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Like Only the Stars are Watching
Mr. Glenn’s wife died the day before last. Of course, now all their children could talk about was what she would have wanted.
“She would want a proper burial,” Gary, the eldest, said.
“In the cemetery at Memorial Park,” Martin said.
Gary shook his head. “Much too crowded there. She wouldn’t want to knock elbows with anyone. She would prefer be buried in the Green Meadows Cemetery.”
“No,” Lisa Marie said, slapping her hand against Mr. Glenn’s antique table. “She wouldn’t want a grave. If she was here, she’d tell us to cremate her and spread her ashes across the farm.”
“I don’t think she liked this farm as much as you think,” Kurt said. “We should take the boat and spread her ashes out at sea. She would like that better.”
Lisa Marie huffed and crossed her arms. “Mom told me everything, and I can promise you that what she would want is to be here, on the farm.
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Your Blind Date with a Zombie
Preparing for Your Blind Dinner-Date with a Zombie
The singles dating scene is fraught with perils. None more so than the blind date. But what to do when that blind date turns out to be a little bit more of a surprise than you were expecting? No need to fret. With this simple guide you will be well-prepared for the most complicated of evenings: The Blind Date with a Zombie.
1. Zombies have feelings, too. Don't be put off by the initial appearance of your zombie date. Your zombie friend has led a difficult life, followed by a far more difficult death and a trying readjustment period. First impressions are all so important. Refrain from making disparaging statements about bloody orifices, waxen eyes, lost appendages, or gaping swaths of missing flesh. Instead, keep in mind that we are all unique individuals with our own distinctive styles of dress and personal appearance. Be complimentary and remember that one person's lack of limbs may be another person's dashing new look. Try these hel
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First meeting
It was just a normal Saturday. Andy had gone into town with no particular aim in mind, only a sudden need to be out of the house and to do a bit of window shopping. Around eleven or so, having wandered through the shopping centre for an hour or two, he'd stopped in at 'Coffee Time', a new coffee shop that had opened a few weeks ago.
It was doing good business; when Andy had arrived there had been only a few tables free, and the shop had become busier since then. All the low tables with armchairs were occupied so after he'd been served at the counter he'd sat at one of the only free tables - a higher table with stools in the corner nearest the door, perching himself on the tall stool so that he could lean back against the wall. He'd read the paper for a while and then checked his phone as he'd drunk his flat white.
When he next glanced up he happened to look across the heads of the seated customers towards the queue at the counter only a few feet away.
And that's when he saw her.
The wo
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