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~Not Again!~ Drunk!EnglandXReader
There you were, reclining in your living room with an episode of your favorite show and a bag of chips. A typically boring Friday night. You were feeling exhausted from exams, and you decided to spend the night in, rather than going out with your friends. Plus Arthur was in the group, and heaven knows you were done with going out in anticipation of a good time, only to end up babysitting your british friend and making sure neither of you died in the process.
Sure, you loved the guy, but his drinking habits were ridiculous. You've never seen anyone deteriorate into an emotional wreck after one shot like Arthur did. One second he was holding an intelligent conversation, and the next he was starting fights and confessing his apparent undying love for you. You've never mentioned the last part to him.
Well, you weren't going to think about that now. This was the first weekend in months where you weren't being dragged out to some party by Alfred or persuaded into some crazy antic by Gilbert
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Brown Eyes Compliments, and Analogies
Because I'm sick of people saying there aren't any.
Your brown eyes are like the deep intoxication of campaign wine, bubbling with hazing richness and expensive taste.
Your brown eyes are like the color of mahogany wood- comforting and home-steady toughness that lets me know you will be the beams of supporting me.
Your eyes remind me of Dove chocolate, smooth, creamy, delectable, and melting.
The color of brown eyes remind me of mountain terrain and nature, something subtle, but beautiful in every form and season.
Brown eyes make me think of Devil's cake, taunting and tempting, curtained by black lashes, the symbol of rich seduction.
When brown eyes delve in love, they become the color of a leather book, promising a story of loyalty, long-life, and devotion.
Your brown eyes remind me of mysterious secrets, dark to cover the pain of ignorance, opaque to cover to want of another.
Brown eyes are like the stable ground, steadier and prepared to embrace you when you fall, into a nurturing a
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In Love With You
Your untamed soft hands touch me in ways I always crave for,
Tease me in sweet ways I could never prepare for,
Hold me in between like I am the only one,
And always distract me unexpectedly when we kiss.
I can feel your love in the movement of your lips,
A total warm pleasantness as you cling to me.
And maybe a small part of my mind actually registers the surprise,
As your warm hands reach curiously for more.
In sweetness your love blinds me,
In my heart your love completes me,
Come tomorrow I hope you'll still crave me,
And oh, I think I'm in love with you, completely.
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