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Can't sleep (Dave x Reader)
Trigger Warning: #swearing #sexual themes
N-no! Please (Y/n)! You can't leave me!! Not like this!! Please! You have to live!!
No... No!!!

I jolted awake, my eyelids flying open as I sat up from the bed, looking at my surroundings frantically. My heart was pounding loudly, my chest falling and rising in a quick manner; each breath being inhaled as full on gasps of air, almost like I wasn't breathing at all and my lungs were dying from lack of oxygen.
The room was dark and quiet, only sounds of my rapidly beating heart and my quivering breath were to be heard. I looked around the room. My alarm showed the time: 3:49 am.
"Shit..." I muttered, rubbing the back of my neck. I slid my hand next to me. The bed was cold, and the blanket was missing from the other side. Sudden realization came to me.
Where did she go?
Oh fuck no.

I threw the blanket to the side and jumped out of bed, completely forgetting about my
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Homestuck OC Tutorial part 3 - Names
HOMESTUCK TUTORIAL: How to Make Cannon Worthy OC's

Troll Tag/Chum handle
- The troll tag must have two words set into format with a lowercase letter beginning the first and an uppercase beginning the second with no spaces.
Ex: tipsyGnostalgic
- Those two starting letters(the beginning of each word) may only start with the A,T,C, or G for original timeline characters, OR A,U,C, or G for ancestor characters or cherubs. These will be the character's acronym name when typing. This is because the tag system was created based on the genetic code which makes up our "real" universe. This might not follow for all humans, but it seems to in cannon.
(gallowsCallibrator)CG: >:]
(uranianUmbra)UU: ^u^
- Trolls type in their blood color, unless it is mutant, then they may choose an anonymous color like grey.
Troll Name
- All trolls have a first and last name, each consisting of exactly 6 letters (not that having 7 or so will kill
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