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Freddy,Michael,Jason, in color by DougSQ Freddy,Michael,Jason, in color :icondougsq:DougSQ 921 110 My version of Freddy Krueger by Disse86 My version of Freddy Krueger :icondisse86:Disse86 410 57 Hopper's horror bar by GakiRules Hopper's horror bar :icongakirules:GakiRules 375 50 What Really Happened by Rica-Fox-Prower What Really Happened :iconrica-fox-prower:Rica-Fox-Prower 461 209 Childhood Fears by daekazu Childhood Fears :icondaekazu:daekazu 1,458 80 Freddy Krueger, Man o' Year by SteveChanks Freddy Krueger, Man o' Year :iconstevechanks:SteveChanks 577 46 Dance Dance Dance Til You Dead by thedarklordkeisha Dance Dance Dance Til You Dead :iconthedarklordkeisha:thedarklordkeisha 911 161 Meeting Mr Krueger by Mirish Meeting Mr Krueger :iconmirish:Mirish 248 128 Resistance is Futile by thedarklordkeisha Resistance is Futile :iconthedarklordkeisha:thedarklordkeisha 775 161 it feels good to be a father.. by eve-the-strange it feels good to be a father.. :iconeve-the-strange:eve-the-strange 185 89
A Kiss Of Sorts
*Idon't know, so don't ask. This is that scene form Freddy vs Jason where Fred's tryin' ta kill Jase in his dream after knocking him out with those needles. Summary: After Jason has Freddy pinned to the ground some sort of insane mass murderer chaos ensues. Ya gots ta read ta fins out the rest! X) I'm so evil! Love me! And slash! Which this is! XD God damnit I'm going to Hell for this! ENJOY!*
"Why! Won't! You! DIE!?" Freddy Krueger screamed in frustration and anger, kicking at Jason Voorhees' gut, making the taller killer lurch foward. He glared through his beaten hockey mask, lunging foward and pushing Freddy to the ground, pinning him by his arms.
"Get OFF me you useless shit!" the smaller slasher demanded, gritting his teeth and struggling against Jason's grip. The zombie simply hovered above him, breathing heavily through the holes in his hockey mask. He knew he couldn't kill Freddy, but that didn't mean he couldn't try.
Freddy glared feircly, startling bright green eyes narrowed
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Freddy vs Jason by DougSQ Freddy vs Jason :icondougsq:DougSQ 331 44 Friday the 13th Jason and Freddy  lake bath colors by DougSQ Friday the 13th Jason and Freddy lake bath colors :icondougsq:DougSQ 129 12 1988 by MalevolentNate 1988 :iconmalevolentnate:MalevolentNate 256 22 lost childhood by eve-the-strange lost childhood :iconeve-the-strange:eve-the-strange 128 102 Freddy by NessaSan Freddy :iconnessasan:NessaSan 323 42 Lose yourself to dance by Bakhtak Lose yourself to dance :iconbakhtak:Bakhtak 272 119 Freddy Krueger by Devin-Francisco Freddy Krueger :icondevin-francisco:Devin-Francisco 196 28 A kiss from a tooth by nuriaabajo A kiss from a tooth :iconnuriaabajo:nuriaabajo 240 125 Worst Father Figure Ever by thedarklordkeisha Worst Father Figure Ever :iconthedarklordkeisha:thedarklordkeisha 666 154 PeriComix #03-1 by theEyZmaster PeriComix #03-1 :icontheeyzmaster:theEyZmaster 266 16
U r Obsessed with Freddy if...
1. You own every Nightmare on Elm Street movie, including Freddy vs Jason
2. you own a freddy glove
3. you have a nightmare on elm street belt
4. you have a nightmare on elm street t-shirt
5. you have a Freddy Krueger mask
6. you have a full Freddy krueger costume
7. you have a nightmare on elm street poster
8. you have a life size freddy poster-board
9. your favourite colours are red and green
10. you own a red and green stripped shirt
11. you have made your own freddy shirt
12. you sing the nightmare on elm street lullaby randomly
13. you randomly quote Freddy
14. you can quote the entire nightmare on elm street movie
15. you can quote the entire nightmare on elm street series
16. you make your friends watch a nightmare on elm street movies
17. you constantly think about freddy krueger
18. you have painted your nails red and green
19. your background on your computer is freddy krueger
20. your screen saver on your computer is freddy krueger
21. your background on your cell phone is f
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FREDDY KRUEGER by MalevolentNate FREDDY KRUEGER :iconmalevolentnate:MalevolentNate 207 22 Elm Street by nelsondaniel Elm Street :iconnelsondaniel:nelsondaniel 304 43 The Dream Warrior by tofutiles The Dream Warrior :icontofutiles:tofutiles 321 80
Freddy Says No : Cheer-Up Gift
"What the fuck are you making?"
"A gift."
"What kind of gift?"
I sigh and hang my head over my keyboard, before cracking my neck and glaring out the corner of my right eye. "The kind you give a sad friend! Now leave me alone, Krueger," I growl as I turn back to my small, but important, project, mumbling. "annoying pizza faced asshole."
The sound of something similar to metal nails across concrete was heard, followed by the sent of fire sparks. "Knock it off before ya burn down my dorm, asshole!" Slamming my hands on my desk, I turn and growl at the stripped sweater wearing asshole on my bed.
Freddy Krueger, standing on my bed and leaning against the wall in boredom, puffed his third cigarette of the evening as he grunted. "I'm fucking bored, kid," he jumped down from my bed and waltz around my small, but still a decent size, dorm room, poking through my roommates fridge, before slamming the door and jumping on the small fridge to throw himself up on her lofted bed, stomping all over it
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New look by eve-the-strange New look :iconeve-the-strange:eve-the-strange 175 46 You're Getting Blood On My Hat by thedarklordkeisha You're Getting Blood On My Hat :iconthedarklordkeisha:thedarklordkeisha 813 94 His little Nancy by FuckYouFolks His little Nancy :iconfuckyoufolks:FuckYouFolks 511 58 Claws N Chainsaws by AntManTheMagnif Claws N Chainsaws :iconantmanthemagnif:AntManTheMagnif 215 56
Death Battle: Freddy Krueger vs. Tohru Adachi

The Crypt Keeper: The freaks and geeks have spoken, kiddies! 
Rod Serling: Our combatants are about to drive into a realm of senseless violence, of a theoretical gladiatorial arena hosted in the pop cultural landscape... next stop, Death Battle. 
--- --- ---
Adachi groaned as he raised from the stiff and decidedly uncomfortable bed, massaging his temples. The pounding in his brain made him feel like he was undergoing with the worst hangover of his life, but he knew that wasn't true. He never had a drink in months, especially not since he was incarcerated. He supposed he only slept on the wrong side of the bed this morning.
But then, this was a prison bed, every side was wrong for God knew so many reasons. 
The scourge of Inaba pinched the bridge of his nose, focused on the accumulative headache festering in his skull like a cancer, took a deep breath... and counted to three.
:icongamemasterfel:GamemasterFel 84 98
-F.N- by Veld-Nova -F.N- :iconveld-nova:Veld-Nova 198 0 Freddy Krueger by kruemel-sangerhausen Freddy Krueger :iconkruemel-sangerhausen:kruemel-sangerhausen 311 30 PeriComix #03-2 by theEyZmaster PeriComix #03-2 :icontheeyzmaster:theEyZmaster 244 25 Tumblr doodle woodles 3 by Bakhtak Tumblr doodle woodles 3 :iconbakhtak:Bakhtak 44 71 Horror Villains by junkome Horror Villains :iconjunkome:junkome 84 1 Freddy Krueger by thurZ Freddy Krueger :iconthurz:thurZ 197 15
Death Battle: Lust vs. Freddy Krueger FIGHT!

TFP: Well we've analysed all the data of these two near-unkillable warriors.
In the town of Springwood, a pale woman with long black hair wearing a long black dress known as Lust arrived into the town alongside her was Gluttony a small fat man, both the Homunculus arrived here after hearing rumors about an Alchemist in the vicinity of the area. Due to arriving near midnight. Lust decided to rest up before beginning her search for the Alchemist tomorrow so she rented a room at a hotel and fell asleep on the bed while Gluttony fell asleep on the floor before he could reach a bed. Little did she know that she was a target for a certain killer.
Lust opened her eyes and looked around, she noticed that she was no longer in the hotel room and but was in the Homunculi’s secret base underground of Central City headquarters. She was confused for a short while but decided to look around with curiosity
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Your Nightmare is Reborn by ArrhythmiaNyx Your Nightmare is Reborn :iconarrhythmianyx:ArrhythmiaNyx 110 69 Freddy comes for you by Cagnaccio87 Freddy comes for you :iconcagnaccio87:Cagnaccio87 352 62 Never Sleep Again by Jackolyn Never Sleep Again :iconjackolyn:Jackolyn 309 63 Freddy Krueger Motivator by Movie-Man Freddy Krueger Motivator :iconmovie-man:Movie-Man 84 11 Freddy vs Jason vs Michael Myers 2nd version by DougSQ Freddy vs Jason vs Michael Myers 2nd version :icondougsq:DougSQ 199 20 Freddy-kotobukiya Sherylrin (11) by dashcosplay Freddy-kotobukiya Sherylrin (11) :icondashcosplay:dashcosplay 107 4 But Your Body Says Yes by ArrhythmiaNyx But Your Body Says Yes :iconarrhythmianyx:ArrhythmiaNyx 122 54 Take My Heart, Valentine by thedarklordkeisha Take My Heart, Valentine :iconthedarklordkeisha:thedarklordkeisha 491 86 last lullaby by eve-the-strange last lullaby :iconeve-the-strange:eve-the-strange 34 14 What Nightmares Are Made Of by PsychoSlaughterman What Nightmares Are Made Of :iconpsychoslaughterman:PsychoSlaughterman 223 97