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snake-like entire fork pendant by Doctor-Gus snake-like entire fork pendant :icondoctor-gus:Doctor-Gus 337 104 Giratina Altered Forme v.4 by Xous54 Giratina Altered Forme v.4 :iconxous54:Xous54 1,620 143 Alchemist's box: inside by ZombieArmadillo Alchemist's box: inside :iconzombiearmadillo:ZombieArmadillo 403 72 Altered Art: Woman and TARDIS in garden by csgirl Altered Art: Woman and TARDIS in garden :iconcsgirl:csgirl 706 42 Polymer Clay Steampunk Tin by ValerianaSolaris Polymer Clay Steampunk Tin :iconvalerianasolaris:ValerianaSolaris 274 80 AHiL's Anti-Theft Card PSD Pack by JesseLax AHiL's Anti-Theft Card PSD Pack :iconjesselax:JesseLax 1,470 669
Pink Note - TG
Zach slumped in his chair, playing with the pen they'd given him with a yawn. It was inlaid with gold, he noticed, a tiny grunt of disgust escaping from his lips. It was probably worth more than the entire paycheck he'd be getting from this thing.
He blinked in surprise when the paper was pushed towards him, a tight lipped blonde smiling in a way that was no doubt meant to be friendly as she tapped the contract. "Sign, initial, and date if you don't mine? Then we can get on with the testing."
"Which is just listening to some tunes, right?" he demanded, squeezing down on the pen. It vibrated in his hands, skittering out of his slackening grip as he stared at it in surprise. It vibrated across the table as Ms. Bryants sighs, clicking it off before handing it back.
"Tones, Mr. Thomson, and you don't have to click it to make the pen come out. That's just to make sure we don't get tendonitis from all the paperwork we have to work with, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't run down the batter
:iconprincess-kay:Princess-Kay 181 106
My Little Dolly - TG
Rand traced a finger across the surface of the doll, tongue poking out between his teeth as he gently traced the curve. With a sofrt grunt he dug his fingernail into it, purposefully leaving a mark across its face. "Damn little sis always has to play around in my room..." He drove his fingernail further, scraping a line through the soft material until a red line had traveled down to the neck. it felt as soft as flesh. "Going to teach her not to mess with my stuff anymore."
He dug the fingernail into the neck a little bit more, slowly working it into the joint. He could feel it at the edge of breaking, the satisfying pop at the edge of anticipation. A slight grip on his fingers made him freeze at the breaking point, eyes darting to the doll's hand as it held him. "Wha?"
She blinked back at him when he turned to the face, small lips pulled into a frown as she examined him. "You are rather rude to be playing with me, you know," she declared, after a moment.
His hand was burning underneath
:iconprincess-kay:Princess-Kay 107 10
Backbone by hogret Backbone :iconhogret:hogret 1,832 144 Steampunk Fetish Leather Cuff by SteamSociety Steampunk Fetish Leather Cuff :iconsteamsociety:SteamSociety 1,338 46 monster high repaint 2 DRACULAURA mermaid by phairee004 monster high repaint 2 DRACULAURA mermaid :iconphairee004:phairee004 348 63 Steampunkalchemy2 by steelhipdesign Steampunkalchemy2 :iconsteelhipdesign:steelhipdesign 1,696 166
HP51's TG Quiz
It's only been almost five years and finally someone sends me a questionnaire that's related to all the stories I've written. I guess I better not keep anyone waiting and get this over with.
Question 1: If you were a girl... would your handwriting be nice?”
“Would my handwriting be nice? What...? My handwriting is already terrible so I doubt much would change but for the sake of the question I will answer yes.” I absentmindedly doodled a couple words on one of the many sticky notes scattered over my desk not noticing the much nicer handwriting.
Question 2: If you were a girl... would you like pink?
“Eh, I guess. It definitely wouldn't be my favorite color.” A few items scattered across my desk turn into different shades of pink.
Question 3: If you were a girl... would your hair be straight or curly?
“My hair is already a mix between the two, at least depending on different days. So I’ll say it’s a mix between them.” My already semi-
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Steampunk Sunshine Necklace by SteamSociety Steampunk Sunshine Necklace :iconsteamsociety:SteamSociety 1,141 25 Beasts Reunion by Orioto Beasts Reunion :iconorioto:Orioto 804 125 Wreck-It Ralph - The Bad-Anon Meeting by GJTProductions Wreck-It Ralph - The Bad-Anon Meeting :icongjtproductions:GJTProductions 221 128
Man-Away - TG
"Um, excuse me, but do you know the way to-"
"Oh, no, a stalker!" Jane placed her hands against her face in mock dismay, squeezing her cheeks tightly while the camera woman closed in. "Do you know what we do with stalkers?"
"What? No, my name's John, and I just wanted to know if you knew the way to-"
"That's right!" interrupted Jane, shooting him a dirty look. Carefully drawing out a silver can, she held it in front of the camera, making sure her hands didn't cover up the label. "We use man-away! The perfect thing to save the day! When stalkers come out - but not to play - just hit them hard with man-away!"
"I just-" The hasty stream of words cut off as she pressed the top, the thick cloud settle across his skin as he inhaled a choking gasp of it. "Notice how the effects take place quickly and surely when you use man-away?" she demanded, gesturing as the man's body collapsed to the floor.
"Wat- water," he choked out, ignored as Jane stepped forward to hide his face from the camera. She
:iconprincess-kay:Princess-Kay 79 40
Akoswadheusthanita by mattpinyan Akoswadheusthanita :iconmattpinyan:mattpinyan 403 46 giratina by SailorClef giratina :iconsailorclef:SailorClef 531 20 The Watcher by MilleCuirs The Watcher :iconmillecuirs:MilleCuirs 146 12 monster high repaint 5 fairy draculaura by phairee004 monster high repaint 5 fairy draculaura :iconphairee004:phairee004 291 77 Power by tubbums32 Power :icontubbums32:tubbums32 4,067 1,322
Tophs new Swim Suit - and new destination
Since Aang's "fight" against the Fire Lord have already passed some years. The world had changed. After the Fire Lord was defeated Aang took his rightful place as avatar in a world marked by suffering and oppression. It had been a tough time, but together with his friends Sokka, Katara and Toph, Aang was able to restore peace and rebuild the cities and villages. Even Prince Zuko helped wherever he could. He gave money and support, and even put himself in hand. All in all it was a really productive time. But the reconstruction was over and everything was once again its regular course.
There was no more fighting, if you take lose sight of the now all 3-yearly games, Aang had set up in order to bring the nations a little closer each other. In addition, Aang had become engaged to Katara and Sokka was still the same fool as ever.
Finally, it was Toph a little too much from the whole trouble. She had to get her head a little bit free from all that stuff and also become clearer about her futu
:iconashuramuto:AshuraMuto 72 3
Soda Can Journal by Madelei Soda Can Journal :iconmadelei:Madelei 184 64
Are you my mommy? - TG
A small fist clutched around John's pant leg, making him stop short as the little girl attached to it pulled him close. Wide green eyes peeked out of blonde hair slick with rain, her face caught in a tiny worried frown. "Are you my mommy?" she whispered. Her voice had a tinge of what he thought was desperation.
John hesitated for a moment before shaking his head, wondering if there was something wrong with the girl's eyesight. "Did you lose your mommy, hun?" he demanded. She seemed even smaller when he had crouched down, her gold topped hair barely coming up to his chin. He covered her with the umbrella, shivering as the rain began to splatter against his backside. "Did you lose your mommy?" he asked her, keeping his voice down. He thought he saw a bit of red on her arm; at the very least a torn sleeve and a scratch.
"Are you my mommy?" she repeated. Her voice was trembling, and he wasn't sure whether it was tears or rain that had her face looking so wet. It was dirty, at the very leas
:iconprincess-kay:Princess-Kay 56 18
The Bitch Seat - TG
The day had started as a typical average day for Joey; he had just gotten his very first motorcycle a few months ago and was busy showing it off to his friend Angie. The bike itself was just your average Harley, but to Joey it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Angie had given him crap about buying a motorcycle, saying that’s usually a mid-life crisis purchase and they're still in their early 20’s.
Both youngsters had dirty blonde hair. Joey kept his kind of long while Angie was sporting a pixie cut. Joey had bright green eyes that Angie always told him girls would kill for, while her eyes were two different colors. Her left eye was a light blue while the right eye was a healthy green. Both of them considered themselves athletic; they worked out enough to stay in shape, but nothing too extreme.
Ever since Joey had bought the motorcycle, Angie had always wanted to take it out for a spin. Of course, that would mean that Joey would ride with her on the passenger seat.
:iconhalfpint51:halfpint51 389 23
New GF9: Unrealistic Beauty Standards by Steamrolled New GF9: Unrealistic Beauty Standards :iconsteamrolled:Steamrolled 338 108
Backfired Wish - TG
It was an average day for brothers Jimmy and Robby, between the constant bickering or fighting. Jimmy was only five years old while his brother Robby was seven. Like actual siblings at such a young age, they fought over anything and everything. With today being no different the two found themselves fighting over the TV remote. Jimmy wanted to watch his cartoons on one cartoon channel while Robby wanted to watch his favorite cartoon on a totally different cartoon channel. Since neither could agree it always ended up in the two wrestling for the remote.
Robby usually won but today was not the case, Jimmy managed to get the upper hand and knocked Robby over the edge of the couch. With a pout Robby left the living room and went to his bedroom to play with his toys. Of course Jimmy didn’t care because he had won and got to watch whatever he wanted now.
A few hours had passed and it was now dinner time. The brothers were sitting at the dinner table with their mom and dad as they passed
:iconhalfpint51:halfpint51 130 9
Altered Wallpaper pack by chemical-nos Altered Wallpaper pack :iconchemical-nos:chemical-nos 447 46
Prom Dates - TG
"I don't know about this..." Jim fidgeted, wishing he could put more force into the words even as he said them. He was still lifting the wand, though, the willow wood digging into his hand a little as he clenched it.
Rand just shook his head, grinning. "It's the perfect solution. We both cast a spell, and whoever gets theirs done first gets a prom date. We both cover for whoever 'stayed home,' and no body ever has to know which guy was wearing a dress."
"Yeah, but transformation magic is... I don't think I can do this, Rand. I'm not good at that sorta thing." He felt like his skin was going to crawl off, thinking about the idea of magic crawling on him like that. He preferred using it on items, making new things. He could barely bring himself to point wood at a slug. But he couldn't deny Rand, either. Not when he was so worked up over something.
Rand shot him a smile, the type that always made him want to quiver, either from warmth or fear. Rand never smiled like that except to cajole
:iconprincess-kay:Princess-Kay 67 14
Off With Her Head by FusedElegance Off With Her Head :iconfusedelegance:FusedElegance 689 99 Werecelebrity by Intoxiton Werecelebrity :iconintoxiton:Intoxiton 154 13
Memories - TG
I giggle a little to myself, rocking back and forth on the bed. I like it when I giggle - it sounds strange, but in a good way.
There are two people in the background, but I'm ignoring them because She's here. One of them says he's a "Doctor," and he's really sweet and nice to me. The other one just glares though. I told her she should try and giggle if she was feeling upset over something, but she jus walked out after that. I think the Doctor yelled at her afterwards.
They're talking again now, while I giggle. I rock back and forth, as well, in order to drown it out. I can still here them, so I focus on how the lumps on my chest move when I rock. The Doctor calls them "breasts" and tells me that they "jiggle," but I just think it looks fun. They feel a bit odd, and also really good when I hold them, sometimes, but the Doctor won't let me do that. He blushes horridly, though, and I think it's really cute - that's why I do it anyway, sometimes.
Even though I'm rocking and giggling and w
:iconprincess-kay:Princess-Kay 54 50
The Book About The Letter A by KatieAnnOwens The Book About The Letter A :iconkatieannowens:KatieAnnOwens 671 143 Need Coffee by Wrenzephyr2 Need Coffee :iconwrenzephyr2:Wrenzephyr2 416 47 Steampunk Dragonfly Pendant 2 by Create-A-Pendant Steampunk Dragonfly Pendant 2 :iconcreate-a-pendant:Create-A-Pendant 201 9 Hardcore by tubbums32 Hardcore :icontubbums32:tubbums32 976 248 Color Changing LED Quartz Crystal Pendant by mymysticgems Color Changing LED Quartz Crystal Pendant :iconmymysticgems:mymysticgems 346 46 Onthisteironautic by mattpinyan Onthisteironautic :iconmattpinyan:mattpinyan 372 60 The Crossover by tubbums32 The Crossover :icontubbums32:tubbums32 392 83 Giratina by Ilona-the-Sinister Giratina :iconilona-the-sinister:Ilona-the-Sinister 242 5 Genetically Altered by Tuooneo Genetically Altered :icontuooneo:Tuooneo 780 93 A Change in Color by tubbums32 A Change in Color :icontubbums32:tubbums32 1,200 258 I'm An Again by ArgusPaul I'm An Again :iconarguspaul:ArgusPaul 623 39 Vox Compilation by tubbums32 Vox Compilation :icontubbums32:tubbums32 768 234 Jacob's Dream by EmilyandClifford Jacob's Dream :iconemilyandclifford:EmilyandClifford 1,902 191 Paper bag Art album - Nature by nighty Paper bag Art album - Nature :iconnighty:nighty 416 145 Altered Book by featherblown Altered Book :iconfeatherblown:featherblown 96 11 piano man by chibighibli piano man :iconchibighibli:chibighibli 301 68