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Steven and The Crystal Gems' Gas
*Warning: This story contains spoiler information for the Steven Universe Series. Please read the description*
In Beach City, it was Steven Universe’s birthday. Held outside of the beach house in front of the temple (because there was no room inside the beach house) and many of the residents that were Steven’s friends were there. The crystal gems, his dad, and Connie showed up, of course. Garnet even separated into Sapphire and Ruby just for the occasion. But even a bunch of others like Sadie and Lars(who was forced by Sadie to come), the “Cool Kids”, The rest of the Pizza family, Ronaldo (To spy on the crystal gems mostly), Peedee, The rest of Onion’s family, and even Lion had cut time out of his busy schedule for his owner’s birthday. Pretty much most of the town was there.
Steven got a huge array of gifts from everyone, and most of them saw it as thanks to him for being such a great kid. Afterwards were the party games and a dance party, DJ
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Lazy sundays. [ Amethyst x Reader ]
The sun finally rose from it's slumber behind the water of the familiar beach that the entire town of Beach City was about. You rose from your plush bed in the little old cottage your family had bought along the coastline not but a week prior. You were unfamiliar to this quaint little town that your family had planned to live in for the rest of their days, and you were pretty okay with that actually! This place had everything. A donut shop? Check. A beach? Check. A weird giant temple of a pretty large woman? Chec-- wait, what? That’s right. This city has everything, and you mean everything. Apparently, according to some civilians who you like to spend your time with; there’s a temple where 3 ‘crystal gems’ reside along with a half-gem named Steven. You always shook your head at their fables of how the crystal gems or whatever they are called fight huge monsters and other gems who attack the Earth from another planet in space. You cracked up laughing, holding you
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