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Writing is Rewriting
       I have expected them but I don't see them coming. I scream, but it doesn't help. I run, but they have all exits blocked. There are too many. Of them.
       “Leave me alone …” My voice is almost as weak as my knees are. I cannot do this. Again. “Leave me …“
       Alone. I'm alone. Again.
       Then I see him and everything comes back in a flicker, a streak, a flash, everything they have warned me against, everything that is going to be my downfall, everything they have promised and threatened, the flinching, twitching, convulsing. This is the face of the man I …
       Hate. Again. It reaches my face and he lifts his hand. “Do it!”
       I cannot do it! “No!”
       But they charge at me, they grab me, the get me. Again. It's happeni
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