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Kaa's Love
Hinata lay down on her cot in her tent, no blanket, for it was too hot in the jungle for that. She only cuddled herself to her pillow and snoozed from a hard day of traveling in the jungle. All were tired in her group and she retired to her tent directly after having eaten her dinner. Not long after everyone else also. retired to their tents. Hinata had her's to herself, so she had no one to bother her. Or so she thought. The jungle was filled with animals. And where there are lots of animals, there are predators. Hinata didn't know it, but a very large predator had selected her to be its next meal, yet no one in the camp knew that the animal was around.
Kaa was nestled up high in his tree perch, his sinuous coils looped around branches and tree trunks. Despite his bulk, he was nearly invisible in the jungle thanks to his color pattern. Out of all of the humans that Kaa had spied around the campfire while they ate, Hinata was the best. She wasn't too large or too thin. Lovely feminine
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Wrestling and Wrapping
Susan smiled, getting into her sweat shorts and orange tank top, eager to begin what she wanted to do for a long time. A new sport had come out a year or two ago that involved wrestling with, and wearing down, large constrictor snakes. The smallest allowed were boa constrictors, but there was no such thing as 'too big' so far in wrestling matches. Susan had tried to get into the sport professionally, but the pigs in charge said that she had a limitation. She was too light to wrestle. Weight minimum for the pro's was 130 pounds. Susan was 114. Perhaps the first time a woman wanted to be heavier! Susan planned to show them though. She had been asked by a friend to babysit a certain Burmese python pet while her friend was out of town. Susan was only too happy to agree, having a plan in mind.
"Okay Brutus, ready for wrestling?" the busty late teen asked, flicking some of her black hair behind her ear. Brutus was a very large and heavy Burmese python, weighing 238 pounds and was 23 feet lon
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Beauty and Bestality
Hinata rested on a towel on a Brazilian beach, sunglasses masking her eyes from the sun. Her smooth and slender body was clad in only a revealing black bikini that matched her dark hair. She was attempting to get more sun to increase her tan. She chose this secluded spot specifically, so as to elude any prying eyes of prowling males. She had succeeded, for human males at least.
In the murky nearby water there was a tiny pair of beady eyes, hardly dicernable from the other flotsom in the water. But just beneath those two eyes was the body of a simply massive male anaconda. It was now in the process of stalking young Hinata as a tasty meal. She seemed quite preoccupied with whatever it was she was doing, and therefore would be easy to sneak up on.
Slowly and surely, with patience needed for such an efficient predator, the anaconda slithered up onto the land and headed towards Hinata without making even a hint of a sound.
Within minutes, the huge anaconda was right next to Hinata, who had
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Jess and the Anaconda
    Somewhere deep in the Amazon jungle, a young lady had just gotten herself into a bit of trouble. The lady was named Jess, and her boat was ship wrecked. She had been travelling down the Amazon River for the sake of exploration, hoping to experience nature for herself. Jess had always been fond of wildlife, and this was her chance to witness it firsthand. Unfortunately, she had made the decision to split off from the main river and explore a separate branch of the water. A fork in the road that not many were familiar, especially not Jess. Her boat had struck a large, broken tree jutting out of the water, the crash causing the boat to become immobile. Now Jess finds herself lost, alone, and trapped in the Amazon jungle.
    “This is just my luck,” the girl said to herself, as she sat in the captain’s chair of her boat. “I finally get to experience my dream, and I run into a stupid tree.”
    Jess was a rather a
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Binding Baily
"Ahhhhh, the Amazon! Paradise!" young Baily gleamed, walking hip deep in the Amazonian river in her bathing suit. Her bronze skin shined brilliantly in the sun, looking like she had been bathed in syrup. Her onyx hair was slicked behind her head and along her back. A female any man would kill over! Unfortunately, it wasn't a human that was eyeing her hungrilly. Just above the water a pair of glossy black eyes watched her carefully and patiently. Slowly the perceived prey came closer.
Baily was completely oblivious to the fact that she was being hunted, nor did she quite care at the moment. The water was the perfect temperature and felt wonderful on her shapely legs. The soft silt mud squished between her toes and felt good on her bare feet. Then she paused, feeling something very different under her foot as she took another step. It was soft but strong. It was more like a car tire with silk on it. Felt a lot like a-
Whoosh! Baily didn't even register what happened. A massive green anac
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