel339 Antithesis :iconwildweasel339:Wildweasel339 884 68 Argument in the Council by Concept-Art-House Argument in the Council :iconconcept-art-house:Concept-Art-House 239 6
Frustrated Christian
Sometimes Christians baffle me.  I'm talking about a very specific group of Christians... a group that is much more prevalent and numerous than I want to believe.  They want to draw souls to themselves, but they sneer and spit poison when they think no one was listening.  They dominate the charity scene, but they pick and choose which people are deserving of their help.  Not content to just cling to their faith, they choose to cling just as tightly to their behaviors, insisting that God is leading them so their behavior is right, no matter what anyone says.  If any of these describe you, my message is for you.
You are sent to mirror the image of God to the people of earth.  Is that what you want people to think God is like?  Do you want people to think God is a back-biter who gleefully jeers about the "bad" people among his elite followers and friends?  Do you want people to think that He only picks people
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Mavis/Johnny - Trouble in Paradise
The sunbeams glowed pink and purple as the sun itself dipped just below the horizon. Mavis lowered her parasol and admired the view. Palm trees blew softly in the wind and sand glimmered white between their toes. Johnny had given her her dream. Finally, after all these months of travel, they had made it. Hawaii.
"Mmm-hmm?" he nuzzled into her shoulder.
"I have something I want to ask you."
He sat up straight, disconnecting from her physically so that he could look at her, but keeping his fingers tight around her own. "Yeah?"
"We've been together for a long time. Through thick and thin, we've had our struggles, but somehow they only made us stronger."
He squeezed her hand and smiled. "Yeah?"
"You mean more to me than anyone in the world. You're my zing, my soulmate, and I want to spend every day together for as long as we possibly can."
She slid off of the log they were sitting on and into the sand, bending down on one knee, never letting go of his hand. "Jonathan, will you ma
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Domination by Khalliysgraphy Domination :iconkhalliysgraphy:Khalliysgraphy 329 14 The Prejudice + Power Irony II by brentcherry The Prejudice + Power Irony II :iconbrentcherry:brentcherry 59 46 TeeN'EEE || Edd x Eddy by Blookarot TeeN'EEE || Edd x Eddy :iconblookarot:Blookarot 507 31 Short Temper by xKoday Short Temper :iconxkoday:xKoday 527 55 LotN pg 10 by DawnFrost LotN pg 10 :icondawnfrost:DawnFrost 454 108
Sabriel: Argument
Sam threw his beer bottle down, and it shattered noisily on the hard floor of the hotel room. "God dammit, Gabriel, I'm a grown man, I can take care of myself!"
Gabriel angled his head down, glaring up at Sam but otherwise keeping his cool. The look displayed a kind of predatory power that reminded Sam just who Gabriel was, but the hunter didn't dare let his own hard expression waver. "You could have died," the archangel insisted, sounding calm despite the fear and anger roiling in his stomach.
"You could have brought me back." Sam sounded softer, just slightly, because now he realized Gabriel was only worried.
"I'm cut off from the healing mojo since the last time I brought you back. Apparently heaven is sick of me saving the Winchesters' asses."
Sam was still standing with his hands balled into fists, he had yet to actually calm down. "I can still take care of myself-"
"No you can't, Sam!" Gabriel snapped, suddenly angrier. "You're reckless! I'm not even sure if
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No, I'm the Dragonborn! by TuftedEars No, I'm the Dragonborn! :icontuftedears:TuftedEars 262 60
"Remind me again, why are we studying the outside of a police box?" John Watson questioned, getting a tad impatient with Sherlock Holmes "enigmatic" ways; for once he would love it if he were simply told the reasons for why they were doing something before that something actually occurred.
"This isn't normal." He responded, cryptic as usual as he examined the phone with careful concentration. Before the doctor could inquire what wasn't normal the detective had already started speaking. "This box is made in the 1960s style which makes it at least, what? 42 years? However the paint is at most two years. Of course that could simply mean it is kept in good order but then there's the phone."
"The phone?"
"Yes the phone, it isn't working- no... it's never worked. If it had simply been disconnected then there would be no abnormality... but the wires aren't in the right order so it wasn't created to work. There is also the rain, according to reports it only stopped raining roughly an hour ago
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IZ. Louder Than Words by AngelNocturne IZ. Louder Than Words :iconangelnocturne:AngelNocturne 264 58 Quarrelers by Kezrek Quarrelers :iconkezrek:Kezrek 594 62
True strength
The definition of strength varies among people.
Some people believe that strength comes from being superior.
Winning all the time, making others lose, pointing their weaknesses, and condescending them.  
They believe that strength comes from how much they don't fall.
But a true strength is not determined by how much weakness they don't have.
It's determined by their strength to embrace and accept their weaknesses.
There is nothing wrong with being weak or wrong, or not knowing something.
Because what really matters is how they acknowledge and accept these weaknesses and strive for improvement.
A show of ignorance or an offensive response is merely a cover over their desperate need to hide and deny their weaknesses.
It's easy to deny, to be seen strong. But they can't fight their inner desperation of such greed.
It takes a lot to accept. It takes true strength to admit mistakes, admit defeat, to overcome their inner desire to be superior.
It's okay to have weaknesses
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Proxy Brothers by TheRedDeathBringer Proxy Brothers :iconthereddeathbringer:TheRedDeathBringer 161 23 Pseudo Intellectuals by AmericanDreaming Pseudo Intellectuals :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 39 82 Tolerance, Respect, and Courtesy by AmericanDreaming Tolerance, Respect, and Courtesy :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 40 9