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The Fantasy... :iconhelionn:helionn 325 177 DnD Map: The Templar Hill Fort :iconstormcrow135:Stormcrow135 235 11 Majora's Mask. the World and it's Moon. :iconflyingginger:FlyingGinger 133 25 [ Flufferbuns ] Blooming Woodlands :iconblushbun:blushbun 270 9 [ Flufferbuns ] Grassy Meadows :iconblushbun:blushbun 232 25 Destroying Angels :iconplastikstars:PlastikStars 571 68 Looking beyond :iconnightwibe:nightwibe 716 199 She had the saddest eyes :iconplastikstars:PlastikStars 493 38 Training :icontubbums32:tubbums32 211 55 Hidden areas :iconzardo:zardo 129 11
forever is now
And you're standing there
Watching the sun go down
I wanna be everywhere
If I'm feeling you around
We just get blended by the light
Looking at each other so blessed
Loving and holding  the one beside
Messing with our hair poorly-dressed
My heart  beats as loud as a thunder
And I'm hoping you can't hear it
Suns last ray's rising and going under
Your holding my hand in the heat
To keep this moment in my heart
I do everything for additional time
But don't force me to go back and restart
Can't stand to see you're not mine
Love's no logical thing my dear
And every beat of our hearts confirm
That hurt is made of a soul's tear
But it also shows the way to return
Is this lonely way a real life vision
When you just mean so much
To me and my way and every decision
Awaiting your smile, awaiting your touch
Imagine a world without you
Would mean imagine no sun
If so there is no life for me too
I would rather be shooted by a gun
So lets hold hands and stand still
To let this glim
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And I am
EVERYTHING you don't
want me to be
laced in warmth and social
happiness away from you,
dragonfly kisses to someone
who doesn't believe
in your mouthful of sarcasm,
your nerve tearing bites.
hounded by your anti-independence magnet
that reeks of control-freak syndrome.
if you really knew me you'd know how filthy i really am in your eyes. i don't repress my sexual attraction. i love the birds, i love the bees and the in-between.
and i'm not afraid of people ignoring gender when they are looking at
and i want to find me. i don't mind filling my belly and throat with buzzing warmth and letting loose a bit. i don't mind it so much as long as i don't become much like you once were.
angry and afraid.
i want to find me.
with people i am joy.
people open to the sun
that warms the earth, kisses the sky.
most of all
i want to taste the wind on my tongue when i leave.
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'Ain't no sunshine when she's gone..' :iconfunkybah:FunkyBah 77 14 'Suspension Bridge' :iconfunkybah:FunkyBah 81 7 omega :iconteh-chix0r:Teh-cHix0r 124 3 A colder place :iconaerococonut:aerococonut 115 29 Island Areas :iconrhysd:rhysd 91 40 the rainbow dragon :iconsolidsake:SolidSake 45 64
Areas of asgard and gods halls.
Place and areas of asgard:
"The well of fate." Home of the 3 norns and one of the three wells that feed a root of Yggdrasil. Called a lake in one text. Said the water there is so sacred if anything enters the water it turns pure white and says that's where swans got their whiteness.
"Home of Joy/bright home." the area of Asgard Odin lives in where the hall Valhalla is. Elsewhere described as a hall where the gods go to take council in Idavollr.
"splendour plain." Field where gods meet. Described as being where gods built their temples. Later is where Vidar and Vali return to after Ragnarok to rebuild and find the golden chess pieces of the gods and remember the fallen.
"Broad gleaming." Area where Baldr rules and where he built his hall. Said nothing unclean can enter.
"Strength field/Strength ho
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Syndra League of Legends (commission) :iconhotbento:hotbento 303 36 Free Stock: Flowers :icononistocke:Onistocke 45 24 GOD OF WAR :icondanytogob:danytogob 95 58 Maud Pie Rocks :iconamostheartman:AmostheArtman 379 46 Flemish silence areas VII :iconkrush:krush 69 42 'Be Fearless..' :iconfunkybah:FunkyBah 61 14 Windows 7 x64 as Leopard OSX :iconizzishor:IzzIsHOr 168 95 Flemish silence areas VI :iconkrush:krush 62 44 'Silence is better than bullshit.' :iconfunkybah:FunkyBah 33 17 Flemish silence areas X :iconkrush:krush 59 38 'Before the storm..' :iconfunkybah:FunkyBah 64 7 Proverb :iconggatz:ggatz 35 6 'Black and white' :iconfunkybah:FunkyBah 32 3 'Lighthouse' :iconfunkybah:FunkyBah 52 7 Flemish silence areas VIII :iconkrush:krush 48 32 'I refuse.. to die an unlived life.' :iconfunkybah:FunkyBah 54 6 Calm Yourself - Photo Manip :iconvyntresser:Vyntresser 39 37 Maximalistic Minimalism :iconmushroombrain:MushroomBrain 40 10 Dark Areas :iconjokebean:JOKEBEAN 124 45 COM: Maya The Dragon Warrior :icon0tacoon:0tacoon 39 15 fullbody practice 0.4 :iconace0fredspades:Ace0fredspades 61 28 You are as delicate as a flower. :iconmoirein:Moirein 43 8 CSS: Black Pack :iconmaskedvengeance:MaskedVengeance 37 46 Flemish silence areas IX :iconkrush:krush 49 23 Shanxi residential areas - cav :iconhiliuyun:hiliuyun 34 2