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Kakashi x Reader It was you
You sat in a tree in the training grounds admiring the beautiful night sky, which tonight was decorated with more stars than any other night you had seen before. The soft moonlight cascaded down your skin as you sighed, releasing part of the stress that came with tomorrow’s events. Tomorrow you would take the test to become a full-fledged jonin but you were really nervous to say the least. Although you were confident in your skills and abilities, doubt still was able to invade your mind.
“What if I’m not cut out for this?” you asked yourself
“I’m barely 20 and sure Lady Hokage recommended me but…” You sighed “Maybe she was mistaken”
“I don’t think so Lady Hokage is almost never wrong” You knew that voice well
“Hmp! Kakashi- sensei didn’t anyone tell you it wrong to spy on your comrades?” The man who was two trees behind you came over and sat next to you.
“I was worried about you and we
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Rin Okumura X Reader One Shot-You're not a Monster
It was 6:00 A.M. sharp that you woke up this morning. You had gotten ready and prepared, a book of scriptures at one side and a bag of other supplies you thought you might have needed on your back. Now you were standing outside of Rin and Mr. Okumura’s dorm. It was pair mission day, a day where each exwire in class gets paired up with a fellow classmate and sent on a day-long mission. Pairs were given at random and somehow you ended up with Rin.
  Under normal circumstances you wouldn’t have minded at all, considering you had a crush on him since you first enrolled in the cram school at True Cross academy. However, a few days ago you learned first-hand of his special bloodline that he shared with Satan when he unsheathed his sword on a mission. Everybody in class seemed to already know about Rin’s relations, however you were oblivious. You ran away at first sight. Now that you looked back at it, you felt really bad. But you were terrified, and you still kind
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Rin Okumura X Reader You'll Never Be Lonely
You took a seat down in the now almost full classroom. Pulling out your books you gave a pleasured sigh as you pulled out a thin blue pen. The name “Okumura” was written on it’s side. This pen had been given to you the day before since you had forgotten to bring you own. However it had formerly belonged to, the one and only, Rin Okumura. The guy you had a crush on ever since you had first enrolled here at True Cross Academy and decided to attend the cram school in hopes of being in exorcist.
  However you weren’t on a very good start. Only a few weeks ago did you find out that Rin Okumura was actually the son of Satan, the father of all demons. The demons that you wanted to rid the world of.
Well Great.
But it wasn’t all that bad. Rin wasn’t anything like the stereotypical “demon”. He was really nice, and although he tended to leap before thinking, he really did care about protecting those he loved. You really loved those things
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Punishment (Mephisto x Reader)
Mephisto Pheles was always a very interesting person in your opinion.
Attractive yes, but very strange. You really didn't understand him at all. One day, he'd be kind (alright, in a way...), and the next he'd be a cocky asshole.
This happened to be one of those days. After you had accidentally slept in, you had been running to your classroom so you wouldn't be late, in a crowd of other running students, and Mephisto just so happened to only notice you and called you out. So now, here you are, late for class, standing in the deserted hallways with the headmaster of True Cross Academy, being scolded.
"Bull shit. There were tons of other people running around me, you ass!" You growled. Your arms were crossed, and an irritation was written all over your face.
"As far as I know, you were the only one running." You wanted to just punch the smirk that was plastered onto his face right off. "And I'm afraid you'll have to come with me back to my office now, for swearing not only on school groun
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Panties, Swords, and Flowers(Rin Okumura x Reader)
    You wet your lips, silently steaming. That pig headed, egotistical, elf-eared, dumb ass! You'd ring his neck if it was the last thing you'd do. You peevishly glared at the chalkboard, refusing to even look at him. Rin Okumura was going to pay.
    Rin, on the other hand, was equally pissed, for he saw the situation differently. You got him in trouble! If he was going to be scolded, he could get there all on his own, thank you. You were so nosey! That (Name) (Last) was a know it all.
    Yukio looked over his classroom with a weighted sigh. Those two had to be separated. Again. It was usually for a multitude of reasons. Rin copied (Name)'s test answers, (Name) would purposefully prove him wrong in conversation, and they both couldn't resist digging into each other (even for the smallest of faults). The young teacher was at his wits end. Even with Rin seated with Shiemi on the west end of the room, and (Name) paired with Izumo on the east,
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'Pervy stuff' ~ Amaimon x Reader
"Amaimon, why are you here?" You sigh out and rest your head in your hands, half in embarrassment that you were sitting on his lap in the middle of a park, half in awe of his bold exposure to the academy. "This is way to close to school for you. One of the other exorcists is going to see you if your not careful, you know?"
       The green haired demon rests his head on yours and lazily wraps his arm around your shoulders. "Hmm. It's not like they can hurt me."
  You raise one eyebrow at the green haired man. "Rin hurt you before, remember?" With a hiss, Amaimon's arms constricted around your body painfully and his head presses down on top of yours. "Amaimon!" You gasp out, and he loosens up immediately.
       "..." He doesn't say anything, he's not a person who would apologize outright, but you knew he felt a little bad for hurting you. "Don't bring him up again, _______."
       Amaimon went into battle like he was toy
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Sweeter Than Pocky - Amaimon x Reader
"Thanks for letting me borrow your textbook, Yukio." You said, tucking the book safely away in your shoulder bag.
"No problem. After all, you would still have yours if it weren't for Rin."
"Heh... yeah." You frowned in annoyance as you recalled Rin's most recent escapade that resulted in the destruction of your much needed textbook. "Anyway, thanks again. I'll return it as soon as exams are over, if that's okay with you?"
"There's no rush. Keep it for as long as you need to, [Name]." Yukio agreed politely with a smile.
Despite knowing the Okumura brothers since childhood, you still had a somewhat difficult time believing that Yukio was the younger of the two twins.
Yukio was always so mature, organized, and hardworking while Rin was care-free, relaxed, and pretty much the complete opposite of his brother.
But that was Rin. And you wouldn't want him any other way. That is, as long as none of your other textbooks had to suffer the consequences of being friends with him.
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Rin Okumura x Neko!Male!Reader -REQUEST-
You sighed, tired of digging through the garbage. Your paws were sore and you wanted nothing more than a warm, safe place to curl up. But your old home (an abandoned apartment building at True Cross Academy Town) had been demolished to make way for some new shops. So you were stuck on the street, alone and cold.
Standing up, you flicked your tail and began to walk out of the alley. Your (h/c) fur was beginning to get dirty and ragged, and you didn't like it one bit. Since you weren't watching where you were going, you stepped on a broken piece of glass. It cut your front left paw and made you yowl.
Limp-hopping, you hurried to a covered porch and began to lick your sore paw. Just great, you thought. And it looks like it's gonna rain, too.
You cursed your luck and allowed your ears to droop. Your mood was as bleak as the clouds looked right now. To add to your situation, the door to the house you were currently in front of opened, and a lady with a broom shooed you away. H
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Unanswered Questions (Yukio x Reader)
Yukio Okumura was a young man with a determined mind and body. He worked well in his classes and for his own class of students. He focused in his classes, was extremely athletic, and had a large fan base for single-and-ready-to-mingle girls. If it wasn't for his blood, he would've have the perfect life. He did, technically, have the perfect life.
But then she happened. It all started on the day she arrived. 
So little things happened, yet he was left with many questions. He hated the uncertainty.
"A-ah, excuse me...?" A timid voice called. Yukio felt the lightest touch of a poke on his shoulder. He turned. 
"Hello. Are you lost?" He asked, noticing her flustered state and quite obvious confusion.
She nodded. She handed him her schedule. He hummed.
"You are in my class. Lucky you." He smiled. She nodded. She quickly followed him.

Yukio felt weird after that.
"I'm name is (y/n) (l/n)! I am from (country)!" She said, slightly louder than she needed. Her face flushe
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