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The Perilous Pirate by melanneart The Perilous Pirate :iconmelanneart:melanneart 276 82 OMG - Watch that by TheUncle2k OMG - Watch that :icontheuncle2k:TheUncle2k 476 90 FUCKING BIKERS ARRRGHH by intenserageplz FUCKING BIKERS ARRRGHH :iconintenserageplz:intenserageplz 478 135 Predator the Deathdealer by cantas78 Predator the Deathdealer :iconcantas78:cantas78 295 23 Zombies by KAL1MAR1 Zombies :iconkal1mar1:KAL1MAR1 814 108 Predator Fan art last 2008 by cantas78 Predator Fan art last 2008 :iconcantas78:cantas78 149 83 Stillborn by Yoruko Stillborn :iconyoruko:Yoruko 311 51 Fanart - ARGH by Dragonith Fanart - ARGH :icondragonith:Dragonith 512 66 The Pirates Who Say Arrgh by Borruen The Pirates Who Say Arrgh :iconborruen:Borruen 569 98 You'll Never Understand by JMFenner91 You'll Never Understand :iconjmfenner91:JMFenner91 205 7 Run Away:Black Beast of Aaargh by Achird Run Away:Black Beast of Aaargh :iconachird:Achird 373 298
I see your little little ways
Of letting me know
You're still listening,
That you're still there...
And it hurts just as much
Every time.
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 18 26
Dangerous Hamster by klnie Dangerous Hamster :iconklnie:klnie 133 27 Predator -Queen by cantas78 Predator -Queen :iconcantas78:cantas78 450 86 Danvin/Mavin by pikmama Danvin/Mavin :iconpikmama:pikmama 409 53
from the star.
I tell myself I will tell her that I love her before
it's too late
. but not a moment sooner because
each time she doesn't sleep by midnight, neither
do I. each morning she doesn't get up on time,
we rush pell-mell to school only to be late, each
time I lose something she gives me and she says
it's fine even though I know that she knows
that I know she's hurt each time.
but each time that happens, this happens:
I remember what day she will go away, and
God, that puts me back where this all began.
back when she made me Ribena even though
it was her favourite drink too and it was the
last few drops of cordial. back when she told
all the jokes. back when she used to be my role
model, my fold-out bed, my fall-back-you'd
-better-catch-me. back when I told myself
all I need to be is just like her. but, look,
those dreams got old fast, and now all I want
to do is either punch her in the face or say I'm
sorry. those ideals never matched up with the
reality of how human she
:iconchoirsoftheheavens:choirsoftheheavens 19 13
THE SCREAAAGGGWHHMM by ED-Minstrel-Chief THE SCREAAAGGGWHHMM :iconed-minstrel-chief:ED-Minstrel-Chief 666 90 time for another job by Voxsound time for another job :iconvoxsound:Voxsound 290 151 OMG - Watch that -reverse- by TheUncle2k OMG - Watch that -reverse- :icontheuncle2k:TheUncle2k 120 25 Rely on Rickman by tysonhesse Rely on Rickman :icontysonhesse:tysonhesse 67 8 Dandool~ :stare: by Sarang-Lee Dandool~ :stare: :iconsarang-lee:Sarang-Lee 183 147 LEFT by Indae LEFT :iconindae:Indae 79 13 Mr. Know It All by Hakaishi Mr. Know It All :iconhakaishi:Hakaishi 289 27
things we forget.
we don't have
all the answers.
the difference between
a semi-colon and a full
taking joy in the silliest things like
standing with our arms mouth eyes
wide open in a thunderstorm and
having exactly the same line-length
for each line.
appreciating everything is the key to
finding meaning, staying happy and
enjoying life.
the contentment that comes from reading a really good book
for the whole afternoon, taking our time to savour each page.
[emb]racing change and ending up on top.
being okay with simply being.
giving everyone respect before
they do anything to deserve it.
the feeling we get when we give love away.
keeping all promises,
forgetting all grudges.
we are[;]
still so young.
:iconchoirsoftheheavens:choirsoftheheavens 13 21
So I baked a cake~ ^_~ by Sarang-Lee So I baked a cake~ ^_~ :iconsarang-lee:Sarang-Lee 111 237 Scared by AnnekaTran Scared :iconannekatran:AnnekaTran 72 16 Faraway by Miss-Shadow-Penguin Faraway :iconmiss-shadow-penguin:Miss-Shadow-Penguin 84 50 Better Close That Door by TestSubject227 Better Close That Door :icontestsubject227:TestSubject227 266 80 OPEN Pony Adoptables OPEN by Killveous OPEN Pony Adoptables OPEN :iconkillveous:Killveous 107 202 Predator the redhunter by cantas78 Predator the redhunter :iconcantas78:cantas78 71 5 Bleh by Nashimus Bleh :iconnashimus:Nashimus 217 41 ARGH by Alexander88 ARGH :iconalexander88:Alexander88 61 0 FLIGHT by STUDIOplink FLIGHT :iconstudioplink:STUDIOplink 640 142 BH 25 - 'The Boy Who Lived' by tysonhesse BH 25 - 'The Boy Who Lived' :icontysonhesse:tysonhesse 159 33 :ARRRGH: by dbestarchitect :ARRRGH: :icondbestarchitect:dbestarchitect 173 22 PewDiePie:BARRELS!!!! by IamMonday78 PewDiePie:BARRELS!!!! :iconiammonday78:IamMonday78 227 31 Water brooch by StephaniePride Water brooch :iconstephaniepride:StephaniePride 54 25 Predator Fan art last-2 2008 by cantas78 Predator Fan art last-2 2008 :iconcantas78:cantas78 101 18 Spawn vs Predator 2 by cantas78 Spawn vs Predator 2 :iconcantas78:cantas78 158 43 Boxer Hockey strip8 by tysonhesse Boxer Hockey strip8 :icontysonhesse:tysonhesse 300 39 Argh by AnnekaTran Argh :iconannekatran:AnnekaTran 99 11 Ship by Evash-Stock Ship :iconevash-stock:Evash-Stock 47 13
   never was
     never will be
                   what the fuck was i thinking.
:iconmeghan-solo:meghan-solo 13 20
once in a while, I get this dream;
we eat breakfast silently, side-by-side, looking out over a cliff that drops three feet beyond our window. I don't turn around when I say today is the day.
I run.
I run on.
I run away.
I run amok.
I run out of time.
I spent most of my time liking boys with names I hated and who knew how to pronounce complicated words like "adolescent" and "zeitgeist" and "cadence". in my mind, we would be the type that read e. e. cummings and pause at all the linebreaks, the kind that didn't like to exercise. we would hold hands and watch the world burn if it would make a good poem.
but you. you won't read poetry when it doesn't rhyme. you'd try convincing me to get out sometimes, explaining the concepts behind words like "metabolism" and "caloric counts" to persuade me from my writing table. you will be the one to change the world, and I want to be there when it happens.
"you talk very fast," you say instead of I'll never catch everything
:iconchoirsoftheheavens:choirsoftheheavens 11 13
Spidey vs Venom fanart -bam by cantas78 Spidey vs Venom fanart -bam :iconcantas78:cantas78 116 32 Underwater Fwendz. by EaselWeasel Underwater Fwendz. :iconeaselweasel:EaselWeasel 143 54 y not 2 make speling erors lol by Gabe27C y not 2 make speling erors lol :icongabe27c:Gabe27C 55 31