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Team Tastic - Pokemon Portrait by Sabtastic Team Tastic - Pokemon Portrait :iconsabtastic:Sabtastic 7,876 1,959 Fog 72 by lumibear Fog 72 :iconlumibear:lumibear 440 106 Ghost of the arena 2 by Hamsterfly Ghost of the arena 2 :iconhamsterfly:Hamsterfly 5,416 159 Aeolian vs. Lenia by wlop Aeolian vs. Lenia :iconwlop:wlop 11,727 333 The Legend by bowlersandtophats The Legend :iconbowlersandtophats:bowlersandtophats 6,325 832 Streamline concept-art : Overpass by Tohad Streamline concept-art : Overpass :icontohad:Tohad 742 17 Ghost of the Arena by Hamsterfly Ghost of the Arena :iconhamsterfly:Hamsterfly 6,997 344 Elven City Map by firedudewraith Elven City Map :iconfiredudewraith:firedudewraith 1,644 129 Arena by RavenseyeTravisLacey Arena :iconravenseyetravislacey:RavenseyeTravisLacey 500 5 Welcome to the ARENA by Mr--Jack Welcome to the ARENA :iconmr--jack:Mr--Jack 2,065 85 Clan Arena - Sniper concept01 by jimsvanberg Clan Arena - Sniper concept01 :iconjimsvanberg:jimsvanberg 921 55 Gladiator by ilkerserdar Gladiator :iconilkerserdar:ilkerserdar 588 21 Dwarven King-final by DiegoGisbertLlorens Dwarven King-final :icondiegogisbertllorens:DiegoGisbertLlorens 777 34 I'm not the one, Mako by sukieblackmore I'm not the one, Mako :iconsukieblackmore:sukieblackmore 170 45 To the Arena!! by KlausPillon To the Arena!! :iconklauspillon:KlausPillon 2,212 68 Fog 70 by lumibear Fog 70 :iconlumibear:lumibear 449 87 PLAYLIST 5 by Nanaga PLAYLIST 5 :iconnanaga:Nanaga 198 53 Saskia the Dragonslayer - The Witcher by Shappi Saskia the Dragonslayer - The Witcher :iconshappi:Shappi 802 94 Andolin Arena by TDSpiral Andolin Arena :icontdspiral:TDSpiral 488 16 CA Nano sniper by jimsvanberg CA Nano sniper :iconjimsvanberg:jimsvanberg 1,074 92 Kids on fire by martinacecilia Kids on fire :iconmartinacecilia:martinacecilia 1,838 113 sparrow by lpspalmer sparrow :iconlpspalmer:lpspalmer 2,296 424 Elevate08 by jermilex Elevate08 :iconjermilex:jermilex 1,229 235 Digital vs. Traditional by ForrestImel Digital vs. Traditional :iconforrestimel:ForrestImel 3,061 397 Arena by thomaswievegg Arena :iconthomaswievegg:thomaswievegg 698 48 Arena by givesnofuck Arena :icongivesnofuck:givesnofuck 378 57 Heavy Gear Assault - Arena concept by Hideyoshi Heavy Gear Assault - Arena concept :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 801 26 Fog 64 by lumibear Fog 64 :iconlumibear:lumibear 309 75 good luck for the fight... by MuzzaThePerv good luck for the fight... :iconmuzzatheperv:MuzzaThePerv 1,877 350 Master of Arena II by 88grzes Master of Arena II :icon88grzes:88grzes 897 38 Biomech Fighter- by XRobinGoodFellowX Biomech Fighter- :iconxrobingoodfellowx:XRobinGoodFellowX 384 12 Penguin Warrior (Advance) by Silverfox5213 Penguin Warrior (Advance) :iconsilverfox5213:Silverfox5213 2,604 91 Star Wars toy art 6 by jasonedmiston Star Wars toy art 6 :iconjasonedmiston:jasonedmiston 304 12 Saesenthessis - The Witcher by Shappi Saesenthessis - The Witcher :iconshappi:Shappi 340 33 MoriTuri Te Salutant II by Magolobo MoriTuri Te Salutant II :iconmagolobo:Magolobo 331 79 Star Wars toy art 8 by jasonedmiston Star Wars toy art 8 :iconjasonedmiston:jasonedmiston 180 11 OldPeople'n'Lines by GrandSpammer OldPeople'n'Lines :icongrandspammer:GrandSpammer 2,134 383 Determination by Grypwolf Determination :icongrypwolf:Grypwolf 2,266 105 My 4E202 Tamriel Provinces Map Stage 2 by Guyver89 My 4E202 Tamriel Provinces Map Stage 2 :iconguyver89:Guyver89 218 34 Fog 26 by lumibear Fog 26 :iconlumibear:lumibear 359 51 Thraex Centaur by Lizkay Thraex Centaur :iconlizkay:Lizkay 581 94 Arenum by Odobenus Arenum :iconodobenus:Odobenus 302 17 Forest Arena by jordangrimmer Forest Arena :iconjordangrimmer:jordangrimmer 1,025 21 Eye Tutorial by riefra Eye Tutorial :iconriefra:riefra 6,021 562 Fog 57 by lumibear Fog 57 :iconlumibear:lumibear 177 27 The arena by gregmks The arena :icongregmks:gregmks 443 34 Come on bitches !! by RamzyKamen Come on bitches !! :iconramzykamen:RamzyKamen 609 66
Persona 4: Arena Win Quotes
1: Looks like I won this time…
2: I can't stop now.
3: I should leave them be...
4: Calm down. You won't be able to win when you're that worked up.
Yu: Facing myself, hm…? It seems the time has come for me too.
Yosuke: The last time we went at each other was at the river… Haha, that brings back memories.
Yukiko: Her attacks were a lot more vicious than you'd expect… That was a close fight.
Teddie: I couldn't read his movements at all… I'll get tripped up if I underestimate him.
Naoto: If she was paying close attention to my moves, I'm not so sure I could win a second time…
Aigis: She has the same power of the Wild Card… This feels so strange…
Labrys: Make sure you take care of that Persona… It's your other self, after all.
Elizabeth: Could the younger sister Margaret mentioned be…?
1: Whew, it's finally over… Yikes, now that I'm out of danger, I gotta
:iconshinigamisparda:shinigamisparda 42 10
Industrial Cathedral by Matthias-Haker Industrial Cathedral :iconmatthias-haker:Matthias-Haker 642 37