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Area 51
Dana and her best friend, Richy, ran through the desert as fast as they could.  The helicopters were moving fast and their search lights even faster.  It was the closest the due had ever come to actually getting inside of Area 51.
"Why...  why are...  why we...  we doing this?!"  Richy was barely able to ask the question between gasping breaths.
"Because!  There has to be...  something in there!"  Dana was smiling through her panic as the helicopter blades sounded closer.
"Of course there is!"  Richy gave Dana a stern look.  "It's an ARMY base!  There's probably lots of ARMY stuff in there!"  His flaring temper gave him a second wind, allowing him to speak clearer.
"Not just 'army' stuff Richy!"  Dana dove into a low ditch and covered herself in plants.  "Keep quiet, I'll explain later..."
Richy dove into the ditch next to her and tried t
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