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Hurting : Draco x Reader
The glass smashed into the wall. Draco stepped out the way, watching as the crystal pieces littered the floor behind him. In retaliation he picked up the nearest book and launched at you. The fight had lost meaning, neither of you were intend on truly hurting the other.
“I hate you. I trusted you and you betrayed me. Have you any idea how that feels?” he threw the insult at you. Crimson wine ebbed onto the cream carpet as you lost your grip on the bottle. The empty rolled around the floor spreading the mess. Grey eyes caught glassy (e/c) eyes.
“Like you’re a bloody saint. Tell me how many times you lied to me. You don’t bloody know do you? Don’t you even think about telling me that you were trying to protect me.” Your voice was filled with anger and sadness.
You dropped the book you were preparing to throw at his blonde head. His legs gave out from under him and he hit the floor with a thud, just missing the shattered glass. Draco ran his hands
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A Letter a Day Meme - BLANK
Hey Guys,
This is a letter meme I found from someone, so I took the idea and make it more personal and longer - really you're meant to do one a day but if you want to do a bulk in one go that's fine too. I just thought this may be a good thing to do for those who fine they want to get things off your chest. You can do it in a journal or you can do it in literature format or you don't even have to do it at all. I personally find this more beneficial than 'daily confessions' :3 so who wants to do this with me? 8D
Day One: A Letter to Yourself
Day Two: A Letter to Your Parents
Day Three: A Letter to Your Best Friend
Day Four: A Letter to a Secret Person
Day Five: A Letter to Your Crush/Partner
Day Six: A Letter to Someone Who Needs Support
Day Seven: A Letter to a Stranger
Day Eight: A Letter to a Relative
Day Nine: A Letter to Your Enemy
Day Ten: A Lette
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Mavis/Johnny - Trouble in Paradise
The sunbeams glowed pink and purple as the sun itself dipped just below the horizon. Mavis lowered her parasol and admired the view. Palm trees blew softly in the wind and sand glimmered white between their toes. Johnny had given her her dream. Finally, after all these months of travel, they had made it. Hawaii.
"Mmm-hmm?" he nuzzled into her shoulder.
"I have something I want to ask you."
He sat up straight, disconnecting from her physically so that he could look at her, but keeping his fingers tight around her own. "Yeah?"
"We've been together for a long time. Through thick and thin, we've had our struggles, but somehow they only made us stronger."
He squeezed her hand and smiled. "Yeah?"
"You mean more to me than anyone in the world. You're my zing, my soulmate, and I want to spend every day together for as long as we possibly can."
She slid off of the log they were sitting on and into the sand, bending down on one knee, never letting go of his hand. "Jonathan, will you ma
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to be a waste of grey matter with no self-esteem
forgive these
rorschach nerves &
mercury veins -
i am no tragedy boy,
but i have self-decay
down to an art.
this tar tongue only starts
marlboro conversations &
i only start fires.
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Ichiruki: Mugetsu :iconluculentquark:luculentquark 998 95
fall in love with (splitting hairline fractures)
we swallow blues instead
of talking them out. oh,
kids like us are specters,
spectacles: boys counting
rib(cage)s & (de)composing
     don't you hate
         (this body)
             is a vessel
we're deities or tomb-raiders; no
in-betweens for writers these days
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Please (Don't) Hate Me
If I told you a lie
But it made you smile
Would it still be a sin?
If I opened the door
But turned you away
Would you still come in?
If I sliced my skin
But it didn't hurt
Would it still be wrong?
If I acted all brave
But couldn't face it
Would I still be strong?
If I tied my noose
Around a tree's open arms
Would it be an embrace?
If I left tonight
And begged you stay
Would you still give chase?
If I committed sin
But hurt nobody
Would I be welcome above?
If I do something you hate
But only for your good
Could it still be true love?
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the back side of a sharpie cigarette
oh, i've got thorns & fruit flies
rotting out the flesh between
my ribs. they fester in these
rabbit lungs until i cough them
up as mechanical mockingbirds;
like nightwalkers, they peck my
throat into a crumpled napkin verse.
:iconcounting-vertebrae:counting-vertebrae 68 20
blowing my teeth out the back of my skull
we are hynagogic wasteland words, unraveling
corpses clutching at bruised throats - white gasoline
and when your skin heals, i hope i've permeated your bones
( i will never be rid of you ).
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Star Eater :iconalradeck:ALRadeck 804 21 'Why... :icondolphydolphiana:DolphyDolphiana 1,591 251
writers filter out their lungs with lighter fluid
a briny blackthorn boy, i
am rotting, reinfected -
a skeleton's blooming from
underneath my skin; she's
between my collar bones,
she's inside my jaw, she -
she is vile, the way all necromancers are
(but god, am i envious).
:iconcounting-vertebrae:counting-vertebrae 55 17
the writers were ice-pick lobotomists
we made a temple out of
layered bones - fit them
together with grey matter.
poet kids, we were waning,
wasting, rotting out our
teeth. heavy hangmen
hammered nails into our
skulls; we were scrawling
ourselves blade-thin
& smog-weary.
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between my vertebrae, you are (cemeterial)
oh, these writers never speak; they
claw words out of bird carcasses,
poets pecking viscera like necropolitans.
they count their ribs to remind you
of a corpse or of a matchstick. dry bones
between fissured wrists & funeral pyres,
these have been dying days &
they're all mortuaries.
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Sailor Emo Knife 8 :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 191 19
my earl of slander cries blue murder
this god made skeletons, dear, & this god
made deathbeds. here's our hospice:
hypoxic migraine mirrors on the inside
of our skulls. oh, ghosted, i am semi-parasitic
& esotropic - the fevered phantom of
a boy too young to wither this way.
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KorrAsami-Found :iconjoehnna:joehnna 568 93
i can't keep walking on these dry-rot bones
oh, i am not a poet;
like the ink scratches
of plath, i am
a diamond-dreamer
specter boy: decay,
dispose, & disappoint
because this is the way
that writers wane -
(this hangman head is no
survivor story, & gods
do not burn out
in supernovas)
:iconcounting-vertebrae:counting-vertebrae 72 38
like catching supernovas in a plastic cup
delirium boy, you're
no cavalry drum-beat
heart; disjointed, but
no lady lazarus,
no gold tongue &
you've never been
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Nvr ur gf :iconlushminda:Lushminda 336 38 The Doctor :iconamandatolleson:AmandaTolleson 734 87
i am the prince of
phantom pains & mediocrity -
a carbon copy, chlorinated
grey matter deity
of flickering cities &
burning mercury into my wrists
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Shadow wearing blazes clothes :iconshadow2rulez:shadow2rulez 390 95
confess, like there's blood pouring out your mouth
fear is licking at this
cobwebbed mind & i
feel cinematic; like a
steam-powered poet,
i'll write myself into a
misanthropic migraine
& outline cinder bones
to match - ingenue,
you are an esoteric's
nightscape & i, your
morning's fever burns.
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Ask Me
Ask me a question.
Ask me if this was a choice,
this life that I live.
Ask me if I want
your prejudice and hatred;
to be excluded
simply because of
the people I choose to love.
Despite their gender.
Because now I want
to ask something of my own.
Simply I ask why?
Weighted silence falls
as you scramble for a thought
to try and change me.
For how can you spin
a web of twisted untruths
to weave me anew?
And simply I ask
why? Why would you even try?
:iconr-epertoire:r-epertoire 41 27
you talk like a travesty
oh, mercury boy, you can't
write your way out of this
body or out of this mind;
you can pray like it's high-fashion,
insist you're only burning yourself out
(but tell me - do you feel like a god yet?)
if only for murky mirrors &
silver cicadas caught
in your ribcage, you've
got a knack for decaying
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Moar Deathshipping 5
"M-Marik, wh-what the bloody hell's wrong with you?!" Bakura asked, truly concerned for his "friend" as he walked into the Brit's house.  His healthy tan was gone; he was practically as pale as Bakura now.  He looked exhausted.
"M-Melvin hasn't merged with me for a whole week now…a-and I feel really crappy…" The Egyptian replied with a cough.
"How come you didn't call me about it?!  You bloody idiot!" Bakura scolded fiercely, not really angry with his "friend" but just awfully frightened for his well being.   "Go lie down on the couch right now and explain."
Marik nodded, staggering over to the couch where Ryo was watching some cartoons, eating some cereal for breakfast.
"Marik!  What's wrong?!" The boy exclaimed, instantly flicking off the T.V. and putting down his bowl, getting up off the couch and making room for the sickly young man.
"Thanks, Ryo…" The Egyptian said with another cough.
"Now.  Tel
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