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It could be argued that a quintessential aspect of American culture is obliviousness or indifference towards foreign cultures. This kind of ethnocentricity is particularly interesting because America, as such a young nation, is a homogenization of many of those outside cultures. Indeed it is perhaps even impossible to define "American culture" independent of the many different elements that have blended or clashed here since colonial times. Yet Americans by and large seem comfortably nested within a sort of cultural neutrality, a willful and blissful ignorance of the world around them. It is the reason why most Americans only speak English, whereas other nations either have more than one official language, or legally require their citizens to learn a second language.
I mention all of this not merely to criticize America but to create for the reader a better understanding of my environment, as it is vital to understanding the thesis of this paper. The greatest exception to the American
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Anime Girls from Another World TG - Part 2
Anime Girls from Another World
Part 2
She was still on my mind though as I made my way back to campus housing. While there weren’t many dormitories, especially with the limited enrollment on campus, a number of regular houses around were owned by the college and used as rented housing. The house I rented with three other roommates was smaller than my uncle’s house where I’d been living before but it was still plenty of room for me.
I didn’t need to use my key because the front door was already unlocked. After tossing my stuff on my bed, I found Allison in the living room sprawled out on the long couch against the wall, sleepily rubbing at his twitching nose.
When we first met over a year and half ago when I moved in, I thought for sure he was the younger sister of the roommate I was expecting. Flawless, soft skin. Airy, brown eyebrows. Thick, rippling brunette hair which flowed past his shoulder. A white t-shirt with a fringe of watercolor tul
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“Wake up, sleepy head! It’s time to go.”
The boy’s sister shakes him awake. The crow feathers tied into her hair tickle his nose and she laughs at him. He rubs his eyes and pulls himself up into a sitting position, blinking in the bright morning light pouring in through the mouth of the cave where the clan spent the night. The rest of the clan is already stirring, shouldering spears and baskets, preparing for the day’s hunting and gathering. He stands up, stretches, and yawns and his sister hands him a basket. He is not old enough to join the rest of the men and some of the sturdier women on the hunt, but he will be old enough soon and he looks forward to it. He follows his sister out of the cave, feeling the warm sun on his skin, and the cool morning breeze in his hair. The warm days have come again, freeing him and the clan of the cumbersome, smelly and lice-infested burden of clothes. He takes a few steps away from the mouth of the cave and squats to de
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Anime Girls from Another World TG - Part 1
Anime Girls from Another World
Part 1
“Before we begin the lecture, I want to direct everyone to the bold text at the top of your syllabus. And if you haven’t been able to print it off from my website yet, you can just read off the screen. All students will be required to spend at least twenty hours as ‘anime girls’ for full class credit.
I’d noticed the bold text before. I felt a shiver reading it again. I could hear some titters from the back of the room. Professor Brandt, who was sixty miles away from us but connected via video conference setup, could hear those titters through the live mic in the ceiling. She pushed her narrow, black-rimmed glasses up a bit and continued, “Now, I have listed alternative assignments for some of the course requirements but, really, the class is geared towards personal accounts and research. There’s really no class like this is that I know of and some of it may be outside your comfo
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Anime Girls from Another World TG - Part 4
Anime Girls from Another World
Part 4
The next few weeks went surprisingly quickly. I expected to be on pins and needles with tension about the countdown to the imitation devices but little distractions helped and also presented new tensions as well. Plus I had plenty of stuff to focus on in my other classes. I also discretely made sure my other professors were informed about my Kinrae-related class and what was going to happen.
Lissa took me home soon after we looked through her photo album. Once home, Allison leapt on me with wide eyes and excited questions. I told him the gist. He gave a little smile whenever I mentioned Quilla’s ninja outfit.
At the end, he immediately asked me, finger poised on his chin, “Sooo….why didn’t you kiss her?”
I coughed into the cup of water I’d been drinking. I had plenty to say about that. It was like a ‘rebound’ thing with Michael just recently gone. We were good friends. Quilla was r
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Anime Girls from Another World TG - Part 3
Anime Girls from Another World
Part 3
I would see Lissa again on Wednesday with the second class session, which had two less students on our side and three less on the other side (no one I knew). Let the attrition begin…
Lissa crept closer to chat with me during breaks and before class but she enjoyed the back row too much to give it up, same with me for the middle. The second class involved a lot of theoretical discussion, some accounts (in both written and video form) of the experience of the imitation device as well as plenty of precautionary notices, and a lot about “gender politics” as well as terms which verged into the abstract.
Not to say they weren’t explained but the explanations spiraled into other definitions which even seemed to cycle back on themselves. I leaned against the cushioned wall for a time and lazily jotted down notes. It wasn’t till towards the end of the long discussion that it was revealed we didn’t need to r
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