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Stray Dog
Stray dog
Walking cautiously down the dark street
Where are you gonna sleep tonight?
Stray dog
With matted hair and sore feet
Where are you gonna sleep tonight?
There's no one out here to protect you
How did you wind up here?
Did your owners so carelessly abandon you?
Is that why your eyes are filled with fear?
Stray dog
You're in danger now
Some strangers aren't so kind
Stray dog
They'll find you somehow
Some strangers aren't so kind
Sentenced to a death camp
Why do you deserve this pain?
I pray that you escape from here
And don't die in vain
Stray dog
Thank god the heroes found you
You're lucky to be alive
Stray dog
The activists rescued you
You're lucky to be alive
Now your eyes look so much brighter
You can sleep safely tonight
Dreaming of having a family again
Wouldn't it be a beautiful sight?
Stray dog
With a full stomach and warm bed
Some strangers are kind after all
Stray dog
So grateful that you're here instead
Some strangers are kind after all
Because there are heroes all ove
:iconlady---vengeance:Lady---Vengeance 55 8
It kills me inside
To see others suffering
I want to help
I try to help
But my efforts feel weak
And fragile
I know I'm doing the best I can
With what I have
But I feel like
It's just not enough
But I keep trying
So I don't lose anymore friends
:iconghostoftheemptygrave:GhostOfTheEmptyGrave 31 39
I see the love of God
Not as a rope for hanging,
But for hanging onto,
By which many may be pulled to safety.
Father, teach us to be fishers of men.
:icontreasures-of-wisdom:Treasures-Of-Wisdom 29 16
Objectivism demotivator :iconparty9999999:Party9999999 34 88 Altruism: Sharing Burden :iconsethfitts:SethFitts 215 39 Altruism: Sheltering Spirit :iconsethfitts:SethFitts 163 20 Blissful Altruism :iconsodoxa:SoDoXa 109 72 SaNa- Thriller Bark -SPOILER- :iconolafpriol:olafpriol 464 85
Be a writer
not for yourself
not for your friends
But for the Souls you can save
The aching, the haunted,
the ones that no-one wanted
that wander the earth
in search of a place
A place to hide, a place to rest
a means to fit the world at best
solutions, potions do they seek
in books and hidden mysteries.
To lull their pain,
forget the world
to freely jump
not getting hurt
Be a writer
to change the world
to offer people
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times :iconizaskun:Izaskun 52 2 Fumes about Nothing :iconreptangle:Reptangle 114 25 Drowning :iconolafpriol:olafpriol 229 63 The Truth, But Not the Way :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 58 33 SaNa- 14.02 :iconolafpriol:olafpriol 340 106
Operation: Altruism chapter 1
~Altruism - The principle or practice of unselfish concern for or devotion to the welfare of others; Opposite of egoism~
"She's sparked."
A pregnant pause followed the announcement as everyone stopped what they were doing to let the information sink in. Even Arcee, who was still writhing in pain on the berth, couldn't help but sit up and stare in shock at both doctors. She held in an intake of air, as if waiting for the punchline to this joke. When her optics finally settled on Knockout, his dumbfounded expression confirmed that this wasn't a joke at all. She was really sparked.
"What does that mean? Being sparked?"
Of course it didn't take long for Miko to let her curiosity get the better of her and ask that question aloud. Jack would've stopped her, if he wasn't nearly as curious as Miko was.
Ratchet, noticing Knockout still fixated on the results, answered the question to the best of his ability.
"Being sparked means Arcee is carrying another life force in her spark ch
:iconruler0ffire:Ruler0fFire 48 36
My Religion..?
     So many people have asked me what my religion is. The thing is, I don't know what to call myself. I am sort of a mixture of a bunch of different religions and beliefs mixed together, so…. Here you go..
1.) Belief in a deity
     I believe in science, for the most part. I still have moments where I believe that there is a higher power, but I don't personify It. It's hard to explain, but I think that it is a natural spirit that watches over the environment or something like that.
2.) Pacifism
     I strongly believe in non-violence. I don't care what the situation is; violence isn't worth it. In my opinion, peace is the best thing in the world. When the world is peaceful and when humans live in harmony with nature, it's like a big painting with beautiful colors. It's perfection. However, when the people start to fight or bomb everything, all of the bright green turns to blood red. All o
:iconrissa-lynn-kole:Rissa-Lynn-Kole 9 19
Harmonia - Concordia :icon666-lucemon-666:666-Lucemon-666 112 22 Fluttershy Wallpaper :iconlextsy:Lextsy 37 1 Stranger :icondanostergren:DanOstergren 72 12
Here to Help
Would you have me
If I knew what to be?
O fairest beauty
What would you see?
Is there a future
In what I could cure
When I'm a culture
Of thoughts so impure?
How could I help you
And know what to do?
And help you pull through
When feelings aren't true?
:icondai-vee:dai-vee 8 0
Operation: Altruism chapter 2
When Arcee's systems finally onlined, she expected to be in a lot of pain, or at least heavily exhausted.
She felt...fine.
It wasn't until she tried sitting up did she realize the metal clamps holding her waist, arms, and legs in place on an examination table in a dimly lit room. It felt eerily similar to the way she and Knockout had found Breakdown when the humans had kidnapped him. If those humans were planning on dissecting her as well...
Arcee began struggling against the clamps with all the might her small frame could muster. She was not about to let herself, or her unborn sparkling, be the victims of another M.E.C.H experiment.
"Struggling against the restraints is futile. You should relax and enjoy the view instead."
Lifting her helm, she saw the terrorists leader, Silas, perched on top of a higher platform smirking down at her. Behind him were many computer monitors showing various scans of her frame, as well a three dimensional model highlighting the area of her chassis they w
:iconruler0ffire:Ruler0fFire 42 21
Harmonia - Concordia :icon666-lucemon-666:666-Lucemon-666 106 4 Tutorial- How to make a Custom :iconduwee-davisii:Duwee-DavisII 33 68 Altruism is the real power :icondark-thief:Dark-thief 43 16
Operation: Altruism chapter 3
When the ground bridge portal delivered the entire Autobot team (minus Arcee), Knockout, and Breakdown to the coordinates Ratchet had input into the computer, they were met with miles upon miles of tarmac, unused aircraft's, and hundreds of rows of empty military hangers.
Optimus looked out over the barren base and vented a sigh.
"Ratchet, are you getting any signal from Arcee at all?"
The Autobot medic turned the scanner on to full power and waited for the readings to appear on the small screen.
"I'm sorry Optimus. M.E.C.H must be using a very strong jammer, since I can't find any trace of Arcee anywhere. The only one we can rely on now is-"
"AAARGH! What the frag are those humans doing to her?"
The team turned to witness the ex-Con clutching at his chassis with both servos, his sharp fingers dangerously close to scratching his own paint job. He grimaced as a particularly strong feeling of dread overcame him.
"She's...slaggit, they're tearing her apart! I can feel
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altruism :iconthemhpe:TheMhpe 210 39 Tragic Charity :iconparty9999999:Party9999999 23 26 Don't Feel Guilty, Just Give Back :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 23 11
Operation: Altruism chapter 4
Arcee woke up after what seemed like an eternity of stasis lock and checked her systems before onlining her optics. All the readings checked out as normal, and her energon reserves were full once again. But since the energon in her systems wasn't being recycled to her spark chamber, that could only mean one thing;
She had given birth to the sparkling during her time in stasis lock.
Onlining her optics, she expected to see Knockout or Ratchet smiling down at her with the newborn sparkling safely nestled in thermal blankets. She even expected to see her entire team, humans included, surrounding and congratulating her on the first Cybertronian birth in over a millenia.
What she saw was a darkened room, void of all signs of life, both old and new.
When she tried sitting up, she found that her upper chassis, arms, and legs were strapped down to a medical berth, and all she could do was move her head around to try and determine where she was.
Panic and dread found its way to her voice as she
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MLK on the Vietnam War :iconskargill:Skargill 23 5 Wounded Healer :iconchali90:Chali90 27 14 [Animation]Cotton candy story with Salem and Hatem :iconkauthar-sharbini:Kauthar-Sharbini 31 48 Altruism :iconsya:Sya 17 32 Simple Humanity :iconnollaig:Nollaig 26 19 Altruism? :iconthouy1:Thouy1 35 49
With Gentle Nudges
A little seal pup
Stranded along the shallows
Confused and alone
A family of strangers
Choose to take their time to help
With gentle nudges
They strengthen the pup's spirit
To keep on swimming
Their encouragement
Helps the pup find its way back
Swimming to the sea
The strangers watch the pup leave
Satisfied with their kindness
:iconcaptainchameleon:CaptainChameleon 6 5
MLK on Altruism :iconskargill:Skargill 13 3 Lightpool :icondeaconstone:DeaconStone 15 1 Selfishness Can Be Good In Small Doses :icontheartfrog:TheArtFrog 17 4
Ignitus 14: Typical _old_
"Done already?" Ignitus asked as Spyro and Volteer returned from the training room.
"Oh, of course not, Ignitus! Spyro still has much to learn about his electricity breath, so we are far from done! However, I deemed it best to adjourn for the day, as Spyro had grown noticeably weary." Volteer stated in his usual cheerful but swift manner.
"I don't think I'm the only one who's tired." Spyro said, chuckling.
Ignitus smiled at Spyro's awareness. "You're right, young dragon. I'm sure Volteer is as well."
Volteer's weariness had been apparent to Ignitus from the moment he had arrived at the temple with Spyro, and he didn't find it surprising; after all, Volteer had been in captivity for so long, then had flown all the way back to the temple right after being rescued, and to top it all off, he almost immediately began to train Spyro upon returning to the temple. Who wouldn't be tired after all that?
Ignitus would have tried to convince Volteer to rest first before training, but he decided no
:iconignitus1992:Ignitus1992 14 21
MLK on Individuality :iconskargill:Skargill 12 1 Altruism :iconastracreates:AstraCreates 17 4 Tree of values :iconladylanternfox:Ladylanternfox 13 7 Cassiopeia :icondanostergren:DanOstergren 22 4 Virtue: Holy :iconkyrnelenar:KyrNelenar 12 5 Naruto - Cardio God :iconnaruko-koi:Naruko-koi 11 11