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TMNT Raphael X Reader-Self Defence training
Raphael has always been a little over protective of you but it was his own way of saying he cared.  He secretly had a crush on you almost the moment you two met a few months back.  Ever since then, you've been coming over to the lair a few times a week and you've gotten pretty close to all of the turtles including Master Splinter.  Raphael didn't know it but you had a crush on him as well.  You honestly loved spending time with him even when he had one his tantrums.  When he asked you if you wanted to learn a few self defense techniques and of course you said yes.  For the past week, he took it upon himself to teach you a few self defense moves.
You two currently had the dojo to yourselves while Michelangelo and Leonardo played video games in the living room, Donatello was busy working on the shellraiser, and Master Splinter was in his room meditating.  Raphael stood a few feet in front of you as he began today's lesson.  
"Ok, let's say you're w
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TMNT Leo x Reader(2016) Ch. 1
TMNT Leo x Reader(2016)
Ch. 1
You were on your way back from your run on Central Park when all of a sudden you hear footsteps coming from behind you.. From what you could tell they sounded like three sets of big heavy boots, you could also smell cigarette smoke and the sound of chuckling and snickering. While keeping your nerves under control, you kept on walking until you made a sudden turn hoping get away and take a shortcut home. Nope… Instead you came into a completely dead end.
“Ah dammit… Just my luck.” You muttered to yourself.
“Awww… Looks like someone made a wrong turn and got herself lost.” You hear a deep voice call from behind you. “Give us all your money lady and we just might… Might let you live.”
You stared at the 3 guys coming towards you and immediately you noticed that each of them had a tattoo of a dragon on different parts of their bodies. That’s when you realized that you were cornered by members of
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