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Getting Closer-Apple Jack X Reader
Getting Closer
Apple Jack X Reader
  I drew my hoof over my forehead, swiftly swatting my bangs out of my (E/C) eyes as sweat dripped down my muzzle. The sweet scent of apples blew by in the breeze as I bucked once more and heard the successful thumps of them falling into baskets. Looking around, I noticed her watching me, winking at my accomplishment.
  We both sat down under one of the tall, sturdy trees to rest. It was turning to evening, the sun just about to dip into setting, our great and majestic Princess preparing a beautiful night for her beloved sister. And I didn’t want to be anywhere else as the red delicious colored sky turned behind the two of us.
  “Pretty, isn’t it?” She asked. I just hummed and nodded, not paying any attention to the sky at that moment.
  I didn’t expect to spend the entire day at Sweet Apple Acres, but I couldn’t turn a blind eye to friend’s plea earlier that morning. Apple Jack never was o
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Him Part 4
Applejack tossed, turned, and wanted sleep, but she couldn't drift off. Ever since she discovered what Fluttershy did, she was torn and what Big Mac told her was bothering her. She was beginning to question herself. Was she really in love with Fluttershy? Did their friendship even matter to her? She was always so proud of the fact that she would fight anypony right up to Celestia herself if  any one of her friends were hurt, but now that the chips are down and there were hard times ahead what did she do? She turned tail and ran. She knew that sleep wasn't going to happen tonight. She got up and walked over to her dresser where she kept her hat. The only tangible thing left to her by her father. Sure, she had memories, but the hat was something different. It gave her comfort when she needed it, and she certainly needed it now.
She reached for it and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She got a better look and saw the face of a coward. The face of a traitor stared back
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