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Train Your Brain Semi-Finalists
In the Train Your Brain Contest, deviantART and The Art Department (TAD) challenged you to submit your work in one of the five disciplines offered by TAD: Illustration, Drawing and Painting, Animation, Entertainment 2D, and Entertainment 3D. Your assignments were reviewed by the world-renowned artists who teach as TAD faculty, and the grades are in! The following Semi-Finalists represent the top work chosen in each category. A final review will be made, and the 31 prize winners in each category will be announced shortly!
Be sure to head to TheArtDept for more information about TAD's programs and faculty! At TheArtDept, you'll find free lessons, in-depth sessions with award-winning instructors, and inspiring artwork created by TAD students and faculty alike. 
Congratulations to all!
:iconayame-kenoshi:Ayame-Kenoshi 171 525
Pokemon XY - Fennekin :iconyuzahunter:YuzaHunter 337 21
Sailor Moon: New Anime in 2013 (now w/video)
This is not a rumor!
It was officially announced that there will be a BRAND NEW Sailormoon Anime in Summer 2013!  The original Japanese VAs for Moon and Tuxy seem to be reprising their roles (based on the conversation in the event). We don't have much more detail, a letter from Naoko said she hopes we like the new series and she's happy to be making it. She said she's overwhelmed at the support the series still has and it makes her happy. She didn't think she could do something new but now she's happy she can bring them back!
They said the audience is intended to be the original fans of the show. It will be like a "powered up" of the original story, aimed at the good girls (and boys!) who grew up with the show. TOEI is doing it.
There was something in the announcement about it being released worldwide but we don't know the details. We do not know what this means as far as a possible English dub/sub. We don't yet know when/how this will reach a US market.
The new theme song is bein
:iconsakkysa:sakkysa 181 727
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