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The White Man's Burden
The White Man’s Burden: The United State and the Philistines (2017)
The only thing NOT ironic in this poem is the apology to Rudyard Kipling!
Take up the White Man’s burden, that ‘Racial Privilege’ course,
Sit there and take it while some nut screams in your ear ‘til hoarse.
Hear her say that you’ve got it good, and say you have it all,
And if she had her way (like Che!) she’d stand you by the wall.
Take up the White Man’s burden, your job quest gets no traction
You’ll never get that teaching slot, since ‘Affirmative Action’
Means you get punted from all hope, it’s best not to begin
The content of your character means less than hue of skin.
Take up the White Man’s burden, ‘honky cracker’ that you are.
Don’t let them know the insults hurt, infuriate and scar.
Don’t let them win the victory, though the temptation’s great:
A Fanatic finally becomes the thing he claims to hate.
:iconkajm:Kajm 12 7
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