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The Revolution
The revolution will not be televised, it will not be sanitized, desensitized. No, this revolution will be live, living, breathing, everything worth fighting for. The revolution - will be - poeticized.
This revolution will not be caught on cameras, will not be polarized by the media. It dies standing on its bare feet before it is forced to fall on knees not willing to bend. The revolution is much more likely to be found on the run. It is subject to no one.
Our masterless words are the burning bush of this big monopoly, big money society. They are setting fire to the cities and moving the mass millions of the consumer culture.
[This revolution is not an –ist]
And while capitalism owns the owners, we will be truly human – freedom will dance on the tips of our tongues and spill out onto the streets, pounding the pavement to the beat of our feet, as we march proudly, hand in hand to the edge of the abyss. Joan will sing as Emma dances.
Let us trade bondage for vagabondage, trade l
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Is Critical Thinking Dead?
The more I delve into the cesspool of social media, the more I'm convinced that my generation is incapable of critical thought.
Consider rape, for example.
I always thought I was looking out for the best interests of my female friends by advising them not to walk alone late at night or to accept drinks from strangers.
But apparently, according to Tumblr feminists, offering that advice makes me a "rape apologist" and "victim blamer" because it assumes women deserve to be raped if they don't take such precautions.
By that logic, I must also believe that victims of theft deserve to be mugged if I advise people not to carry large amounts of cash and flash it in public!
No, clearly, rather than teaching women to protect themselves from potential rapists, I should be teaching potential rapists (i.e.: MENZ!) not to rape.
What I should really do is tell my guy friends not to have sex with women without their consent--which I'm pretty sure they already know, or if they don't know, they don't ca
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Communism and the State
Say the word "communism" in front of most Americans, and they envision an oppressive police state dominated by one political party. That's why the word has become such an effective insult against anyone who espouses even remotely left-wing ideas. Ironically, not only is this definition of communism wrong, it is in fact the opposite of what communists really want.
What every communist really aspires for is a classless society where everyone is equal and has control over the means of the production of goods. In such a society, no one would have power over anyone else, nor could anyone exploit anyone else. A police state (or any other kind of state for that matter) would not only be unnecessary, it would actually go against communism. The state, by nature, is about the domination of certain individuals over others. It is an instrument of inequality.
This fact may be difficult to reconcile with the authoritarian regimes that popped up in Russia and then around the world during the 20th cen
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short dissertation on anarchy
The word anarchy originates from ancient Greece, literally meaning "without rule." This word soon disappeared and was only known by the elite linguistic scholars for about fifteen hundred years, till the French Revolution. It was here that anarchy found itself attached to the a pejorative meaning, where the conservative "idealists" used the word to describe a Hobbesian state of nature, where without a strict- authoritarian state, civil life would break down, and predictable order would vanish. Today this pejorative understanding remains, where anarchy is thought to define a state of chaos and disorder. This is without qualification, for in the early twentieth century a campaign of terrorism was established across Europe in an attempt to bring down the governing classes, and leave society open to anarchic rule; needless to say this failed, and gave the right more ammunition to fire at the would be anarchic-idealist. It wasn't till Pierre-Joseph Proudhon announced that "I am an anarchist
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Ten Things Every Fringe Group Has In Common
1. The belief that the true believer is absolutely right and every other school of thought in existence is absolutely wrong. There is no shade of gray to be found anywhere, anything contradicting the gospel truth of the fringe group is purely false and must not ever be considered or given equal time because the truth has already been revealed.
2. The world is largely controlled by a nebulous, ill-defined, conspiratorial 'group'. This group is responsible not only for the big problems of the world, but also the excuse why the fringe group isn't the dominant belief system. This group can simultaneously be communist, socialist, zionist, christian, capitalist, corporate, altruist,Muslim, white-supremacist, sexist, feminist, or whatever the fringe group really hates.
3. Open hatred of opponents. Anyone who vocally disagrees with or argues against the fringe group is pure evil and must never be listened to or debated with, the enemy is painted as working for the Conspiracy and they must be d
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deja vu
i am choking for words.
i hacked off the tip of my tongue
to spite my quick wit-
stumble over it.
lusting for beauty through text/
creation is hollow at best-
a dollhouse
a fantasy, dystopian as per usual
for an idle mind
losing hours and
pickled in hate's brine.
   salt in the wound
   salt in the wound
angst, angst, teenage angst.
a kiddie anarchist
stop fighting it.
turn up the stereotypical
depression playing on the radio
don't try to be more original
what haven't we seen?
choking for words and
stuck on painted portraits
all is well, but never exciting
i'm exiting this uneventful life
all for once and once for all.
and you thought there was a winner
buried under this chrysalis
well, the rhythm has returned,
but i'm sick
of painted portraits and lost hours
and sugar-coated expectations of the truth
how uneventful, how unexciting
and i'm tired of razorblades,
but at least they're honest
speaking down, insults and
lies and i know i need to sleep
but i'm f
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Green Anarchism Wallpaper by anarchoart Green Anarchism Wallpaper :iconanarchoart:anarchoart 31 14
Ash and Blood
Red skies and black soil
All abandon your mortal coil
The kings have died, crucified
All have fallen in the bright burning night
The rats, their pets, all have been drowned
No new leader will be crowned
In the night, the fires burn so bright
Freedom is proclaimed the one true right
The black flag raised high
Stained with the blood of every ally
We are all one, the commune, the sun
And our first breath is denied by none
:iconmrachko:Mrachko 9 4
Shit by RochambeauFR Shit :iconrochambeaufr:RochambeauFR 58 263 Spanish International Brigades Alt Flag by BullMoose1912 Spanish International Brigades Alt Flag :iconbullmoose1912:BullMoose1912 37 12 Capitalism Doesn't Work by ztk2006 Capitalism Doesn't Work :iconztk2006:ztk2006 102 128 FREE MIND by Swoboda FREE MIND :iconswoboda:Swoboda 41 3