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More Ways To Annoy Claude Faustus~
51. Ask Claude why he poses as a woman in Charlotte's Web.
52. Keep unbuttoning your shirt
53. Pick up every stray cat you can find and invite Sebastian over to play with them.
54. Whenever it rains, follow Claude around and sing 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider'.
55. Pray before every meal.
56. Take pictures of Claude in his pink pajamas. Use them as blackmail against Claude.
57. Give Claude a bible as a present.
58. Throw cake batter at him.
59. Ask Claude if he has a foot fetish.
60. When Claude orders the triplets to attack Sebastian, play the Pokemon theme song.
61. Ask Claude if he's ever been to Heaven, since demons are supposedly fallen angels.
62. Show Claude 2 girls, 1 cup.
63. Act extremely obsessed with and in love with Claude (Like how Grell acts around Sebastian)
64. Eat ice cream in a very sexual manner. If Claude makes a comment, act mad and call him a pervert.
65. Show him youtube videos of people killing spiders.
66. Spray Claude with bug spray.
67. Ask Claude what he thinks ab
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Painted Skin
Painted Skin:
He smiles at you, as you enter the office;
Wearing eyeliner made of contempt and disdain.
His cheap cologne invades your nostrils immediately
And you quickly suppress a cough.
"Yes, yes, indeed we have to review, many things are involved."
His face is powdered with a layer of self-importance;
Lips reddened by the polite harshness he spews.
His forked tongue flickers as he prattles on
And you're really getting quite tired.
"Oh I'm sorry! Of course, of course I understand; but my way is much better!"
You're getting really bored now, so you take a look around the room.
The expectation is to see it bedecked with acolades;
Yet bare walls, cold and empty, are all that greets you.
"Are you listening to me, I'm telling you why this isn't good enough. LISTEN TO ME!"
You take a look at the cup of coffee you were offered,
Cheap and lukewarm; you narrow your eyes.
"Is there a problem? I'm being honest, this is for YOUR OWN GOOD!"
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