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[Skinship] by wolfifi [Skinship] :iconwolfifi:wolfifi 1,576 81
Master! Levi x Reader: The Auction -Chapter 1 [AU]
The last memories you had of the life before you, seemed to slither away further and farther with each passing sunrise. This new life had become your only life. You knew that you would never be able to return to the life you once lived, it was impossible now.
A normal and simple life was what you had. Nothing out of the ordinary ever occurred to you, you always lived under the radar. Living in an ordinary apartment that was anything from extravagant. Worked at an average job that paid enough for you to live comfortably without worry.
Simple, simple, simple.
You had kept your list of friends short, taking solace in keeping a detached and solo existence. You had preferred it this way. How were you suppose to know that after one day, you would be taken from it all. Just like that...
Auction - Chapter 1
You woke up in the early hours, a frown formed from what you heard. The hard rain that pounded roughly at the rooftop all night, seemed to have
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AU - SasuSaku by nami64 AU - SasuSaku :iconnami64:nami64 10,882 1,206 Alternative Universe Meme by Martiverse Alternative Universe Meme :iconmartiverse:Martiverse 759 119 Battle Damaged - SpeedPaint by Tsitra360 Battle Damaged - SpeedPaint :icontsitra360:Tsitra360 4,489 226 Switching place by Izanyah Switching place :iconizanyah:Izanyah 2,044 510 Faun - Stock by MariaAmanda Faun - Stock :iconmariaamanda:MariaAmanda 3,515 170 If Twilight was here she would keep fighting! by HazuraSinner If Twilight was here she would keep fighting! :iconhazurasinner:HazuraSinner 1,370 142 Adrinette: Coffee Shop AU by Mari945 Adrinette: Coffee Shop AU :iconmari945:Mari945 393 8
Collection: Alternative Universe

Alternative Universe
The “alternative universe” has long been a sci–fi trope, usually simply a good–guy bad–guy heroes and villains reversal. Like the Star Trek episode (“Mirror, Mirror”) in which a transporter glitch lands Kirk on an evil pirate “parallel universe” Enterprise where Spock is a goateed murderer with mutiny on his agenda. But real scientists have complicated things considerably, with “string theory” positing at least eleven (and possibly an infinite number) of “alternative/parallel universes.”
Once upon a time, we pondered our relative insignificance as sin
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Germany X Reader - The Prince's Fear
Germany X Reader
The Prince's Fear
     Trapped in a room in a high tower of a castle, a young blonde prince looked down at his yard. His ice-blue eyes surveyed the change the once beautiful garden had undergone, due to the frosty touch of General Winter. Delicate flakes drifted from the heavens and landed softly on the remaining roses that poked their heads out of the white blanket. The flakes melted into refreshing droplets of water and made the red roses glisten in the weak beams of sunlight, struggling to break through the clump of clouds.
     The young prince tilted his head to the side as he watched the world turn to a blank canvas, waiting for his imagination to lighten it with a burst of colour again. However, the prince lacked a creative mind. He wrinkled up his nose as he could only envy the thoughts and visions in his older brother's head. His silver-haired, crimson-eyed brother was always claiming to be the best prin
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Master! Levi x Reader: The Auction -Chapter 4 [AU]
Everything was starting to change, to the night you’d spent with Levi, to how you were starting to slowly adapt to your new lifestyle...
The Auction – Chapter 4
Levis Point of View\\
You watched the girl fall asleep in your arms, you couldn’t force back the smile that found its way onto your face. You ran your finger through her [hair color] locks, the feeling of silk putting you at ease. You pulled the blankets over you both. You never took your eyes off of her, feeling a protective need to watch over her. You’d lost her once and you would never let it happen again. She was a different person back then, but she was still yours.
Lying down, you brought her back into your arms. Holding her against your chest, her skin smoothing you. “I won’t let anyone take you away from me again...” you whispered possessively as you drifted into sleep. Allowing the two of you to lay like lovers.
Reader-chan Point of View\\
You awoke to t
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Definitely not a Fairytale [au! Kaworu Nagisa]
Laughter and joy;
smiles and grins of an everyday life.
Madness and slaughter;
smiles and grins of those you protect.
Love and insanity;
smiles and grins of those of the one you love and those of your own.
Three and half years before, you had the joys and laughter of an everyday life, but now… now everything changed that day; and you remembered it almost as clearly as you did your birthday last night.
It had been on a Friday in March in the year 2009, it was like any other day; shop until you dropped with the weight, go to a restaurant for dinner with some friends. And you were having a terrific evening until an Angel appeared and nearly killed you like everyone else you knew if that boy had not appeared, although, you had been splatter all over the place with that so-called ‘Angel’s’ blood and it opened your mind that the World was not very great or peaceful. That boy barely even older then y
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SasuSaku Road to ninja by kinkoko-sama SasuSaku Road to ninja :iconkinkoko-sama:kinkoko-sama 626 195
Nordic 5XReader- Mysterious hot guys: Ch2
Nordic Five X Reader
Mysterious Hot Guys

Chapter Two
-How to break the Ice-
     For the first few periods, Emil was nowhere to be seen. You had really hoped that you would have had a chance to speak with him and befriend him before anyone else did, in order to get to know the members of his exclusive group. Lady Luck soon woke up and sat on your side by the time fourth period; mathematics came.
     As you walked into the classroom with your usual friend, Arthur, you noticed Emil sat at the back left corner by the window. He was slouched over his desk and gazed out of the window like a mindless zombie. Not only was it lucky that he was sat in your class, but he was also right next to your desk.
     Arthur noticed that you were staring at the new guy. "(Name), it's rude to stare." He coughed into his hand and had a small smile sat on his lips.
     "I wasn't staring! I was merely
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TLK - ZiraxSimba [Kiara's birth] by RakPolaris TLK - ZiraxSimba [Kiara's birth] :iconrakpolaris:RakPolaris 313 58
Lady and the Rogue (Levi x F!Reader) [1800s AU] 3
Lady and the Rogue
Chapter 3

Hidden Feelings
“You said that on purpose.” you said reprovingly.
“I swear I didn’t.” Levi said with a soft chuckle that exasperated you all the more.
“Don’t swear.” you muttered pointedly. “It isn’t appropriate.”
“You know as well as I do that I couldn’t care less about such petty things.” he replied composedly.
Your knight was looking vexingly calm and serene. How could he look so peaceful when you were bubbling with rage at him?
Well, he wouldn’t appear half so smug by the time you were through with him. You were sure he knew very well that you were even now angry with him for announcing your secret engagement to your aunt and uncle. Maybe he’d thought since a whole week had passed by since the event your irritation may be at its end. How wrong as he’d ruined your life!
It wasn’t, you believed, an overstatement either. Since his unthi
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