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Yoko Ritona by MortuaryMadness Yoko Ritona :iconmortuarymadness:MortuaryMadness 453 21 'Cheeky' Yoko by MortuaryMadness 'Cheeky' Yoko :iconmortuarymadness:MortuaryMadness 312 15 [A-kon 23] Best Brofist by CanineHybrid [A-kon 23] Best Brofist :iconcaninehybrid:CanineHybrid 8,403 536 Yoko Outside by MisaLynnCLP Yoko Outside :iconmisalynnclp:MisaLynnCLP 214 10 Turquoise Tentacle Bunch by KTOctopus Turquoise Tentacle Bunch :iconktoctopus:KTOctopus 1,725 111 Matsuri '08 by shirotsuki Matsuri '08 :iconshirotsuki:shirotsuki 5,333 415 Echiko Matsuri by meago Echiko Matsuri :iconmeago:meago 3,633 231 Yoko Ritona Cosplay by MortuaryMadness Yoko Ritona Cosplay :iconmortuarymadness:MortuaryMadness 253 16 Katsucon 2012 - 40 - Jessica Nigri - Sonya by greenjinjo Katsucon 2012 - 40 - Jessica Nigri - Sonya :icongreenjinjo:greenjinjo 223 10 KatsuCon - NBC | Jack by elysiagriffin KatsuCon - NBC | Jack :iconelysiagriffin:elysiagriffin 429 41 Yoko Outside 2 by MisaLynnCLP Yoko Outside 2 :iconmisalynnclp:MisaLynnCLP 166 13 Disney of the Dead by Kirst-Mizuhime Disney of the Dead :iconkirst-mizuhime:Kirst-Mizuhime 469 174 Invader Zim by Akatsuki--inc Invader Zim :iconakatsuki--inc:Akatsuki--inc 681 225 Katsucon 2012 - 26 - Jessica Nigri - Sonya Cosplay by greenjinjo Katsucon 2012 - 26 - Jessica Nigri - Sonya Cosplay :icongreenjinjo:greenjinjo 550 19 Katsucon 2012 - 27 - Jessica Nigri - Sonya Cosplay by greenjinjo Katsucon 2012 - 27 - Jessica Nigri - Sonya Cosplay :icongreenjinjo:greenjinjo 811 25 Get Some by TitanesqueCosplay Get Some :icontitanesquecosplay:TitanesqueCosplay 293 64 Sebastian Michaelis: Seduce by Maxieyi Sebastian Michaelis: Seduce :iconmaxieyi:Maxieyi 828 196 Face It Later by Caram3llo Face It Later :iconcaram3llo:Caram3llo 365 60 Goblin Queen 2 by Insane-Pencil Goblin Queen 2 :iconinsane-pencil:Insane-Pencil 963 59
TG Anime of You - Part 1
Anime of You – Part 1
“Neil…you gonna hang around the Dealer’s Room and stuff?”
Mayu poked me in the arm with her plush star.
“Yeah, I was thinking about a panel but I don’t want to miss the cosplay competition.” I gave her a smile.
With focused eyes, Mayu pointed her star. “You better not…for I will kiiiilll you…and then use my spell to resurrect you, only with cat ears.”
I grinned back and told her, “I’ll be there.”
Mayu had been working on her costume for this convention for weeks. She dyed her black hair just the right shade of red. She even dyed her sneakers.
She stretched her arms. She’d had butterflies all morning since dressing.
I reminded her she looked awesome in the glossy, clingy pink dress of her character and she stuck her tongue out at me.
I didn’t tell her that in my morning haze I’d completely forgotten the name of her character and which JRPG she was from.
I did say,
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Greg's Secret by AceroTiburon Greg's Secret :iconacerotiburon:AceroTiburon 3,067 480 Vic Mignogna has a mustache by OmegaGamer89 Vic Mignogna has a mustache :iconomegagamer89:OmegaGamer89 448 124 Ready...Aim... by MortuaryMadness Ready...Aim... :iconmortuarymadness:MortuaryMadness 198 7 Can't take them anywhere by AceroTiburon Can't take them anywhere :iconacerotiburon:AceroTiburon 2,963 561 glompy's convention by AceroTiburon glompy's convention :iconacerotiburon:AceroTiburon 4,019 1,193 Tifa Lockhart 25 by Insane-Pencil Tifa Lockhart 25 :iconinsane-pencil:Insane-Pencil 470 16 Catherine 4 by Insane-Pencil Catherine 4 :iconinsane-pencil:Insane-Pencil 317 6 The Art of Cute: Elsa from Frozen 'Reversing Cute' by kevinbolk The Art of Cute: Elsa from Frozen 'Reversing Cute' :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 678 147 Lydia Deetz Costume by The-Cosplay-Scion Lydia Deetz Costume :iconthe-cosplay-scion:The-Cosplay-Scion 264 101 Narcoleptic Tendencies by GiraffeWizardry Narcoleptic Tendencies :icongiraffewizardry:GiraffeWizardry 1,062 199 [A-kon 23] Toothless by CanineHybrid [A-kon 23] Toothless :iconcaninehybrid:CanineHybrid 1,226 101 Midnight 4 by Insane-Pencil Midnight 4 :iconinsane-pencil:Insane-Pencil 355 14 Strings in the Wind by haruningster Strings in the Wind :iconharuningster:haruningster 2,786 233 [A-kon 23] Pokemon Girl Power! by CanineHybrid [A-kon 23] Pokemon Girl Power! :iconcaninehybrid:CanineHybrid 278 16 No Way to Live by Caram3llo No Way to Live :iconcaram3llo:Caram3llo 216 48 Yoko Littner 56 by Insane-Pencil Yoko Littner 56 :iconinsane-pencil:Insane-Pencil 356 14 Starfire 12 by Insane-Pencil Starfire 12 :iconinsane-pencil:Insane-Pencil 356 2 Toothless Play Nice by sadstoryteller Toothless Play Nice :iconsadstoryteller:sadstoryteller 290 32 Hellsing: Alucard Close-Up by Maxieyi Hellsing: Alucard Close-Up :iconmaxieyi:Maxieyi 614 178 Starfire 13 by Insane-Pencil Starfire 13 :iconinsane-pencil:Insane-Pencil 416 15 Carlye 4 by Insane-Pencil Carlye 4 :iconinsane-pencil:Insane-Pencil 332 7 Halloween Plushies by The-Cute-Storm Halloween Plushies :iconthe-cute-storm:The-Cute-Storm 689 39 Tarot 3 by Insane-Pencil Tarot 3 :iconinsane-pencil:Insane-Pencil 295 5
“It’shereit’shereit’shereit’shereit’shere!” Alice screamed, running in the door of her dorm room. She was carrying a heavy package almost as thick as a bookcase. Her roomate, Teresa, raised one eyebrow.
“Stop me if I’m being cliché, but what’s here?” she asked. “And why are you screaming as though Orlando Bloom is eating lunch in the kitchenette?”
Alice dragged the package over to the table, brushing her brown hair out of her eyes. Cutting the multiple layers of paper and tape open, she was confronted by a glimpse of red and black, the item she’d ordered shining in among the packing peanuts.
Once the mess was swept up, the contents of the package were revealed. A bright red, full-body suit was the main item, built with a concealed back zipper. The suit was already wearing its own clothing; it was hard to see what while it was still in the  box, but a lot of it was a wi
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Carlye 2 by Insane-Pencil Carlye 2 :iconinsane-pencil:Insane-Pencil 397 11 Zaku II ohayocon 10 cosplay by AceroTiburon Zaku II ohayocon 10 cosplay :iconacerotiburon:AceroTiburon 487 606 Wanna Battle? by Amouranth Wanna Battle? :iconamouranth:Amouranth 192 8 Tarot 1 by Insane-Pencil Tarot 1 :iconinsane-pencil:Insane-Pencil 333 8