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Laffy x Yakko = haters? GROW UP -UPDATE-
I'm going to write this in a text deviation instead of journal, because i clear journals very often while deviations stay forever in my gallery.
This deviation is my opinion and maybe also a critique about a few idiots that attack Laffy about imagining a relationship with a cartoon character Yakko Warner from the tv show Animaniacs.
Laffy showed me a few messages that were sent to her box on youtube and i also saw so many hating comments under this video:
And i was quite amused by all those jerks... And so here is one message to them all who attack Laffy for any reason and mainly for putting her OC named Laffy as well into a relationship wiht Yakko.
Are you normal, people?! All those people there in comment act like if they couldnt separate a reality from imagination =.=" Eventhough it is not bad to have some own world, own story, own dreams and such, but there is still some BORDER! And these people crossed the border already...
I'll give an e
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Interview - Kuro the panda
Me: What should you do, if you meet a panda girl?
Kuro: I have met a panda girl. My sister. XD
Me: i mean another panda girl, that isn't from your family! xD
Kuro: I wouldn't be surprised.
Me: Nothing more? Pandas are endangered xD you don't have any desire to preserve species?
Kuro: Try and make her feel welcome? I dunno. Nah, I learned a lot about love, I'm not messing with that again XD
Me: What do you think about that Zik already had a sex?
Kuro: I  think he had sex with Mary because he asks what I think about her, but no one else thinks Mary would even do that because of how "sweet"she is.
Me: Are you good in Kung Fu?
Kuro: Yeah I'm pretty good at Kung Fu. I use martial arts to help me when I don't have my bamboo nearby which is...rare XD
Me: Do you feel naked sometimes?
Kuro: Nope.Never in my life!
Me: Even you are wearing nothing? XD
Kuro: Better that than stuck wit
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