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The Fool by SylviaRitter The Fool :iconsylviaritter:SylviaRitter 556 15 Archangel Gabriel [EX] by MarioWibisono Archangel Gabriel [EX] :iconmariowibisono:MarioWibisono 596 31 LGBT Community Flag Gradients by lovemystarfire LGBT Community Flag Gradients :iconlovemystarfire:lovemystarfire 884 340 Archangel Gabriel [REG] by MarioWibisono Archangel Gabriel [REG] :iconmariowibisono:MarioWibisono 743 20 Spring king by LoranDeSore Spring king :iconlorandesore:LoranDeSore 300 9 Elementals by SaiFongJunFan Elementals :iconsaifongjunfan:SaiFongJunFan 4,146 203 Alucard. Castlevania Symphony of the Night artwork by nell-fallcard Alucard. Castlevania Symphony of the Night artwork :iconnell-fallcard:nell-fallcard 674 33 [Original Species] Flammaesurit Adopts by DesireeU [Original Species] Flammaesurit Adopts :icondesireeu:DesireeU 772 39 ocean by Archaical ocean :iconarchaical:Archaical 1,827 73 Inna. II by zemotion Inna. II :iconzemotion:zemotion 4,872 368 Echani by Sandramalie Echani :iconsandramalie:Sandramalie 269 14 Chase the Stars by ramuramu Chase the Stars :iconramuramu:ramuramu 2,942 243 Derpy - Pony/ Human by Trinityinyang Derpy - Pony/ Human :icontrinityinyang:Trinityinyang 2,881 285 S7M  Alternative by doubleWbrothers S7M Alternative :icondoublewbrothers:doubleWbrothers 711 169 Ready to pounce by Zerodomon Ready to pounce :iconzerodomon:Zerodomon 592 393 Help Them by aoxenuk Help Them :iconaoxenuk:aoxenuk 176 9 lavamint by Chaotic-Muffin lavamint :iconchaotic-muffin:Chaotic-Muffin 3,224 65 Gender Dysphoria by Candy2021 Gender Dysphoria :iconcandy2021:Candy2021 1,165 410 Motherland Chronicles #29 - Lyle by zemotion Motherland Chronicles #29 - Lyle :iconzemotion:zemotion 1,237 46 Kerrie by anndr Kerrie :iconanndr:anndr 490 4 Picture This - Sketchdump 8 by Dyemelikeasunset Picture This - Sketchdump 8 :icondyemelikeasunset:Dyemelikeasunset 1,429 340 PT - Facial Features Study by Dyemelikeasunset PT - Facial Features Study :icondyemelikeasunset:Dyemelikeasunset 1,886 315 Angels Rock! by Pryate Angels Rock! :iconpryate:Pryate 436 128 Declan O'Dwyer by CBedford Declan O'Dwyer :iconcbedford:CBedford 499 60 Wren's Makeover - Full Sequence by sortimid Wren's Makeover - Full Sequence :iconsortimid:sortimid 570 43 TIERRA by SaiFongJunFan TIERRA :iconsaifongjunfan:SaiFongJunFan 810 44 Androgynous Virgo by Pryate Androgynous Virgo :iconpryate:Pryate 422 342 Fauna by jodeee Fauna :iconjodeee:jodeee 490 30 . androgyny . by Countess-Grotesque . androgyny . :iconcountess-grotesque:Countess-Grotesque 330 61 androgynous chaos by agnes-cecile androgynous chaos :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 861 43 PT - Body Study Side B by Dyemelikeasunset PT - Body Study Side B :icondyemelikeasunset:Dyemelikeasunset 2,188 706 Adoptable 06-27 by fydbac Adoptable 06-27 :iconfydbac:fydbac 253 6
Man Ban TG - Part 1
Man Ban – Part 1
I woke to the echoes of computerized gunfire carrying from the living room to my bedroom. I leaned my head up from the pillow and groaned. The ear plugs were on the dresser but putting them in meant I might not be able to hear the alarm clock.
I understood the consequences of a night job at an animation studio but I also figured I'd made it clear to my roommate, Leon, to wear headphones when playing something loud. Burying my head into the pillow did nothing to help. Playing some music just as loud back would only make things worse. So, begrudgingly, I staggered my way over to the lamp and flicked it on. I could see the time on the clock by my bed.
I blinked at the black-out curtains on the window and cracked my neck before shuffling to my feet. The sunlight spilling in from the hallway made everything torturingly bright. Brushing some of my shaggy, blond hair out of my eyes, I peered at the living room, where I could see Leon camped out with open bags of c
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 96 95
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