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Limb potion
I had just come back from the magic shop and I was getting pretty excited. I knew Betty was going to be waiting for me and the potion back home so that probably didn't help to calm my visible excitement. 
I opened the door and snuck my head inside.
"Guess who's baaaaack?" I shouted out to her.
She gasped. "Finally! I couldn't wait for you to get here, I just couldn't focus on studying anymore." She had left her room and was now standing in the doorway.
"Well you can go in peace now since I have..." I paused for dramatic effect. "This!" After shuffling through my bag, I presented her with a vial full of a translucid liquid.
"So what did you get?"
"Well I couldn't chose between 2 or 3 so I asked the guy to pick one without telling me, that way it still gets to be a surprise for both of us! He also removed the label, see?"
She took the vial to inspect it. The label had been meticulously peeled of the bottle so not a single piece of information remained on it.
"Only thing he did tell
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Like Only the Stars are Watching
Mr. Glenn’s wife died the day before last. Of course, now all their children could talk about was what she would have wanted.
“She would want a proper burial,” Gary, the eldest, said.
“In the cemetery at Memorial Park,” Martin said.
Gary shook his head. “Much too crowded there. She wouldn’t want to knock elbows with anyone. She would prefer be buried in the Green Meadows Cemetery.”
“No,” Lisa Marie said, slapping her hand against Mr. Glenn’s antique table. “She wouldn’t want a grave. If she was here, she’d tell us to cremate her and spread her ashes across the farm.”
“I don’t think she liked this farm as much as you think,” Kurt said. “We should take the boat and spread her ashes out at sea. She would like that better.”
Lisa Marie huffed and crossed her arms. “Mom told me everything, and I can promise you that what she would want is to be here, on the farm.
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Life as an amputee chapter I
"I'll miss you honey" he said, holding my hand.I smiled "I'll miss you too..But, you's just for a few days..Are you sure you can take care of yourself?""yes, I can!" he answered.I kissed him goodbye, then started to run to not to miss the plane.
When I sat in my seat I felt so bad.Even though just for a week I was going to be away from my husband.I hated that business trip.I put my earphone and opened my iPod..Muse was playing.In that pute voice I felt asleep.
When I tried to open my eyes I realised that I couldn't do it very well.There was a nurse next to me .She sadi" doctor, she opened her eyes" looking at me.I heard doctor's voice "Put some medicine then.She should beter be asleep until the operation ends.
I thought " what operation?" just for a moment, Then I felt asleep again.
When I completely opened my eyes I felt so heavy.I was probably high because of medicine and I couldn't feel a thing in my whole body.There was a oxygen mask in my mouth, All I Could I feel was my
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