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The Amazing Spider-man by PatrickBrown The Amazing Spider-man :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 8,216 883 The Amazing Spider-man by PatrickBrown The Amazing Spider-man :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 7,100 540 oscorp's spider suit by ijul oscorp's spider suit :iconijul:ijul 1,531 51
Bruises - Peter x Reader
(Y/N) had abandoned Peter outside in the car after noticing him struggling to keep his eyes open as she drove them to the shop. She informed him that she would be back in a minute, to which he replies with a smile and a wave while watching her exit the car and enter the half empty shop.
She stands in an aisle, searching for a specific item when she notices several other customers watching her, whispering. She ignores it for a while and focuses on obtaining the items that she was looking for and returning to Peter - who was most likely asleep in her car. When she appears at the till with her items she spots the woman at the cashier looking at her with the same glances that the coupe before had.
It was at that moment, as she caught hold of her reflection in the reflective glass behind the woman, that she remembered:
She had fallen down the stairs a few days ago and a few bruises and cuts painted her features.
"Here's a number that you can call, dear, if you ever need anyone to talk to. I
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Grand Theft Web-slinger by PatrickBrown Grand Theft Web-slinger :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 1,512 223 The Amazing Spider-Man poster 3 by Cakes-and-Comics The Amazing Spider-Man poster 3 :iconcakes-and-comics:Cakes-and-Comics 704 32 The amazing spider-man - 2012 by agustin09 The amazing spider-man - 2012 :iconagustin09:agustin09 176 60
tangled webs || peter parker / spider-man x reader
[ nurse my wounds ]
You curled up on your king-sized bed with a book in your hands, barely soaking in the words. You weren’t quite sure what possessed you to buy it anyway, since you weren’t really fond of fairy-tales. But things as you know them have been changing, especially since your boyfriend told you he was a masked vigilante. 
Three short taps on your window signaled your boyfriend’s arrival, and your heart leaped as you rushed to the window pane. Opening the window, you helped Peter in, and he sat on the ledge, trying not to let in puddles of water on your carpeted floor. It was pouring rain outside, and he was soaked. You noted that he was still in disguise, and took this to mean he swung over here directly after his fight.
“Such a bad boy,” you teased as you gently pushed his mask off. His cheeks were dusted pink from your comment, but he was smiling. His face was littered with scratches a
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Peter Parker x Reader - You're a superhero?
I had to tell her. I had to tell her and it had to be today. I couldn't keep putting it off.
The weather was chilly outside. I could see it snowing from my bedroom window. New York was always cold in the winter. But my mind was certainly not on the weather.
"She has to know," I muttered to myself, pacing backwards and forwards through my room. I shook my head slightly. But how on earth was I supposed to tell her? How was I, Peter Parker - the shy, nerdy high school boy, supposed to tell (Y/n) - the most beautiful and smartest girl in the world, that I was Spider-Man?
I kicked my desk chair in frustration. What if I told her and she freaked out? Yeah, okay, so I suppose anybody would freak out a little if they heard that their best friend was a superhero... But what if she got really upset? What if she stopped talking to me? I don't think I could handle that.
"Ugh, forget about that," I snapped at myself. I had to tell her no matter what happened.
"Peter!" I heard my aunt calling up to
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The Amazing Spider-Man by tyler-wetta The Amazing Spider-Man :icontyler-wetta:tyler-wetta 340 26 The Amazing Spider-Man by alijamZz The Amazing Spider-Man :iconalijamzz:alijamZz 340 29 Spider suit Texture set 01 by 6and6 Spider suit Texture set 01 :icon6and6:6and6 793 105 Spidey by PatrickBrown Spidey :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 940 120 Amazing Spider-man by hobo95 Amazing Spider-man :iconhobo95:hobo95 232 74 Amazing Spider-Man poster number 2 by Cakes-and-Comics Amazing Spider-Man poster number 2 :iconcakes-and-comics:Cakes-and-Comics 413 8 Movie/TV Poster - Never Let Me Go by Hyung86 Movie/TV Poster - Never Let Me Go :iconhyung86:Hyung86 192 3 The Amazing Spider-Man by DarroldHansen The Amazing Spider-Man :icondarroldhansen:DarroldHansen 805 66 The Amazing Spidey Mask by Unique-Desire The Amazing Spidey Mask :iconunique-desire:Unique-Desire 341 39 Spidey leap by hyzak Spidey leap :iconhyzak:hyzak 313 35
Cold Hands - Peter Parker x Reader
The sun was high in the sky. There was a gentle breeze blowing through the streets of New York City. The smell of burgers and hot dogs filled the air as Peter and I wandered down the street together. We were heading towards our favorite cafe that just so happened to be in the middle of the busiest part of the city. It was where we always spent our days off during summer. Either that or Peter was busy with either OSCORP, being Spider-man or working at the newspaper. I would sometimes sit there alone, watching the world pass by while drinking some coffee or tea and typing away on my laptop.
Peter was in the middle of tinkering with his camera. He was mumbling about how he hated when it broke and how he needed a new one. I was attempting to listen to him, enjoying his little mutterings before I realised something. The lack of warmth in my hands. The lack of warmth that has always been there ever since I was kid. And Peter's bare neck.
I smile to myself before leaning up and placing my han
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The Amazing Spiderman by DavidDeb The Amazing Spiderman :icondaviddeb:DavidDeb 1,629 116 The amazing spider-man - vintage poster by SpookyNedy The amazing spider-man - vintage poster :iconspookynedy:SpookyNedy 81 27 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Fan Poster by Imperium-Hero The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Fan Poster :iconimperium-hero:Imperium-Hero 128 51 Peter x Gwen by ParadoxParade Peter x Gwen :iconparadoxparade:ParadoxParade 651 26 Spider-Man by grandsyeuxbleu Spider-Man :icongrandsyeuxbleu:grandsyeuxbleu 578 121 Amazing Spiderman 2 by JCLF88 Amazing Spiderman 2 :iconjclf88:JCLF88 368 42 The Amazing Spider-Man (Color) by FredtheDinosaurman The Amazing Spider-Man (Color) :iconfredthedinosaurman:FredtheDinosaurman 150 6 Spider suit Texture set 02 by 6and6 Spider suit Texture set 02 :icon6and6:6and6 321 50 Peter Parker by bleueapple Peter Parker :iconbleueapple:bleueapple 188 28 || The Amazing Spider-Man 2 || HD Wallpaper || by PokeTheCactus || The Amazing Spider-Man 2 || HD Wallpaper || :iconpokethecactus:PokeTheCactus 151 24 Spider-man Vs. Lizard by emmshin Spider-man Vs. Lizard :iconemmshin:emmshin 534 65 The Amazing Spider-Man by Ventus08 The Amazing Spider-Man :iconventus08:Ventus08 173 29 Andrew Garfield by bclara88 Andrew Garfield :iconbclara88:bclara88 452 109 The Amazing Spiderman by Jeanne-Lui The Amazing Spiderman :iconjeanne-lui:Jeanne-Lui 827 144 amazing spiderman by tuljin amazing spiderman :icontuljin:tuljin 177 10 PETER AND GWEN by FISHNONES PETER AND GWEN :iconfishnones:FISHNONES 276 36 Eyes by jasric Eyes :iconjasric:jasric 468 46 Moony? Are you asleep? by rokklagio Moony? Are you asleep? :iconrokklagio:rokklagio 114 38 You've got graffiti eyes by rokklagio You've got graffiti eyes :iconrokklagio:rokklagio 115 66 For you by merkymerx For you :iconmerkymerx:merkymerx 229 6 Amazing Spider-Man by Kmadden2004 Amazing Spider-Man :iconkmadden2004:Kmadden2004 135 11 Andrew Garfield by choas-overlord-joe Andrew Garfield :iconchoas-overlord-joe:choas-overlord-joe 139 30 Emma Stone by Sasoriakasuna1 Emma Stone :iconsasoriakasuna1:Sasoriakasuna1 410 132 The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Teaser Poster #3 by Enoch16 The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Teaser Poster #3 :iconenoch16:Enoch16 75 9 The amazing spider-man unofficial poster by agustin09 The amazing spider-man unofficial poster :iconagustin09:agustin09 109 34 THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN : MARVEL by Ynnck THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN : MARVEL :iconynnck:Ynnck 175 30 Marvel Red Team by CABARETdelDIAVOLO Marvel Red Team :iconcabaretdeldiavolo:CABARETdelDIAVOLO 84 5 Spidey by TwofortheRoad Spidey :icontwofortheroad:TwofortheRoad 143 21
Fall For You (Peter Parker x Reader)

A/N: I'm not really sure how I feel about this one. I just felt compelled to write it XD. Yeah lol.

A/N 2: This GIF makes me want to cry . Also, I'm warning you now, take caution. Sad Petey ahead :( (Sad) 

Please Read The Description After Reading. Enjoy Lovelies x
You enthusiastically nodded your head as you slid down your hallway in your forest green Dino onesie. You made a sharp right before running into the small kitchen of your , running and sliding as you did. You were currently preparing for a movie night with your best friend Peter Parker. Peter was usually busy doing his Spiderman thing or was often with Gwen, so you didn't get to see him often. However, the two of you made a pact so that every Sunday evening you would do something together, and tonight was one of those nights.
Whilst you waited for Peter to finish up with his routine check on
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