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Fursuit WIP by alliemattable Fursuit WIP :iconalliemattable:alliemattable 296 40 Almost there... by AleximusPrime Almost there... :iconaleximusprime:AleximusPrime 767 136 Normandy 1944 by Akuma1x Normandy 1944 :iconakuma1x:Akuma1x 38 24 Hinata by Nomiiku Hinata :iconnomiiku:Nomiiku 64 21 war is almost done. by ethan-k793 war is almost done. :iconethan-k793:ethan-k793 30 5 For Sale: Lucario Plushie by lucario1928374650 For Sale: Lucario Plushie :iconlucario1928374650:lucario1928374650 94 126 Owl perler by Thycove Owl perler :iconthycove:Thycove 27 4 Zayn's Energy Juice by Leopardtail101 Zayn's Energy Juice :iconleopardtail101:Leopardtail101 84 9 Almost done... by Galaluss Almost done... :icongalaluss:Galaluss 66 28 Almost done! by GoldenCat22 Almost done! :icongoldencat22:GoldenCat22 24 7 Almost Done by 60Chainz Almost Done :icon60chainz:60Chainz 15 13 Progress.... by ang3l436 Progress.... :iconang3l436:ang3l436 10 6 + First Resin Base - 'Proto' WIP2 + by Yuki-Moon + First Resin Base - 'Proto' WIP2 + :iconyuki-moon:Yuki-Moon 20 17 peaksy almostDONE Canvas 2016 by peak7 peaksy almostDONE Canvas 2016 :iconpeak7:peak7 15 3 MY MASTERPIECE w.i.p. part 2 by DirtySeagulls MY MASTERPIECE w.i.p. part 2 :icondirtyseagulls:DirtySeagulls 25 116 Pok'e-note: Sableye by 8BitJack Pok'e-note: Sableye :icon8bitjack:8BitJack 41 7 Collage of the process with 'Demon Empress' by DetailDevil Collage of the process with 'Demon Empress' :icondetaildevil:DetailDevil 11 0 [WIP] Bag of Dragonite by Luckery [WIP] Bag of Dragonite :iconluckery:Luckery 23 4 Bloody Beans by SoupyFox Bloody Beans :iconsoupyfox:SoupyFox 44 7 Little Blue Dress by KiWi-KaRnIvAl Little Blue Dress :iconkiwi-karnival:KiWi-KaRnIvAl 21 10 P4 OC: Hikaru Tsukino and Benzai-ten by LadyZiodyne P4 OC: Hikaru Tsukino and Benzai-ten :iconladyziodyne:LadyZiodyne 24 28 PD Sonic Miku WIP3 Almost done by Myth-P PD Sonic Miku WIP3 Almost done :iconmyth-p:Myth-P 18 10
Hetalia x Tsundere!Reader: Anime Club Part 5
You smiled as they finally left. You checked the clock. It was almost ten-thirty. You rubbed your shoulders in discontent at the coldness. Your legs had fallen asleep from sitting in the bed. As soon as you heard your front door closed you let go of a held in sigh. You looked around. Yes, it was true. You were alone. You smiled. You coughed after that smile though. You rubbed your neck in anger. When would it feel better? You went on the computer, feeling it calling to you. You would heal yourself and lock your door. You smiled. Your family wouldn't be in town for quite some time. They went to some country that disinterested you and you took up the privilege of staying home alone. You had 3 rules.
Rule number 1: No parties.
Rule number 2: No splugring on snacks. This one had already been broken.
Rule number 3: Feed the animals, the plants, and yourself.
Easy enough. You checked the time. 12:03? Had an hour and a half already passed? You blushed, playing with a hair that had curled all
:iconagardensduty:AGardensDuty 17 8
Dat Yandere by Gege900 Dat Yandere :icongege900:Gege900 26 5 1 Band, 1 Dream, One Direction ALMOST DONE by Leopardtail101 1 Band, 1 Dream, One Direction ALMOST DONE :iconleopardtail101:Leopardtail101 15 4 {MMD - WIP 2} Lawliet almost done by The-Mystery-Raccoon {MMD - WIP 2} Lawliet almost done :iconthe-mystery-raccoon:The-Mystery-Raccoon 19 4 Choked by P1nk-Champagne Choked :iconp1nk-champagne:P1nk-Champagne 78 13 Too Shy by Nomiiku Too Shy :iconnomiiku:Nomiiku 24 8 Zoya for artemismoon by flying-soap Zoya for artemismoon :iconflying-soap:flying-soap 20 5 New I.D. by lucario1928374650 New I.D. :iconlucario1928374650:lucario1928374650 16 18 HOCKEY MASK FALLOUT FINISHED by Maewolf86 HOCKEY MASK FALLOUT FINISHED :iconmaewolf86:Maewolf86 16 38 Almost Do- (With a small story) by SweetMomoPuffs Almost Do- (With a small story) :iconsweetmomopuffs:SweetMomoPuffs 59 20 More updates! by DutchGirlMaaike More updates! :icondutchgirlmaaike:DutchGirlMaaike 14 7 Lucario and Riolu collection by lucario1928374650 Lucario and Riolu collection :iconlucario1928374650:lucario1928374650 16 7 Book Cover WIP by PeterBirkas Book Cover WIP :iconpeterbirkas:PeterBirkas 15 3 icon commission-xPirateWolf by AlieTheKitsune icon commission-xPirateWolf :iconaliethekitsune:AlieTheKitsune 12 1 Haku amigurumi - Almost done! by crocheter Haku amigurumi - Almost done! :iconcrocheter:crocheter 13 10 I won't back down by Nomiiku I won't back down :iconnomiiku:Nomiiku 28 11 Toothless eyes complete by Super3dcow Toothless eyes complete :iconsuper3dcow:Super3dcow 15 3 Toothless Body stuffed and Winged 2 by Super3dcow Toothless Body stuffed and Winged 2 :iconsuper3dcow:Super3dcow 16 13 Lucario Plush WIP by lucario1928374650 Lucario Plush WIP :iconlucario1928374650:lucario1928374650 12 11 yay ritsu is liek 80% dun by knuxfan23 yay ritsu is liek 80% dun :iconknuxfan23:knuxfan23 15 17 :Bath Time for Simba: by Through-Your-Eyes :Bath Time for Simba: :iconthrough-your-eyes:Through-Your-Eyes 19 17 Tso Fu by PaddysDemon Tso Fu :iconpaddysdemon:PaddysDemon 18 7 Byakugan by Nomiiku Byakugan :iconnomiiku:Nomiiku 25 14
Counter Point (part 31)
The little white dog panted excitedly, watching the Beast as he tore humans from their cars at the gas stations, consuming as many souls as he could get his hands on. He had grown as tall as a six story building, and hundreds of insect-like legs had sprouted from his body like a centipede. A strange energy was spiraling around him, and even the weather seemed to match his appearance as the wind howled and lightning flashed overhead. It would only get worse from here.
“He looks like he’s having fun,” Bob noted, no longer so afraid of Gaster. Even if he was a ginormous soul hungry Beast, she felt like she knew what he was about now. So he wasn’t as mysterious and scary. The presence of her old friend, the little white dog, helped a little too. But even if she wasn’t afraid, she knew that everyone else seemed to be. “So do you think you can fix this?”
The dog’s nose wiggled a little, as if sniffing the air. Then he licked his nose and wagged
:iconspacetime042:Spacetime042 13 60
Almost Done by dyb Almost Done :icondyb:dyb 13 3