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Ayato Sakamaki x F!Reader (one-shot)
 Ayato watched the girl as she studied for an upcoming History test. Never did the red-haired vampire ever think he'd fall for a mortal; but here he was.
 At first, he just enjoyed her sweet blood, but fast forward a few months now he loves everything about her. Her gorgeous H/C locks, her smooth S/T, her bright/dull E/C eyes, her smile that made anything better, her personality that went without one flaw, her F/C perfume/soap, her voice that was smooth like honey.
 Needless to say, the narcissistic male was in love. As much as he denied it, everyone could tell. All she had to do was say his name, and he would be a blushing mess.
(F/N pov)
 "Uh, Ayato, why are sitting on my bed staring at me?" I asked the guy -who I may, or may not have a crush on- "B-Because, yours truly was waiting for you to be done, so he could suck your blood!" He responded. "Righttt," chuckling I sat by the blushing vampire, his red cheeks putting his messy hair to sham
:icondiabolikfanfics:Diabolikfanfics 3 0
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